The Vine app in Google Play didn't get the warmest reception. When it launched a few weeks ago, it was missing a ton of features compared to the iOS version. It's currently sitting at 2.9 stars, but apparently those negative reviews lit a fire under Twitter's Vine developers. The app has just gotten a second major update in the space of a week. It's kind of crazy.

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This update is adding even more features people have been begging for. Here's the changelog:

  • Front-facing camera
  • New upload manager for unsubmitted posts
  • Improvements to settings
  • Improvements to camera loading time and support for more devices
  • Speed improvements overall
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

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The front-facing camera support is of particular interest because, well... you can take selfies without video, right? What is this? The Middle Ages? The other additions are nice to see as well. The app is getting downright respectable with all these updates.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Mehmet Fatih

    they are literally developing the app on google play, shit.. This is not cool. Just finish the app and release it.

    • Liam Higgins

      Google literally does the same thing with some of their apps. (Think Hangouts)

  • Roberto Giunta

    Well, Vine is still a mysterious monster for me.

    I got a SGS2 (i9100) running CM10.1 (Nightlies) and while the app crashes if I try to record a vine with the rear camera, it does NOT crash with the front-facing camera.

    Can somebody else who has a SGS2 tell me if they got the same bug or is that a CM thing? I already send crash report after crash report after every new version but it's not yet fixed for me.

    Thanks :)

  • Lupe Fiasco

    "but apparently those negative reviews lit a fire under Twitter's Vine developers" part of the reason, but it's mainly Instagram that forced Vine Developers to start developing much quicker. The fact that Instagram brought the same service (which is better) to both iOS and Android at the same time was the final blow to whatever standing Vine even had on Android. If Instagram would have never released their version of Video Capturing then I bet you Vine would've took a lot longer to update to where it is right now.

    It's Twitter/Vine's fault for ignoring the biggest Smartphone OS and choosing not to release on both Android and iOS at the same time, and now they pay for it.

  • sam

    Great to see the work of the vine team. Yeah they should have done all of that before releasing it but at least they finally did and that is wonderful.

    I wish the idiots at twitter would do the same with their twitter app. They reall need to look at 3rd party apps and add features missing in their app instead of their updates that rarely add anything beneficial.

  • Mike Larrabee

    So ppl actually use this? Huh....good on them.

  • Kurt Wurmser

    I agree with Lupe. Instagram's video sharing app is what lit the fire under Vine developers. Vine is fun and all, but releasing an app with no front camera support was really a bad decision. Instagram also looks a lot more polished. But it's good to see Vine is taking steps to correct their mistake.

  • skitchbeatz

    Am I the only one who can't find a search button?

    • Fresh360

      I was JUST about to say that, this app is still useless without search. I could never find anyone I really interacted with because I didnt follow them on Twitter.