Last Updated: July 16th, 2013

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future. Congratulations!

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Sumarth Mehta - Note 8.0

Trevor Hicken - Nexus 7 or Slate 7

Enoch Kim - $75 Staples gift card

Happy 4th to our US readers, and happy Thursday to everyone else (unless it's not Thursday where you live)! We thought we'd celebrate the US's day of independence with some free stuff from our pals at Staples. We'll be picking three lucky winners for this particular contest.


We're partnering with Staples on this giveaway - you know, the Easy Button people. Staples sells a wide variety of Android (and other) tablets, and all at pretty great prices. You can check out their tablet page on the Staples website for more info.

The one tablet we're highlighting in particular today is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 - which happens to be the grand prize! One winner will receive a Note 8.0 (white, 16GB, Wi-Fi), courtesy of Staples. The Note 8.0 is the middle child in Samsung's Note family of devices, sitting between the Note II handset and the Note 10.1 tablet. We reviewed the Note 8.0 and, for the most part, fell in love with this device. It packs a built-in stylus that works in tandem with a Wacom digitizer panel to provide you pinpoint accuracy for drawing, note-taking, and other stylus-based tasks.

Our runner-up winners aren't being left out in the cold, though. One winner will have a choice of a Nexus 7 16GB tablet, or an HP Slate 7 16GB. Finally, our third winner will receive a $75 Staples gift card, because you can always use more printer ink. For details on how to enter, just keep reading.

How To Enter

This contest is limited to US residents only. Entering is simple - just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below.

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • RH

    Favorite android app is Falcon Pro.

  • Viktor

    My fave android app is probably Flipboard

  • ryandigweed

    AirDroid to wirelessly manage my phone

  • burnteggrollwong

    better win, theres only 1060 people at the time of my post

  • Phil

    My favorite Android app... the probably soon to be sunken Falcon Pro.

  • Manuel Goti

    My favorite android app is SuperSu so I can do whatever I want.

  • Matt

    My favorite app is Google Music.

  • http://www.lifewithouttaffy.com Rev. Josh

    I really dig drawing with Autodesk SketchBook.

  • James Johnson

    Favorite app is music unlimited

  • Mark Young

    this would go well with my note2

  • Trevor Hicken

    My favourite Android app is Falcon Pro

  • Mr E


  • owlybit

    My favorite app is DoggCatcher! Really great podcast app. :)

  • Asimoalex

    My favorite app definitely Flipboard keeps me up to date with everything

  • varun

    Favourite app is definitely Gmail. It's so perfectly integrated into everything...

  • Erik

    I kind of like flipboard.

  • dexgen

    I'd love Note 8 for school

  • Gandalf_Teh_Gray

    Think I'd have to go with the Nexus 7 for the second winner.

  • rmeden

    Favorite app? That's tough as there are so many I use regularly. I'll give a plug to Doggcatcher It's a great podcatcher!

  • lawsuitup

    Feedly is my favorite right now.

  • datafox

    These are all very good tablets and look great to use.

  • nwd1911

    Favorite App is Nova Launcher. I keep trying to stop using it (not really sure why), but I can't...I need Nova Launcher.

  • animalkrack3r

    Favourite app is definitely Gmail and Flipboard. YAYYY

  • Zachary Locks

    My Favorite App is Google Now. I love how it integrates and predicts what you want

  • Falconator

    Player FM is my choice for my favorite app. I do a lot of traveling and listening to my favorite podcasts is very simple with this app. I was a long time user of BeyondPod but lately it hasn't been cutting it for me.

    Also, it's my birthday!!! July 4, 1982!!!
    Best of luck to everyone!

  • Tejash Bhoola

    Soundcloud best way to listen to all kinds edm and remix sets

  • John

    Hands down.. Nova launcher.

  • Roger Keller

    Love to play with the note 8 as already have a nexus 7. Netflix is fav.

  • rogue3

    Favorite app is c:geo, used for geocaching. Works just like the official geocaching.com app only it's free!

  • Tyler Shaw

    Favorite app would definitely be PowerAmp

  • Anthony

    I'd love to win!!!

  • JeremyGallegos

    Favorite App is Google Maps

  • Pedrito

    Gmail is still my favorite

  • Seth Muscarella

    Mint.com is my most used and most favorite app! Or possibly ADW... I guess I use that a lot on my tablet.

  • Alankrut Patel

    My favorite app is Titanium Backup. It comes in super handy when switching roms

  • Logan Jinks

    Google Play music is my favorite app. I love having a mobile music subscription.

  • Brian Walker

    My go-to recommendation any time someone gets an Android device is SwiftKey, so I'm going to have to go with that one. Aside from that, I've been really digging Feedly lately.

  • razholio

    hard to pick a favorite, but probably greader, dogcatcher, or tibackup...

  • Piko Neal

    My favorite app is beyondpod and greader

  • Brandon Cowan

    My favorite app has to be the Google Play Music.

  • d_pyron


  • Daniel Cirincione

    Favorite app? Hrmm probably Play Music

  • JamisonFrady

    I've always loved WidgetLocker

  • Luis G

    Favorite app is not actually on the play store, its called mango and its a manga reader, best app ever

  • Nick V

    My favorite app is SwiftKey. I bought it within a week of it being released, and I do not use any other keyboard.

  • rob

    words with friends

  • Bobby Kasthuri

    favoreit app like below power amp!

  • Reginald

    My favorite...Nova

  • mau

    Nova launcher takes the cake, makes android smoother and better

  • joselagman

    commenting all night to feel lucky

  • Tibeau Hampton

    Voice search. I don't usually feel like poking my phone, and my phone is mostly a mobile encyclopedia

  • Youssef Chammas

    I would still go for the Nexus 7:)

  • GDoyle

    I've never used a smartphone, so I'll go with the phone app.

  • http://about.me/pinter mpinter

    My favorite Android App is Google Keep. For such a simple app, it is my go-to for notes, lists and even has the new Google Search integration. Sometime simple is better.

  • Thomas Garrett

    My favorite app is Hazard Rush!

  • Jared Rameses Session

    My favorite app is the one I use constantly everyday. Hangouts!

  • Emlil Sacerio

    Google NOW / Google Search app is my favorite app for Android!

  • ajhall62

    I like Swiftkey

  • RTWright

    I have so many, but just like the person below I rely on Nova Launcher more than any other app I download. It's been rock solid since day one for me and I have no plans on changing it any time soon.

  • zmstew

    indeed! I hated that Google Reader was going down, but I have moved to feedly and man is it smooth and beautiful.

  • Iggies

    Favorite app? Reddit is Fun!

  • Garry Duane Bartle

    My favorites app is Audible!

  • Andrew Grube

    My favorite app is DashClock :)

  • billracine

    Press is one of my favorite apps.

  • danialgoodwin

    What's my favorite Android app? It would have to be each and every one of my own that I have created, but especially the Simply Advanced Unit Converter. =b

  • Garret Nakama

    Still debating between the Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

  • http://www.tetonmtb.com/ Dana

    o hello

  • Chad D

    I couldn't live without google maps! Can't wait for the big update!

  • Jake Fellows

    Probably Pulse because that is how I keep on everything in the tech world.

  • Jonathan Danna

    Favorite app right now... probably Reddit news.

  • https://www.facebook.com/saajorgeb?ref=tn_tnmn Jorge Baldarrago

    favorite app is tapatalk beta 4 right now!

  • guitarskoota

    Favorite first install app? Probably Google Music or Dolphin Browser.

  • taino211

    Favorite app is Pulse Reader. Use it every day

  • bbatod

    Favorite app is gReader

  • Josh Scott

    Favorite app is Evernote. Use it all the time.

  • motownwill

    9 Innings. Can't get enough.

  • Sean Cronin

    Feedly is probly my favorite app. I love to devour news and iformation and it makes it super easy to do so.

  • boywizzer_thegreat

    favorvite app is google play stream my whole music library..

  • Christopher Smith

    My favorite app has to be MLB At Bat....I use that thing 20 times a day at least

  • Parth Bakshi

    Favorite App is Moon Reader

  • Sean Cummins

    Favorite app is definitely Tasker. Definitely makes smartphones a whole lot smarter.

  • Muddy B00ts

    I think my favorite app is Busy Beaver. Thanks a lot Android Police. Work productivity is close to 0. :P

  • Vito2000

    My favorite android app would have to be WiFi Tether for root users. It's so useful!

  • Dara

    My favorite app is probably VideoMix due to the availability of videos all in one app.

  • fielding mellish

    Dolphin Browser

  • Eloy Tavera

    Scope beta

  • Andy Justice

    My favorite app is google music

  • jacinto1234


  • Rob G

    Hard to decide, but I would go with Google Maps/Nav. Probably the most used app on my phone. Thanks Android Police and Staples!

  • Scott

    Pick me!

  • Casey

    Google Music with all access keeps me going all day long

  • kelly tillotson

    Reddit! thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Ryan

    Do want!

  • TotallyGeeky

    I've been completely obsessed with Dungeon Village as of late, and been loving Google Play Books, since I figured out that you could upload your own .epub files.

  • Pamela C

    My favorite app is OurGroceries because my husband and I can add anything on the list and it syncs with our phones so we have an updated list

  • Ivan Fossa-Ferrari

    Reddit News is my favorite Android app by far!

  • James

    I love power amp. plays anything I throw at it.

  • cdrom1028

    note 8! awesome

  • Mitch Ware

    Favorite app right now is definitely action launcher. Totally re-designed my entire homescreen!

  • Trevor Colt

    my favorite app is Infinite Universe, hilarious little game

  • John D

    Favorite app? That would be arliborator. It lets me control my phone from my AppRadio2 in my car

  • Jimas

    My favorite app is Google Voice!

  • Medvedi Petrovichi

    Fave app - chrome. I love how this browser works on my nexus 4

  • Thierry Nguyen

    Overall, Tasker for the fact that I have it configured to read my texts to me while I listen to music, turn Wi-FI on and PIN lock off when I get home, automatically go silent during work meetings, and so forth...

  • Corey Bean

    Solid Explorer, hands down.

  • Andrew Do

    Google Maps, so I dont get lost

  • Daniel Brown

    My favorite app is Airdroid.

  • Nathan Landman

    My favorite app (based on usage) is Reddit News. It makes browsing and interacting with Reddit a much better experience than using the website.

  • Benjamin Lovelady

    I use Textplus a of because I don't have a cell phone, but it is kinda buggy. I used to love the YouTube app, but the past few updates were terrible (I uninstalled the updates). So I have to say gmail is my favorite. I know that is kinda lame because it is built in, but I use it often and it is easy to use.

  • sctrait

    Nova Launcher

  • Jake W

    Slice for sure.

  • Rathma

    My favorite android appz: SSlauncher the original, GOO.im, Ultimate Backup, Rom Toolbox Pro, TotalCommander, Airdroid and ....

  • jalen venable

    My favorite app is a toss up between Tasker and SSLauncher they are awesome But if I had to choose one it would be Tasker for Sure! There is so much you can do with that app.

  • gizak

    Favorite App = Tasker for it's ability to enable to really make my phone truly powerful.

  • isobsr

    Gmail app

  • Brian Arceneaux

    My favorite app is tasker, automates my phone so I do t forget to put it on silent when I get to work. Plus other things as well

  • GuidZilla

    Reddit is Fun gets the most use from me consistently.

  • jutgreen

    Press is my favorite app at the moment.

  • pula


  • Skye Villanueva

    Fav app at the moment is flipaclip the app is awesome and brings memories of when I bored in school.
    Thanks for doing this for us!

  • http://mrmcpowned.com mrmcpowned

    My favorite app has to be Google Now. It keeps getting better with every update.

  • sachin

    xda developer

  • letsplaaay

    Nova Luncher

  • Spencer Rosengarten

    Nothing says "Freedom" like free swag from Android Poiice...

    (and my favorite Android app is a tie between Evernote, Pocket Informant (2.1 & 3) and Executive Assistant.

    Happy July 4th, Guys! :-)

  • tweetyscute

    I like tasker

  • Matthew Dye

    Right now, my favorite app is probably Rockmelt; but it's hard to say for sure

  • Nelly547

    Nova Launcher or Google Maps.

  • Brandon Fletcher

    Baconreader. Great reddit app.

  • buttmutt


  • Gregory Hayduke

    Drippler it keeps me up to date by aggregating all the best news on the world of android from great sources like androidpolice.com and others. I use it daily

  • Anthony Restaino

    My favorite app is definitely Lightning Browser. I'm biased.

  • Guest

    i am always unlucky

  • Kabilesh Vijay

    my favourite app is google now

  • Damirp

    The best app is SwiftKey X of course!!

  • Christopher Olka


  • bevon

    This looks like an awesome tablet

  • stewartsoda

    Favorite app? Reddit is Fun probably, at least based on time used.

  • ben r.

    My favorite app is beautiful widgets.

  • NT

    Google Maps hands down. Can't live without it

  • Marshall503

    my favorite right now is sliding messaging it makes my s4 look even sexier.

  • Tom

    Flipboard. I love catching up on the current news with its intriging UI!

  • AndroidGuy

    Favorite app is SwiftKey

  • ApocalypseX99

    My favorite app is Google Maps

  • jrf88


  • Thriller87


  • Marius!

    My Favorit APP is Schoener Fernsehen (german TV APP)

  • novanima


  • symocho


  • Exiledfathom

    Pulse News is my fav!

  • Josh Karwoski

    Favorite Android app would have to be Franco.Kernel for letting me have extra customization of my phone.