If you're reading this on a later GSM-only Samsung device, pay attention. After clarifying their continuing support for Tegra 2 devices earlier this week, the CyanogenMod ROM team wants to let you know about their position vis-à-vis Samsung's Exynos 4 series of chipsets. In a nutshell: devices based on the Exynos 4 will be getting CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2) nightly builds, and not much else. These phones and tablets will not be getting stable releases of the latest CyanogenMod builds for the time being.

Here's a quick list of the affected devices, running the Exynos 4210 and 4412 chipsets:

  • Galaxy S II (AT&T and International GSM)
  • Galaxy S III (International GSM)
  • Galaxy Note (International GSM)
  • Galaxy Note II (AT&T, T-Mobile, International GSM and International LTE)
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 (WiFi and International GSM)

The CyanogenMod team's reason for the lowered level of support includes "various issues surfacing from the binaries and sources we have to work with." According to this Google+ post, they've been having issues since Ice Cream Sandwich, and no longer feel they can meet their own high standards for stable builds. If they can iron out the problems they'll upgrade these devices, but that doesn't seem particularly likely.

Support for the Exynos 3 and Exynos 5 will continue, based on the source codes for the Nexus S and Nexus 10, respectively. (Also, if you've got a Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered Samsung phone or tablet, like most of the US versions not listed above, you're in the clear.) The CyanogenMod team is actively working on the Exynos 5 Octo-core platform, based on the international Galaxy S4.

Source: CyanogenMod Google+

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Skander

    Good to know they are working on the Exynos 5 octa.

  • hoosiercub88

    Was the Verizon Note II left out of that list intentionally? or?

    • Adam Bickley

      Same question for the Sprint one...

    • Andy Deason

      Verizon and Sprint use CDMA. This article said GSM phones only.

      • hoosiercub88

        Verizon and Sprint variants of the Note II use the Exynos 4xxx CPUs though. Typically I'd understand because to use CDMA they usually had to change the internals to a Qualcomm chipset, but in this case, the CDMA/LTE/GSM Note II also share the same chipset.

  • Trent Russell

    AP needs to clarify. The CM post itself states "all t0lte variants" which would technically include the i605.

  • Astria

    more like nightly builds forever to me... juz look at Galaxy S1 and S2...

    • itr0ll1

      they are extremely buggy too... I tried nightlies for awhile with n7000 and I would get UI crashes and "stopped working" constantly... for no reason. Phone would wake up, and the SYstem UI would crash.
      Gr8 look, but not even close to being suitable for use as a reliable phone and media consumption device.

      • LAKAME

        I don't know when you tried it, but it is much much better now. It's definitely usable as a daily driver. The only force close I face is with Super Hexagon, which is not because of CM, I have the same issue with stock ROM too.

  • itr0ll1

    I've long since moved to Slimbean rom series, never looked back.
    Much faster, less bloated and has features that CM still doesn't have... like re-mapping the long-press of hardware keys...

  • Zach Mauch

    I've had my Note II for a while now and I won't be buying another Exynos Device because of this. I'll likely make the switch to the Nexus 5 or whatever the next phone is when it comes out.

    • mydan99

      I had an S3 on a 2 year contract in the UK. I hated the Touchwiz so much and the fact i couldn't flash a stable non Touchwiz custom Rom led me to the Nexus 4, 1 year into the contract. I love the look and stability of stock android but my next phone my main issue is that the Nexus 4 battery is so bad and no expandable storage. My S3 had a 5000Mah extended battery that would last forever. Thinking of going back to Samsung specifically the Note series. The Note 3 is different to the other Galaxy phones as the international version supports the Snapdragon CPU which is better compatible with custom Roms. So thats a huge thumbs up. But my main gripe was with Touchwiz due to lag because there were many custom Touchwiz Roms that had the stock android Theme throughout the whole UI to it. S3 only had 1GB ram which would cause apps to force close as only 200mb was free. Nexus 4 has 2GB Ram, Note 3 had 3GB. The hardware is better suited to Touchwiz. To flash stock android Rom on Note 3 means the features relating to S Pen would also be lost but it is a good fall back in terms of passing the phone to someone else after years of use when Samsung stops updating their phones.

  • Jon

    Did they fix the 3D crashes for the i9100? Whenever an app using 3D was loaded, it would crash after a few seconds. By crash, I mean, complete system freeze, that would need you to hold the power button until restart. Not nice. If that's fixed (and camera works on external apps like cinemagram), I'd like to give it a second shot...

  • lljktechnogeek

    It's worth following the Google+ link to read Andrew Dodd's comments. He goes into a lot of technical detail about exactly why the Eyxnos 4 chipsets are causing such a headache.

  • Paul

    So my awesome AT&T Galaxy Note 2 won't get official support/stable builds. Great. Oh well, I've been sticking to custom ROM's based on Samsung ROM's and the Stock ROM (Cleanrom AT&T SE 3.0 at the moment), it's debloated, optimized and it's got full support for the HW in my phone. Switching to an AOSP based ROM would mean I'd lose a lot of the features TW gives me for the S-Pen and Dock and headphones and Multi-Window, etc. I'm on 4.1.2 and it's been working fast/stable/great. Touchwiz isn't that bad anymore and for a custom piece of HW like the Note 2, it works fine.

  • sourabh

    i have a gti9300.cyanogenmod is the only rom with which i face lots of bugs.open the camera and the app says 'camera disconnected'.upon unplugging the charger after a charge , the phone used to freeze and i had to do a force reboot.overall i had a very bad experience with cyanogenmod.(they werent nightlies)

    i had to switch back to touchwiz.many months have passed since then and i have tried lots of other roms like paranoid android ,aokp,carbon,super nexus,vanilla rootbox etc.NONE of them

    had any bugs or other annoying issues.since then i havent tried cyanogenmod.i also own a galaxy tab.it too has only nightlies.even the builds marked as stable come with annoying issues like random reboots ,crashes etc.i have tried AOKP by stimpz0r and it is fine for the most part.atleast better than CM.i had high hopes when i first rooted and installed CM.slowly i had to wonder why i had installed this rom.they blame it all on the samsung(which is partly right) not releasing binaries etc for the device.other people have successfully developed and are developing good fast ,stable roms for the s3 while CM sits back and blames it all on samsung.yes there's a small problem with samsung,but the bigger problem lies in CM.

    • blunden

      That's pretty interesting considering that pretty much ALL other roms rely entirely on CM for hardware support.

      With that said my collegue runs CM10.1 nightlies on his i9300 and it works fine for him. I helped him rush through a few minor bugfixes (ringtones didn't repeat etc.) but other than that it seems fine.

    • mydan99

      They are right though, its the fact that some of the variants use Exynos processor which is locked down. They have to rely on other sources which is what causes the bugs.

  • Joshua Hill

    Stable CM10.1 release IS NOW AVAILABLE. Looks like nightlies were only for the time being :)