Samsung has bought Boxee for a reported $30 million. Details have not been provided, but it's within reason to assume that Samsung is seeking expertise to improve both its Smart TV product line and the company's broader media ecosystem. The acquisition will bring all of Boxee's employees over to work for the company after, we assume, Samsung's execs visited the Boxee webpage and took the big green button perhaps too literally.


Boxee began as an open source fork of the XBMC project that streamed content to televisions and provided quick access to social networks. This software was eventually packaged and distributed inside of the Boxee Box in 2010. The startup's latest product, Boxee Cloud DVR, streamed and recorded over-the-air broadcast HD channels.

Boxee currently partners with D-Link to produce hardware, but Samsung will presumably want to transition the team to work on its own hardware. It is not yet known whether future Boxee products will hit store shelves or become an integrated part of Samsung TVs. There is certainly potential here for better connectivity with the company's ubiquitous Galaxy brand of Android devices.

Source: TechCrunch

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  • Joe Menard

    That's interesting i Wonder what they are going to do with this? I was hoping they would integrate Google TV with their TVs more so than boxee but we will see

    • David Loman

      Nahh, Samsung doesn't want to have a boss. They are the top Android manufacturer but they want to download things by their own. Proof of that is the upcoming Tizen phones. I think they don't want to be depend on Google for their success. Obviously that won't work. Google will hardly be beaten by Samsung in that arena. But it looks they're trying to download things on their own

      • David Loman

        I meant, they want to "do" things on their own. SwiftKey just got over predictive

        • Joe Menard

          Yeah I feel that but they really could have something special if they would work together to produce great products but we will see if they are able to pull it off on their own.

  • datagutt

    I can't wait for them to replace the nice Boxee UI with Touchwiz....

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Well done with the Buy Boxee joke.

    • Cherokee4Life

      i started to laugh out load at work. you guys and your little jokes!

    • ins0mn1a

      i thought this is a family friendly serious tech news site! what if someone is not aware this is a joke, and thinks they can buy a company for $99? i am very disappointed. the jokes should be clearly marked.

  • hyperbolic

    One more Israeli start-up to the collection.

  • Cherokee4Life

    Does anyone have a Boxee? I was looking into buying one when i move in a month but not sure how well it streams

    • Scott

      I bought one for a customer a few years ago. At the time it was the only inexpensive streamer to have subtitles with Netflix. Seemed like it had a lot of potential, but it's been cut from future software updates so it's pretty dead.

      • Scott

        A fellow is continuing to develop the software. Give it a go!
        He is only working on it as a hobby so updates aren't particularly regular.


    • Phill_S

      Tekzilla on Revision 3 had a review of the newest unit a couple weeks ago that is worth watching, got a lot of props from the hosts.

  • Asphyx

    Twonky is still the best option for those who want to stream only as it has transcoding capabilities to support the variety of units you might encounter.
    Boxee and XBMC are really more geared to the front end that they are to backend streaming.
    I use XBMC on a dedicated HTPC and Twonky on an NAS for streaming to other devices including the HTPC.
    Personally I find SmartTVs a waste and clunky to use where an external HTPC far more flexible with better performance.

  • apgrovas

    That is honestly sad. Boxee raised $26.5 million in funding and was sold to Samsung for only $30 million. This essentially means that employees will see no return whatsoever for the time they have worked in the company (sometimes 6 years for them as it was founded in 2007) as investors are essentially getting a slightly worse ROI than pure bank interest in here, so it will be surprising to see employees get much if anything of the transaction for the sale to Samsung.