The Big Android BBQ 2013 is just a few months away at this point (October 10-12), and if you missed out on the early bird special, tickets are now officially on sale a the regular prices. Like with years past, there are a variety of packages to choose from, including an all new [x] option.


Each package offers its own set of perks, with each one building off the last. For example, the General Admission package will get you in the door, access to the pool party, and an all-you-can-eat plate at the BBQ, but not much else. The ICS package gets all of that, plus a reserved seat at the keynote, quick entry into the event, and a bottle of the rub used on the BBQ. The packages just keep getting bigger from there, offering everything from free lunch and a secluded area to eat and/or a private dinner with the BBQ staff and other "prominent community members" – it all depends on how much you want to pay.

Speaking of, there's a new option this year that costs over five grand. Here's the full spill of what it offers, which should be quite entertaining:

BBQ [x] Package

Everything mentioned above PLUS — We will book you a first class round trip flight (continental United States only) as well as a room in the Hyatt hotel. Big Android BBQ founder Aaron Kasten will meet you at the airport wearing a monocle and top hat holding a tablet displaying your name, then chauffeur you to the drive-thru restaurant of your choice followed by your hotel. Your hotel room will be ready for you with a welcome package. As an added bonus you will have golf cart service between the hotel and conference center during the event along with many other exciting and exclusive opportunities.

Tickets for the [x] package are extremely limited, with only five available. If you have an extra five Gs to burn (and would love nothing more than the be chauffeured by Kasten himself), this is the option for you.

No matter which option is right for you, you'll find them all at the link below. For more information on what to expect from the BBQ, head here.

BigAndroidBBQ (EventBrite); via Russell Holly (G+)

Cameron Summerson
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  • silver_arrow

    Just got my ticket this morning. Looking forward to going =D

  • Athishay

    Clicks buy on the 'x' option.
    Looks at credit card.
    Checks account balance.
    Puts credit card back in.
    Eats a jellybean.

  • Cherokee4Life

    Are they going to have new Android Figurines like last year? I want those :(

  • CeluGeek

    LOL! If I had $5317.78, I'd buy the [x] package and vlog the heck out of the experience!

  • Jesse Blacklock

    lol @ the title "5317.38" , look at the pricing "5317.78"......... someone is wrong

    • http://cashd00d.co.cc/ WHAT?

      That 40 cents sure puts it over the top! NO BUY

  • Chris

    I know its just a name and you can have it anytime of the year but most people associate BBQs with summer. Google on crack now?

    • id10terrordfw

      Take it from a local, it will still be very warm in Hurst in October.

    • http://cashd00d.co.cc/ WHAT?

      BABBQ is not a Google event, it takes place in Texas, and it's been the same time every year.

  • Nick3030

    in for 3, thanks

  • CuriousCursor

    Might be worth mentioning that this isn't an official Google event.

  • Cody Shiranai

    So what exactly is this about and who is it for? What do you do there?

  • zach voss

    Cameron from AP did a firechat last year :)

  • http://www.standupforkids.org blackroseMD1

    Man, I wish I had an extra $5K+ to spend...