Update 6/29/13: The original price for these was $539.99, but it's since been dropped to $499.99.

The Galaxy S4 Mini isn't as powerful as the original S4, its screen isn't as nice, nor is it as easy to find. That said, an unlocked version of Galaxy S4 Mini is available today-only on eBay for $499.99. It's not that much cheaper than the full-sized version, but that may not matter for people with smaller hands or tighter pockets. 5-inches can be too much phone for some users, regardless of the price.


Today's discount applies to both the black and white versions of the device, so have at it. Just note that this model comes with 8GB of space, and only 5GB of that is available to users. With the money you're saving, you might want to add an MicroSD card to your cart as well.

If size really isn't that important after all, consider picking up the regular Galaxy S4 that is also on sale for $50 more. Despite the shared name, there is far more than $50 worth of technology separating these two phones from one another.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • ProductFRED

    Not really a "deal", per se, considering you can get a Galaxy S4 (US variants) from Swappa.com and other websites for the same or less.

  • JohansonM18

    $539.99 WTF?????

    Xperia SP 380$

  • a.d.AM

    Nobody really buys this stuff do they???

    • Mike Reid

      For those who just HAVE to have a smaller screen, LOL.

  • Marc

    its now 499.99

  • Kimi

    Im think its too expensive,galaxy s3 just cost about $440 here