The bugdroid speaker is back on sale. This thing is so darn adorable it doesn't even matter there are better quality speakers out there. The speaker is shaped like our favorite OS personified, and it plays music. What more do you want?

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The Accessory Power GOgroove Pal Bot (as it's more properly known) has 8 watts of peak output and an 850mAh lithium-ion battery good for 6 hours of tunes on the go. It has a built-in 3.5mm stereo cable to plug in – no Bluetooth for this little bot. Also, LED light-up eyes. It has pretty solid reviews, in part thanks to the distressing level of adorable.

Newegg is selling the bugdroid speaker for $20 and offers free shipping on orders, though it's the slow 4-7 day option. Can you wait that long for this cute little guy? You'll have to try. It's currently going for $5 more on Amazon.

[Newegg – Thanks, Franco Colomba]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • scuttlefield

    The last time you posted about this (when they were on sale at Amazon), I bought one for my wife. I liked it so much, that I got one for myself! Great product for the size and the price.

    • adam

      Who gives a fuck about your wife yah creep

  • Tony Sarju

    That was a very creepy video

    • Sean Royce

      Not really. It was just an advertisment.

      • Tony Sarju

        Yes, a creepy advertisement.

        • Sean Royce

          No. You must be pretty young to get creepy out by something as stupid as an ad.

          • Tony Sarju

            Judging by the amount of people that agree with my statement, I'd say my it is correct. Sounds to me like you made that video or something and are offended. It's ok, don't be mad. Buck up!

          • DJ SPY

            I didn't find anything creepy about it.

          • adam

            the girl looked she had being raped

          • Sean Royce

            Lel. No. I don't really care. You're just a child.

  • Noreen Dyer

    I bought this when it was mentioned last time, also! It's $20 well spent on a portable speaker for my Android devices. The speaker produces good sound, and is loud enough for use in my home. I love to listen to my Google All Access Music subscription and favorite podcasts through the GOgroove Pal Bot! I love it!

  • Keyz Karanza

    I got this at Walmart for about $30 with the extended protection. Gave it 4 stars. Here is my posted review...

    Let me start by saying I am an Android fanboy. The design of this speaker system is simply delightful. It is very compact, quite sturdy and the retractable audio cord (while admittedly thin) is a fantastic feature.

    As far as the volume goes, this is a topic of some debate. If you happen to use this in a noisy environment (a machine shop, driving in the car, etc.) it doesn't quite have the kick to overpower such annoyances. You will probably want to go a little over the $30 mark for something that can drown that out. Used, however, in a less hostile environment, it is a gem. I hook it up to my computer at home and it produces a rich, almost surround-like listening experience. This has about the same power as a regular old-fashioned portable radio (the kind with the dial) but the sound is infinitely better.

    Battery power is outstanding. I am on the third day from the initial charge with moderate use and the eyes have yet to turn red. Just be sure to power off when not in use.

    The only thing I would change is the controls on the back. They feel very chintzy compared to other speaker options. You literally have to use your fingernail to power on and off, and the volume dial is one of those that are subject to a dust infection that makes it all crackly. If you are concerned about the switch or dial failing, it makes sense to spend an extra $4 for the extra protection.

  • Qliphah

    Totally agree, it's a great little speaker. Glad to see so many people have already got one. I've had mine for about 2 months now and surprisingly neither of the antennas have broke. My only complaint is still the thin audio cable, every type that had that auto-retracted cable eventually wore out just from normal use.

  • instinct

    Ah man, it's $30 again.. I missed it.

  • james kendall

    every time i see this guy im tempted by it but seriously it needs bluetooth .