If you haven't already abandoned one of those other streaming music services for Google Music All Access, today's the last day to do so for the introductory price of $7.99. As of tomorrow, July 1st, the price will jump up to the standard $9.99 per month, which rivals that of All Access' main competitor, Spotify. Unfortunately, All Access is US-only for now, so international users will have to wait for Google to roll the service out globally – hopefully they'll offer the same $7.99 incentive as it becomes available in more locations.


For those who may be on the fence (or have never subscribed to an all-you-can-eat music streaming service before), here's what you're missing out on:

  • Unlimited streaming of millions of songs
  • Personalized radio from any song or artist
  • Unlimited skips in radio stations (!)
  • Smart recommendations based on your taste and listening history
  • Ad-free listening
  • Add any album to your personal library
  • Save any song, album, or artist for offline playback on mobile devices

Personally, I jumped from Spotify to All Access on launch day and haven't looked back. I've found AA's catalogue to be vast and containing a lot of artists that aren't available on Spotify (Animals as Leaders, anyone?). At $7.99 per month, the service is worth every penny (and them some), so now's the time save yourself a couple of bucks every month. Head below to get started – you'll even get the first month for free.

Google Music All Access

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Andrea Rossi

    Thanks for the remainder, unfeeling bastard.

    - Europe

    • http://widescreen.org OAR_John

      Would a proxy server work? That's how I got Spotify before it was available in the US.

      • Nicholas Isacsson

        All you need to do is change your billing address in Google Wallet to a US one. I did it literally 5 minutes ago from Sweden and it's working fantastically

        • Warren Clarmont

          +1 I did the exact same thing yesterday and it's working great!

          • MrJamesBrown

            I have been trying for the last hour to sort this out. My address has been changed to an american one but still isn't allowing me access :/

        • Malufor

          Which service do you use?

          • Geoff Johnson

            Probably my house, lol

    • Matthew Fry

      Not everything will divide evenly.

  • beboo

    you are lucky it doesn't available to my country ( EGYPT )

  • XawFear

    Is there anyone out there, who knows when google will bring All Access to the other parts of the

  • Shawn Cheever

    This is really a wonderful service! Back when WP7 came out, I purchased the HD7 just so I could have the then-called Zune Pass because I was able to organize both my own collection and my "rented" music in one player. Up until now, Xbox Music was the only service that allowed all your music into one player (still unavailable to Android). It's nice to see Google embrace this feature and I think it will significantly enhance their music services provided they keep adding more content.

    (And yes, I do know that other services match your MP3 collection but if they don't have it, you're stuck going between two music players which is why I dropped MOG, Rdio & Spotify).

  • Microsoftjunkie

    Nice, but Xbox Music is still better.

  • Warrusu

    Too bad Spotify Premium in Poland costs about $6, otherwise I'd be interested.

  • Terry

    Have to say, I've had the service for a week and for my preference in music the selection is rather thin. Spotify just stomps All access right now for what I listen to.

  • Joris Griffioen

    Google hates Europe..
    Music, books, movies, Nexus hardware etc. are not available here.

    I get the licencing problem with media, but not selling your flagship devices in random countries is just .. strange. And very annoying to people who *want* to be your customer.

    • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

      Books, Movies and Music (but not All Access) is available in France, Germany and a few others European countries. Though I just subscribed using a fake US address as suggested above.

      • jurrabi

        I would love to try that, but I can't find any wallet app in the store... Let aside change billing adress...

  • Wazzifer

    I tried what Nicholas did (changing the address in Google Wallet to a US one) but that by itself didn't do the trick, I had to access my friend's Romanian Google Account on my computer to enable that. She's enjoying Google Music All Access in Romania atm.

  • Sven Joy

    The free month was cool, but i didn't use it that much. Seeing that Spotify is a bit cheaper, i won't continue the service.

  • duse

    I signed for Music All Access but I'm cancelling it. It has a number of issues and doesn't really do what I'm looking for, which is great recommendations and stations.

    1) Radio stations always play the song that you created the station with first. Why would I want to hear that song EVERY time I start that station?

    2) No way to shuffle among all the stations to create some variety like Pandora.

    3) Poor discovery. Only one tab of the Explore section has anything catered to me, and the recommendations there aren't always that great.

    4) Awful data usage, to the point I'm surprised they even released it. Low and Medium quality sound worse than Pandora, only High matches. At that quality, Google Music will burn through >100 MB in a HALF HOUR. Pandora will use 20. What a joke. This from the company that's supposed to be the king of compression, efficient streaming, etc., and in the age of data limits. Use HE-AAC and get on with it.

    5) No offline listening of radio stations, making point #4 even worse.

    Pandora and Slacker have their own issues, but I'll use them any day over this.

    • Wazzifer

      Really dude? Offline Radio? Poor discovery? You're a Pandora user, you don't get to criticize a superior music service. Pandora's selection of music is beyond awful and it keeps playing the same tracks over and over again. I've had Pandora since 2006 and it is still haven't changed a single bit.

      • duse

        No, I hear you on that as well. Like I said, they have their own issues. If you just listen to one station on Pandora you will hear the same stuff over and over, but at least you can create a bunch and shuffle all. Also the Android app is a piece of junk. But I was hoping All Access would offer something new, and it really doesn't, unless all you're looking for is unlimited access to the catalogs. Slacker does have offline radio. But the worst thing is the quality per data usage. It's so bad it's an insult to their customers, and not worth $8-10/month.

        • Wazzifer

          I download a lot of live bootlegs, so for me the ability to upload my library and mix it with Google's is irreplaceable (as of now anyway). Usually if I'm not home, I don't have much time to listen to music on the go, so the data is no issue for me since I have wifi at home. I've tried the radio feature and I was kinda impressed cause while the genres on Google Music are all kind of a hot mess, the radio suggestions worked flawlessly. My only complain is there are no social interaction or a reliable way of sharing music between friends (Spotify wins here). But it's two bucks cheaper, so I'm gonna use it till something better for me comes out.

    • Drew M

      You can pin a radio station just like a playlist or individual songs, allowing offline playback. It's a pretty easy way to manage what you want saved to your phone.

      • duse

        Where do you see that? The menu for stations only has an option for deleting. It doesn't have a pin option like albums and playlists do.

    • enoch861

      1. Some people prefer it that way and I for one like it that way. I've always been baffled why when I start a station the song I wanted to hear in the first place is sometimes never even played.

      2. I don't understand?

      3. So far so good, it's doing a very admirable job on discovery at least for me.

      4. I haven't really looked at data usage. Mostly streaming on my laptop and every now and then while driving. But I have unlimited data anyway. But I will concur that sometimes the quality of the tracks is questionable.

      5. Offline definitely exists. You know the little 3 square menu buttons you see on albums, playlists, and radios? Hit it and you'll see a "keep on device" option with the pin on it. Done.

      • duse

        1) I just don't know why you'd want to hear that song every time. You may like the content of the station and listen to it every day, but not want to hear the same song first every day. If you're not going to listen for very long, or are tired of that song, you'll have to skip it every time. Personal preference though.

        2) In Pandora, you can shuffle all stations. So it will pick songs from among all of them, giving you a large variety. In Google Music, you are only ever playing one station at a time, meaning every song coming up is from the same genre/style. I don't want to listen to the same type of music for 30 minutes straight or have to keep switching stations every few minutes.

        5) I don't know why everyone keeps saying this. This only works for songs/albums, not stations. Hit Menu on one of those station tiles in your screenshot - the only option is "Add to queue." For non-stations, the options are what you show in the picture.

        • enoch861

          1. Thats what the skip button is for :D But I honestly prefer it that way. Most of the time the reason why I start a station is to hear that song and then continue with songs like it. I just wish there was a "station resume" feature for moving between mobile and desktop though.

          2. Ah. Awesome trick I never knew until today. Grazie! Thats definitely something Pandora has a leg up on. But I'm in no way, shape, or form paying for Pandora. Although that feature is freaking amazing.. I have no idea how I didn't know about it until now.

          3. I see exactly what your saying. One way around it is to save the queue for the station as a playlist and take that offline.

  • Canada

    We definitely appreciate the kind reminder, neighbour. Now, how about actually letting us take advantage of this?

  • Miles

    Managed to get it in the UK, VPN to the US and used a US address.
    Cost at the reduced rate of $7.99 equates to about £5.24 which is a fair
    bit cheaper that Spotify at £9.99.

  • grazilla

    google "song spout" it will let you save music from google all access. feels like going on an unlimited shopping spree

  • jurrabi

    I would love to ditch Spotify and use this... but Google wouldn't allow me to, given that I live in Spain :( We'll keep hoping...

  • Dan

    With no sign of a stand-alone MP3 player that can access the all-access service, Rhapsody still wins for many people. You can pick up a Sansa Clip+ or ClipZip for $35, sync your Rhapsody playlists/songs/books/podcasts to it, and you won't have to run, bike, or whatever with the weight and relative fragility of a phone.

    As soon as Google figures that out, it'll be a slam dunk.

  • AnthonyRyan89

    Only two bugs I have with Music All Access but those 2 problems aren't going to outweigh everything else I love about it.

  • basteagow

    The introductory pricing is still available as of this morning.

  • Matthew Fry

    So... I have AA and I do like it and the selection is pretty good (a really good selection of indie game soundtracks...) but I'm having issues with how much space it's taking. There's no way for you to limit what Google saves in the Play Music app. Every time I run out of space installing something it's because there's nearly a gig of space taken up for Play Music, I have to clear it out and sign back in so I have some breathing room.