After teasing the Moto X yesterday, Motorola is again tormenting Android fans by posting a sign-up page for the Moto X. Just put in your email, and the Google subsidiary will send you info on the upcoming device when it's available – probably only a few hours after it appears on your favorite website.


The page again offers limited details on the device, except to remind everyone a few more times that it was engineered and assembled in the good old US of A. Have you heard? Well, they're going to keep saying it anyway. Adding your address will also likely get you general emails on Motorola whatnot, but there's an option to turn off product information and promotions at least.

According to the page, there will be over 2000 employees working away in Motorola's new Ft. Worth, TX facility by the end of the summer to make this happen. Again, it's looking like a late summer or early fall release. Don't expect any breaking news to come via the mailing list, but maybe there will be some benefit down the line.

[Motorola via Twitter]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Michael

    Am I the only one who signed up before I even read the article.

    • simp1istic

      no, if you have to start something with "am i the only one," or "does anyone else" the answer is no, and yes, respectively. Always.

      • marcusmaximus04

        Am I the only one who just thought: "Pink hamsters roll in diabetic toasters with orange juice"?

        • simp1istic


        • RitishOemraw

          well I just thought about it after reading it, so definitely: no

          • marcusmaximus04

            Ah, but I used the past tense... unless.... TIME TRAVEL

          • Joseph Pojunis

            Technically there's no such thing as living in the present. By the time you realize something is going on, it is in the past. So even if you read that sentence right now, you thought about it in the past.

          • Jeff Weatherup

            But something can still be happening in the present as you're thinking about it. "Crap; I'm being gnawed on by hungry wildebeests. It's taking a long time..."

            Just my two cents.

          • RitishOemraw

            Indeed.... TIME TRAVEL
            As in, you thought about it, then traveled back in time to post about it, then I read it and thought about it at the exact same time as you originally did!


        • Dye Abeetees.

          I love my diabetic toaster. But I hate giving it regular insulin shots.

        • Ben

          "no, and yes, respectively"
          Yeah this just isn't working for me.

  • Edward Williams

    I'm hoping they deliver on the hype. I just expect a quality, well-built phone. I don't need it to project holograms or cook my dinner. Give me superior phone/ speaker audio quality, a great camera, and a new version of Android. Anything else is a bonus.

    • FrillArtist

      Don't forget battery life.

    • Elias

      Microsd, front facing speakers and a nice battery are also mandatory! Nice price, preferably 1080p 5.5" (or bigger) screen, snapdragon 800 (or at least 600). Last desire would be a digitizer pen.

  • http://www.gregmadhere.com/ Greg Madhere

    If they are creating jobs, nothing wrong with marketing it.

    • Ben

      I like this hipster revolution of building stuff in the USA again. Apple started with it, and now Moto. Hoping this proves popular enough to create more jobs.

      • N2fw

        Actually it was El Goog with Nexus Q

        • Scott

          Too bad it was a flop.

          • N2fw

            Hard to flop on something that wasn't released widely... I have heard that an updated model is supposedly in the works. Either way I agree building stuff in the states is cool

        • Ben

          Did they actually make any of those? :p

          • master94

            Who cares, point being. Google was first and before them Samsung. Apple is just copying.

      • Thomas’

        Why hipster revolution? Thank the neocons for driving wages downwards as far such that producing in Asia is no longer very profitable.

        • Ben

          Ah, yes, the neocons. Damn you, Obama!

  • Christopher Lee

    Wonder how many times you might have to retake that promo shot. Looks like fun even if you mess up. :P

    • Cristian Borsa

      It was most likely done in a studio, for lighting and other reasons.

  • spacekobra

    I hope this includes us Canadians.

    • Scott

      Why do you even get your hopes up.

      • spacekobra

        Why not? What's there to lose? They go and say "US only" and then I'll get the next nexus. If they say "Canada included" I'll get this phone if it suits my fancy.

        • Scott

          I'm just saying, the given track record of Canada getting screwed left and right, I would have lost hope for anything a long time ago.

          • spacekobra

            The music thing will never happen.

            But phones are always a huge maybe. According to OPPO I can buy a Find 5 here and that alone seems like the situation is getting better.

          • Freak4Dell

            You can always just buy it from the US and have it shipped to you (maybe not by Google/Motorola, but somebody will be willing to do it). There's even companies right across the border that let you use their US address to have stuff delivered to them, and then you can go pick it up or have it shipped again to you.

  • troph

    Really excited to see what Motorola is going to bring to the table. At worst, more competition is always good.

  • Doug

    If the rumored specs turn out to be true, I think this phone will be meant for "average" people. Most people don't care about specs as long as the phone runs well. Most people don't know what a Snapdragon 600 or Tegra 2, 3, or 4 is. Mid-range specs with cool features could be enough to get people to purchase the device with the right marking.

    • Justin Foster

      What if those specs are just a default model? Maybe the user can choose which specs they want :D

      • Doug

        That would be awesome. Too good to be true. Not sure how they can make the Android OS that adaptable to so many different combinations of hardware, and still update the device (timely). I'm no programmer though, so I don't know. That would be really cool if they did that!

        • Justin Foster

          What if.......hmm.......this is gonna sound crazy but what if the new Android 5.0, rumored to run on lower spec'd devices, has an adaptable memory configuration? What if it adapts to the hardware of each device? Ok, I'm gonna get scoffed at so hard for this hahaha, but yea I see your point...

          • Doug

            Let's say in some alternate universe that you're actually right and Android can do this. =P Even if you were right, Android 5.0 isn't out yet! If the phone is as customizable as some people think, Motorola still must have created tons and tons of combinations of Android 4.2.2 for their current Moto X phones. Lots of developing and testing to make that work!

          • Justin Foster

            Rofl, but what if Google debuts 5.0 on this phone?

          • Woahh

            That would be pretty out of the blue. Since there have been no evidences that it is emerging. 4.3 yes.

          • Justin Foster

            Android versions usually don't leak much. The only reason 4.3 leaked before release is because they wanted it to. Who actually saw ICS coming? and JB? There weren't many if any leaks so this wouldn't surprise me.

          • Roger Siegenthaler

            Motorola has stated that they don't get special treatment from Google and are handled over the normal OEM team from google so I doubt it.

          • Justin Foster

            Any device that debuts a new version of Android technically has "special treatment." Was this not the case with the Galaxy Nexus? They could very well debut 5.0 on that device.

          • Woahh

            Exactly. That's just way too much insanity. Not going to make a profit nor is there time to do all of that. There just isn't. Unless you hired all the product teams (A-teams) of every manufacturer out there.

        • marcusmaximus04

          It's not really all that complicated. Android itself is perfectly adaptable to different hardware configurations. You're just going to need to have drivers for whatever hardware exists.

          So the only real change across different configs will be the drivers. Updates are a bit more complicated, but piecemeal ROMs have been done before, so after a little back-and-forth between the device and update servers, it should be able to be sent the update along with updated drivers.

        • daburghit

          Wasn't Google talking about modifying Android in such a way that there would be the hardware, then a layer that talks with the specific hardware, and then the android software on top of that allowing Android to be updated with minimal work updating that middle layer? I could've sworn I read about this a while ago.

    • Asphyx

      Why anyone gets over concerned with Specs is beyond me. Even if you find a phone with the highest specs available at the time of purchase within a half a year or less those specs are now considered MIDDLE RANGE anyway!
      Unless you plan on buying a new phone every 6 months you really just chasing your tail and paying for R&D that you will be able to buy later at half the price if your just patient.

      Just to brag!

  • Scott

    I'm curious to see what they have planned.

  • master94

    They need to play this in the ads. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhnUgAaea4M ending with the Moto X

  • Jadephyre

    Designed and built in the USA, parts delivered from all over Asia...

    • Patience

      They've got to start somewhere. At least they're moving in a good direction.

  • iGamer777

    Do the people on the photo have anything to do with the month of November? The XI thing, you know.

  • Kurt

    If you check the source code, they get some javascript from a site that has nexus in the URL...

  • Freak4Dell

    Taylor Wimberly claims it will be available on August 1st, which isn't very close to the end of summer or beginning of fall.

    Then again...Taylor Wimberly.

  • qws

    You mean, mostly Made in China. Assembled in the USA.

  • Elias

    Just came here to say that, being a citizen from "not america" and being puzzled at how stupid the citizens of USA often are about their patriotism, I laughed hard at the tag on the title.