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There's nothing as satisfying as permanently deleting that annoying email. Well, that's not true, there are a lot of things more satisfying than that, like hugging your children, eating a good steak, and landing a headshot on that jerk who's been camping the spawn. But if you've been craving that small, petty, satisfying feeling of quickly deleting hundreds of emails, Google's got your back. The 4.5.2 version of the Gmail app makes the Delete button the default setting after you long-press a message (in the last major revision it was previously set to Archive).

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Other changes include the ability to select multiple emails in a chain by touching the sender images, plus the usual bug fixes. Our resident software dissection specialist Ron Amadeo has already performed his customary teardown, and found nothing else of interest hiding in the app. The update seems to be rolling out quickly - all the devices scattered around my desk are already updating. As before, you'll need Android 4.0 to enjoy the fruits of Google's labor.

What's in this version:

• Delete and archive actions appear by default - control this in Settings
• Tap sender images to select multiple emails in the conversation list
• Bug fixes
Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and up.

Update: Apparently the touching sender images feature is not new, Google just decided to highlight it in the Google+ post for some reason. So yeah, Delete button on by default and bug fixes. That's all, folks.

Source: Google+ - thanks, Bill Stebbins!

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Cherokee4Life

    Best AP article intro ever!

    F*%$@in Campers!

    • Nick V

      You're all pissed because I am sitting there, waiting, watching, and popping you off, one by little one. :)

      • Cherokee4Life

        it's not that. It's the fact that sometime I don't even get a chance to move before i die which gives me no way to defend myself. Either way its the best feeling in the world when you strike revenge on your camping nemesis!

        in other news I ended up reading the rest of the article and it was pretty good lol

  • Ruperto

    Does that mean you can now delete from the notification bar?

    • B Jordan

      I doubt it, but I REALLY want that feature!!!

      • Bryan

        If you set your default button to "Delete Only", "Delete" will be available in the notification bar. Anything else and you get "Archive" in the bar.

        Archive is always still in the overflow menu, or just remove the label "inbox" for the same effect.

        • B Jordan

          Yeah, I know... I want BOTH available. :-|

  • Paul_Werner

    I love it when AP notifies me via my RSS feeds about app updates before my phone can even trigger the notification. I just fired up the Play Store after this and had to go all the way to the Gmail app page to see the Open button switch to Update.

    Love the timely, informative articles that you guys push out everyday

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Touch sender images to select multiple emails in the conversation list. If you have turned off sender images you can touch and hold, then touch to select subsequent emails.

    Yeah, that's not new. I even PSA'ed it on June 3rd. Why is that in the changelog? http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/06/03/tip-multi-select-is-still-alive-and-easy-to-use-in-the-new-gmail-4-5/

  • Donald Wygal

    The gmail app keeps getting better all the time, but I'd still love to be able to turn off conversation view on my devices the same way that I can turn it off on the desktop.

  • Asanka Amarasinghe

    Anyone know how to swipe to delete in Gmail app?
    I miss that feature so much...

    • Christopher Lee

      In general settings, you can set the swipe action.

      • Asanka Amarasinghe

        "Swipe to archive" is there as a check-box, but if disabled that will disable swipe gesture all together! No setting to make "Swipe to delete" as the swipe action. Am I missing something here, can anyone confirm this please?

        • H@P

          In "General settings", select "Archive and delete actions", and choose "Show delete only". Then the "Swipe to archive" checkbox changes to "Swipe to delete". Only way I've been able to get it to work.

          • Asanka Amarasinghe

            Never realized I had to pick one or the other, Google should probably change that! Thanks for the help!

            Oh, now i miss archiving :(

          • Agustin Tashdjian

            Yup, thats the part i hate, i thought with this update you could choose what swipe does and also show both buttons on the app but apparently if you select show both you are stuck with archive when swiping

          • Smash41

            They should just have deleting with a right swipe and archiving with a left swipe. That way you could do both.

          • Christopher Lee

            It used to be on a per-inbox basis, which is the best workaround I was ever able to find. :P

          • Michael Belsky

            Google, please fix this! Just because I want to "Swipe to delete" does not mean I do not want to be able to have the archive button once I select an email!

            Why would you tie the "Swipe to delete function" to which buttons I choose to make available once a message is highlighted?

            And to the idea of swipe left and right being configurable to delete and archive (user customizable), +1!

  • Pete

    APK please...

  • gargamel

    I'm still missing the permanent unread counter. keeping the old version for now...

  • Merri Mogridge

    I hope they add a 'Mark Read' button in the notifications shade at some stage!

  • Smash41

    Now we just need a change label button without having to go into a menu and it'll be perfect. Oh, and the ability to move the buttons to the bottom like they were before.

  • Bleakvision

    Wow, using the feedback button worked out nicely:)

  • ithehappy

    My introduction:
    Gmail, the app is so great that I always use Root Explorer and remove the app. This update doesn't affect that procedure of mine.
    Google, you Muppets, add the option of deleting single email from that garbage conversation view of yours, then I'll consider reinstalling it, till then you've my permission to fuck off.

    • Thatguyfromvienna

      You'll be ashamed of your rude and pathetic words once you grow up.
      In 10 years.

  • Pascal

    They should add mark read from notification.

  • Andy Stetson

    Hey google, how about letting me archive or delete when viewing a message, and have the option to select archive or delete for my swipe option... or better yet, swipe left deletes, swipe right archives. There is always the handy undo if you happen to swipe the wrong way.

  • brkshr

    Was the ability to turn off the sender images there before?

  • Guest

    It's already active for me :)