Real Racing is one of the more authentic racers on Android, and you can give it a shot for free. There's more reason than ever to take a look now that the game ahs been updated to version 1.2. The developers have made a ton of improvements, including adding licensed cars from more manufacturers.

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Between all the new game types and events introduced in this update, there are over 180 new races to complete. That gives you plenty of opportunities to earn some cash rather than pump in real dollars. Here's the full changelog from the update:

  • New manufacturers – Bentley and Mercedes-Benz
  • New event type – Time Trial!
  • New Clean Race and Daily Race Bonuses
  • New progression system
  • Improved graphics
  • 180+ new events!

Real Racing 3 is a nice game with a few annoyances. The graphics are slick, the car selection is killer, and the races are varied. The only issue I've had is the somewhat lacking physics, but that's pretty common in mobile games. There are plenty of in-app purchases in Real Racing 3, but you can play at no cost after downloading 1.2GB of data.

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • Lindy Hendrickson

    App updated today and ERASED EVERYTHING!

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Seriously? EA just loves doing that, doesn't it?

      • Marcell Lévai

        After their latest update of Plants vs Zombies, the game became unplayable :( I still remember my first EA game, it was Hot Pursuit 2 for PC. I loved it, with many other games following later. But at some point they started to get worse, and nowadays I just feel that they totally killed the soul of their games (the new Most Wanted, Sim City, The Simpsons Tapped Out, etc.). Also they are failing to release properly working updates for their mobile games. I'm just sad :(

        • tomas

          yep, I remember when I updated simpsons tapped out, same thing happened to me, all data were erased. I was so mad, ea is pretty shitty company sometimes

          • Maxorq

            sometimes all the time

          • Dale Finn

            so all these hundreds of dollars i R$pent are gone??? fuck you #EA where's my $ bitches.

          • Maxorq

            You're fast.

          • Dale Finn

            it just happened this a.m. so witty.

      • Stacey Liu

        It didn't erase anything for me. If it did, RR3 does cloud backups, so OP should be able to restore from them.

  • ScooterG

    Everything is still there for me. I did have to kill the app six times Ro finish the downloads.

    Does anyone else feel like the physics are neutered? The game seems eaaier to play now.

    • Himmat Singh

      Waay more easier. Not neutered physics, but the competition has been thoroughly crippled.

      I understand why they did this...with a F2P system, they want to appeal to the casual crowd (who found the previous difficulty settings too difficult). But still, I want an advanced or pro difficulty setting. Too boring it has become...

  • Carlos

    Nice update, but it lags on menus a bit more than before o Nexus 4

  • http://www.bluebotdesign.com/ Blue Bot

    DO NOT UPDATE! The game has been completely ruined now. Just visit their facebook page and read some of the comments, honestly i sooo regret updating. I loved this game but not anymore! :(

  • GraveUypo

    improved graphics... how so?

    • nash134

      theres no update for the kindle fire

  • Oink

    Still no Google Play Service support, fail!

  • Kelvino

    The new update is great. You got to get used to the new menu but overall I really love it.
    The game looks great and still is smooth on my Nexus 4 and the savegame is all in the cloud so there is now way to lose your career forthcoming. The new progress system and the simplified maintenance of your car is adding allot more fun. Got to love EA for continuously upgrading RR3.

    • Jasper Willows

      Everybody hates the new update except you! Tell me what you are on?

      • Kelvino

        It's normal you mainly hear and see those that don't like something or have problems with it. Those that have a positive experience or no problems won't get vocal in most cases.

        I do prefer the latest menu layout as i find it cleaner and mroe straight forward. I had no problems with slowdowns/lag or graphic issues during the race. At most I have occasional slowdowns during th various car presentation animation for a second, but thats it. My savegame were stored in the cloud so I can't confirm that a pre-update savegame will get deleted or corrupted when updating Real Racing 3.

        Simplified car maintenance system, easier opponents for the occasional gamers (changeable difficulty would be nice though).

        Just check out the comments in the PlayStore. You have allot of complaints and allot of praises. Most complaints are about bad performance or FCs, but little about the menu, savegames or other gameplay related stuff as I can see.

        Keep in mind it's a freemium game. The intention is to earn money if you want to progess faster which I believe is a fair business model for the quality given and that it since the release has seen two major updates.

  • yobbei

    Still no love for HTC One X?? what gives??

    • Frank Lin

      download the third-party app "Real Racing 3 Graphics" and set it to medium or low. Mirrors don't work though...

  • Gilberth Cordova Mayaute

    Doesn't work on a Motorola XT890.

  • Ivaylo Stoyanov

    It finally supports the Galaxy S4.

  • -v-

    they just switch LOW graphics level (on nexus7, as example) to NORMAL (it can be switched in previous versions manually in data files, BTW), so it looks better, but now have lags :/
    And they lock many races and torunaments, so from now you can't buy any car you want or purchase a discounted hi-end cars, because they locked. All new added cars enters in that locked for many players categories.
    Ah, and they add new Time Trial Mode, wich need new 'drive points' to play, so you can wait while it refills or pay Gold.
    Ow, and they cut twice prize money for Endurance races, so you can't grind money for new cars. But, nevermind, whatever they locked.
    So if previous versions of RR can be playable for 50% and even little more, now they lock it in half. Even little more.

    • Adrian Żurek

      And they almost doubled price for upgrading cars :(

      • Albert

        They didn't almost... |
        They actually doubled it.

  • Devilywan88

    Finally it support GS4 i9500. :-)

  • J hanley

    The racing has become rudiculously easy. The game is just boring now.

  • beomagi

    The times are easy now because TSM times were reset for most people. As they race and their times are uploaded, competition would get better.

    I think the graphics are much better and smoother on my nexus7. This is comparing it to the previous version with the gfx tweaking app.

    I can spin out bots' cars now, which is fun. Payback!

    Other than that the physics seems pretty much the same. My times are consistent on the same tracks as before.

    It's easier to maintain cars, but overall profit is lower. previous earning followed a general 2x minutes racing formula - i.e. spend 2 minutes racing, and you would earn ~$4k.

    Now it's half or less. There are a few exceptions - e.g. the craptastic dodge series early autocross can be done in ~27 seconds and pays $1350, which is a 3x payoff vs time.

  • sparkyblazer

    We can't even get this latest update on the fire HD. But after reading all this. I think I'm glad amazon isn't giving it to us with auto updates

  • Falenone

    Lol the first one is incompatible with S3