As you're reading this, the world is about to change. After years of faithful service, Google Reader is about to cease operation. Ever since the announcement was made services like Feedly have been revving up to take its place. The Old Reader is another alternative that doesn't get as much attention, but it's got some admirers. The uber-popular RSS reader app gReader has just been updated with support for The Old Reader to help ease the transition.


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Getting set up on The Old Reader isn't as simple as Feedly, for example. This product is still in beta, and doesn't have its own mobile app. Third-parties can connect using the API, but importing your feeds through the web requires that you have the .opml file of your subscriptions from Google Takeout.

The gReader update also includes a few minor bug fixes – nothing particularly important. The Old Reader has a clean web UI and provides various social sharing features through Facebook, if you're into that. Take a look if you're a gReader user. Don't be shy – it's a brave new world without Google Reader.