Poweramp is probably the single most popular 3rd party local music player for Android out there, and if you shelled out four bucks for the privilege of using it, you might be curious to learn about a little-advertised feature in the app: automatic EQ presets. That's to say, you can tell Poweramp which EQ preset to use based on whether you're using the phone's external speaker, a wired 3.5mm cable, or Bluetooth audio. It gets better: you can also assign an EQ setting to specific song or album.

Screenshot_2013-06-26-09-53-32 Screenshot_2013-06-26-09-54-01 Screenshot_2013-06-26-09-55-50

Finding these options is a bit tricky, though.

  • Go to the equalizer UI, and hit the "Preset" button just above the Bass knob.
  • On the far right of each preset is a small, nearly-invisible little circle with a drop-down arrow in it. Tap the circle.
  • You'll get get several options, tap the one that says "Assign."
  • You'll then see the UI in first image above. Select which audio outputs you want to assign this EQ preset to.

Once you've selected the outputs you want a given preset assigned to, that EQ setting will activate whenever the selected audio output is used! This is great if you alternate between a set of Bluetooth / wired headphones, or use a Bluetooth speaker regularly for music.

The control goes a step further in allowing you to assign EQ presets to a particular song or album (playlists, oddly, don't seem supported). As shown in the first screenshot, the "song" checkbox will make it such that this EQ setting will activate whenever the currently playing song is played. If you go into your library of music via album view and play a song from there, the "All Songs" button shown in that first screenshot will change to "Album," allowing you to assign EQ to a particular album. Pretty neat.

Granted, the way all this works is a bit confusing in terms of what checkbox cancels out what other checkbox. If, for example, you assign the Extreme Bass EQ to your favorite dubstep album, but then assign the Bass & Treble EQ to your Bluetooth speaker, what happens when you play that album on your Bluetooth speaker? (I actually looked into this - song/album-based EQ settings will override the audio output settings).

Just another one of the massive number of features you'll find in Poweramp. If you've not tried it out, give the free trial version a whirl - it's linked below.

David Ruddock
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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    <3 PowerAMP and <3 this feature. Since my wired headphones and BT buds sound totally differently, I use it to automatically switch the EQ between them.

    I just wish it supported specific BT profiles.

  • mesmorino

    And here we have a highly unusual case of AP being uncharacteristically late to the party.

    Next you guys will be telling us about this new cellphone OS called "Android" or "Robot" or something :p

  • fixxmyhead

    I didn't like poweramp cuz it would scan all my files and pull up audio from my pornos and intro clips from games

    • Davy Jones

      You can choose which folders it scans. Although, I have to admit I had never heard of porn in audio form until your post.

      • fixxmyhead

        Yea but it's just a hassle and I rather not deal with that. I mean it would play the video but u could only hear the audio from the videos.

        • mrjayviper

          you only need to set it once. unless you're music files are all over the place (my music are all under the music folder), it's not a big deal.

  • Deezel

    I had the same problem with the porn audio playing threw, I actually thought it was my girl in the other room because it started out with just talking. I thought I caught her ass. After that I was told I need to get a file manager,,and seek anger management;-)