Kernel source code is an important part of a ROM developer's everyday life. It's what enables them to bring new features to your favorite device. What gives them with the opportunity to improve battery life, overclock (underclock) the processor, and so much more. For the average Joe, it's no big deal; for developers, however, it's a valuable asset.




Today, Samsung has made available the kernel source code for some of its new LTE devices: the Galaxy S 4 Active on AT&T and Note 8.0 LTE. With this code, developers who adopt the devices will be able to not only provide the aforementioned tweaks, but ensure the most stable builds and highest chance of custom ROM compatibility.

If you're one such dev, hit the links below to grab the download.

Galaxy S 4 Active

Note 8.0 LTE (AT&T)

Note 8.0 LTE (Canada)

Cameron Summerson
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