Last Updated: July 31st, 2013

Do you ever feel like you're a little too productive? If the tiny glowing screen of unlimited entertainment in your pocket hasn't already robbed you of all motivation, there are the PureGear Retro Game Cases. These neat wrap-around cases have just been released for the GS4, and they look fun.

g5 amazing_2 g3

Each of these cases does the normal case-type stuff. You know, protects the phone and such. However, each one has a small maze game with beads embedded in the back. There are three varieties to choose from:

  • Amazing: Navigate the ball through the challenging maze from start to finish
  • Groovy: Maneuver the balls until all are in the center at the same time in a game of wits
  • Undecided: Hold vertically and shoot the ball for a magically [sic] answer to your question

The Retro Game Cases take up a bit more space than a regular one might, but they're unique and very cool. Each brightly-colored case is $29.99 and comes with free ground shipping. The speakers are obscured, but the cases apparently use a foam insert to allow sound through.


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • Michael

    Press photos look cool, but I don't think I'd want them.

  • Jean-Claude

    I think they missed a little tiny detail: THE GODDAMN LOUDSPEAKER!

    • Zaatour36

      probably just a quick mock-up from an iPhone image, if they did cover the speaker, this is DOA!!

  • Ben Enos

    Lmao! It sure does look like they forgot the back speaker! Probably why they're on sale

  • Cherokee4Life

    This will keep the kids entertained!

  • Vibrunazo

    It's like you can design the smartphone yourself. Can you change the wallpaper too?

  • Godspoken

    Wouldn't cover the HTC One's speakers...lol.

  • s_bomb

    Clever and colorful, but my phone already rattles enough due to loose pieces from dropping it, I don't need beads rolling around the backside.

  • eliseo

    why a maze on the back of the phone when i can have one on the front?

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  • Jamtech

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