Last Updated: July 12th, 2013

There comes a time in every smartphone owner's life when upgrading is necessary. Sometimes it's by choice; other times by necessity. Either way, we're usually left with an aging phone we no longer use (or want, in most cases), which gets thrown in a drawer and forgotten. Poor little guys. Let's all take a moment of silence in honor of all the smartphones that have been replaced and thrown to the wayside to be forgotten.

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future. Congratulations!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

  • John Hohner
  • Tim Norris


But there's another solution! How about making a few bucks off the old gadget? When you upgrade to the latest and greatest, there's a good chance that someone out there would love to have your old phone as their daily driver. And when it comes to getting the most money out of your old phone, SellCell.com has your back.

Here's how it works: SellCell is a "phone recycling price comparison" website that aims to help you find the most money for your device. Simply head to the site, enter the model of the phone you want to sell in the search box, find the best price, and gogogo. It really couldn't be easier. The company even offers a Best Price Guarantee, so you'll always get the most money for your gadget. That's hard to beat.

GALAXY S 4 Product Image (7) GALAXY S 4 Product Image (2)

SellCell was gracious enough to offer up two Galaxy S4 i9500s – one white, one black – for us to give away. Simply follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below – each option counts as one entry, so the more you complete, the more chances you have to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway begins now and will run until Tuesday, July 9th at 12:00AM (Midnight) PT. After that, we'll randomly select two winners.

Good luck!

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  • Andreea Toderoiu

    Three Stars!

  • Thomas Murphy

    The logo has 3 stars.

    rounder9834 @yahoo.com

  • simba C

    there are three stars in the sellcell.com logo thanks

  • Rafa Correia

    Three Stars!

  • Giorgio Palmieri

    3 stars.

  • OnMy2ndGP

    Can't wait to sell this Droid X....thanks!

  • Dávid Józsa

    Three Stars...

  • Michael Marlow

    Please... 3 stars

  • iiiiCracker

    Worth a shot I suppose

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    There are 5 stars in the round seal of sellcell. And there are 2 best price lines and 1 guarentee word

  • Maribel Raymundo

    I want to win the 3 star sanding galaxy

  • meowquack

    There are three stars,
    I really hope to win

  • jalen venable

    "How many stars are on SellCell.com’s Best Price Guarantee logo?

    Its three Stars :)

  • Bik

    I've got a lucky feeling about this one

  • acejavelin

    Need something to replace my HTC... this would work, and the price is right!!!

  • sarah zareek

    The sellcell.com best price guarantee has 3 stars on it!

  • Deepesh Shastri

    Three stars ........... three stars

  • Nishant Mishra

    3 stars in the SellCell Best Price Guarantee logo

  • Yogesh Pandit

    3 stars are on SellCell.com’s Best Price Guarantee logo

  • Sumit Vardhman

    Three stars

  • Palak Sophi

    3 stars on Best Price Guarantee logo

  • Mohit Sen

    3 stars on logo

  • Sumit Naini

    threee starssssss . 3 Stars

  • Somaya Chipli

    When you will come to India Market ????? Answer is 3 Stars

  • Kriti Somya

    India is waiting for you SellCell . Ans : 3 Stars on logo

  • Ashwani Kumar

    Huge market of India want to Welcome , Please come fast in Indian market . 3 stars are on SellCell.com’s Best Price Guarantee logo

  • Cheryl A

    There are three stars on the logo.

  • Jeffrey K

    Three stars

  • Paramjot Kaur

    Three stars are on SellCell.com’s Best Price Guarantee logo . Hi sellcell I want see you in Indian market and " http://www.sellcell.in "

  • Gurpreet Dhami

    3 stars are on SellCell.com’s Best Price Guarantee logo . I have cells and I want to sell all . please reply me how I can sell all on sellcell site ?

  • Udit Kumar

    I would have put my old Nokia 2626 and the 6030(these phones are really sturdy and have kept them as a backup!) but the website only serves the US!!!. I really love the concept.. the accept even the broken phones!! that's rare!! Hope they expand to other countries also !

  • Disha Motwani

    3 stars on sellcell Best Price Guarantee logo . I want to see India . It is big market . Many people want to buy best smartphones . If second hand best smartphones comes in low price. Many people would definitely buy . I too

  • Mohini Jha

    There are " 3 " stars on SellCell.com’s Best Price Guarantee logo . When we see your service in India ?

  • Surjit Singh

    3 stars is present on logo . I desperate to see you in india

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    Cannot wait for the draw.waiting desperately

  • m.emin

    hahah i think this time i will get one of them :P

  • Parveen Sharma

    Hello Sellcell , I want to buy Branded Smartphone in half price , Are you deliver in india . please reply me . and Answer is 3 stars

  • Abhjeet Aapte

    3 stars are on SellCell.com’s Best Price Guarantee logo . Sellcell is good option for middle class people who want good smartphone in low price .

  • Amod Dhage

    there are 3 stars!!
    thank you android police and sellcell.com

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    Waiting for the result.....I am always unlucky...but hoping to get a good luck by winning a s4

  • gio

    What, no confirmation edit? I want to know if someone already won or it just takes a long time to get my winning email! A man can dream..

  • suyash

    sellcell.com logo must contain atleast 4 stars....!!

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    Eagerly waiting

  • Gavin Matthew

    I hope that I win one of the two S4s. Good luck to everyone, and thank you Android Police for the lovely competition! ;D

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    Still waiting for the result

    • Gavin Matthew

      Same. :)

      • Tirumala Gowrinath

        I cannot wait for the muscle tearing result

        • Gavin Matthew

          Muscle tearing indeed. It's always an exciting moment when they announce the winners! :)

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    Waiting for the Result babyy

  • Gavin Matthew

    Randomly pick me please. ;D - SellCell is great! Wish they can bring their service worldwide though, thank you for the awesome and wonderful giveaway! :)

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    Still waiting.Give the result

  • Gavin Matthew

    Pick me! Pick me! ;D

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    Quickly announce the results

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    Hello 5 star logo

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    I cannot control my anxiety for the results

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    When will the result be declared

    • Gavin Matthew

      Soon enough I bet! :)

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    I am feeling it like an adrenaline game

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    I thimk its better to give away gt-i9505 i.e snapdragon model since exynos model have a lot of heat whenever i used my friend's s4-9500

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    I want my s4 soon.Atleast i will be out of tension

    • Ricardo Steve

      Would you please stop commenting every hour or so with random sh*t?

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        .its unnecessary for you.just mind ur business

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          Oh shut up!

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            Go to Hell.No one can help you

    • gio

      You really think you'll win?

      • Tirumala Gowrinath

        No.just a small hope

  • Ragil Triharso

    pleasee,.. god,.. makes sure i win it,..

  • gio


  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    Still waiting for the s4 winner

  • Ricardo Steve

    Please, just please, stop commenting like spammers and/or idiots. The contest winners will be announced whenever they have to be announced, it's not by moaning like retards that you're going to be picked quicker.

    • Tirumala Gowrinath

      Better mind your language.May be you are a *tard,but remaining are not

    • gio

      It's probably because the contest ended 3 FCKING DAYS AGO

      • Tirumala Gowrinath

        You are absolutely correct

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    Who are the winners sir

  • sarvesh

    when result will displayed ??????

  • Emily L

    so hope I will win

    • Jan H. & Tim N. Jr

      Keep dreaming bitch.. Ive won, loser!
      Now get lost chinese bitch!!

      • SxperiaS

        Spoiled brat, AndroidPolice should give to another person just for those words.

        • sachin goral

          Amen to that. I'm sure talking such nonsense is against Androidpolice' policies...

  • Tirumala Gowrinath

    Congratulations to the winners

    • Jan H. & Tim N. Jr

      Thank you..

      • Tirumala Gowrinath

        I have expected a lot since it is my dream to use an s4,as I am from a very poor family.Any how you people are lucky.Enjoy the gifts from sellcell & androidpolice.

        Moreover thank you for replying

  • http://platypus.blox.pl/ najodleglejszy

    thank God, I can finally unfollow SellCell and their spam.

    • Jan H. & Tim N. Jr

      Why unfollow?cause you didnt win? Sucker.. Ive won, just shut the fuck up.. Fap2

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        no, because I followed them only to get an additional entry. and they were posting stuff that wasn't interesting to me. but thank you for your kind words.

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    Well fuck. It seems like only Americans always win these.

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    I've won!

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    Congrats to the winners!

  • http://TapThatTech.com/ Tap That Tech

    To all you that entered, no fear we have a competition running right now, enter: http://goo.gl/Q4V2I - good luck to all !!