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The day has finally come, true believers. The OUYA console is real, it's on sale, and you can have one of three online retailers send one to your doorstep. The $100 gaming SoC-in-a-box got its celebrated start on Kickstarter, but as of today you don't need to be among its backers to buy one. The OUYA storefront, Best Buy, and Target are all allowing orders to go through at the moment - Gamestop and Amazon are also retail partners, but the former isn't allowing you to add the item to your cart, while the latter is showing "out of stock." 


All the US and Canadian stores list the OUYA at $99.99, while UK gamers can pick it up for the same price in pounds. (Sorry, guys - that exchange rate makes it considerably more expensive for you.) Canadian readers, Amazon.ca is selling the console already. United Kingdom, Amazon.co.uk is allowing you to buy it, but the listing says it will ship in 1-3 weeks (ouch). GAME is shipping in as little as one day. Best Buy, Target, and Gamestop have also committed to selling the OUYA at brick-and-mortar stores in the US, but I wouldn't head there at the crack of dawn to get one. There's no telling which stores will carry it, or how many will be available at launch.

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Readers in all three countries want to hold on to their money for just a little while longer. Android Police will have an exhaustive review of the OUYA and its gaming ecosystem later today. We'll be updating this post as more stores become available.

OUYA Retailers

Update: Gamestop is now letting OUYA orders go through, and Amazon.co.uk is showing a ship date of July 2nd. Amazon.com (US) is still showing the OUYA as out of stock.

Source: OUYA Store Page

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Szondikapitány 2.0

    Dead on arrival

    • Eric James Salcido

      Maybe not so much if they released it many months ago.. but honestly, with Tegra 4 S600/800 stuff coming out, it really seems pointless. If anyone wants something like this, I'd highly recommend the ODROID U2/X2, which have the Exynos 4412 onboard if someone still wants an Ouya-like device.

      • http://www.twitter.com/iwinrar iWinRar

        Does it come with a controller or must I supply my own? This is a gift I'll be getting a few people for emulation and more

        • Eric James Salcido

          It can support wired/wireless, so it'll be a bit more expensive, but it's a much higher quality device. As for getting it a case, you can find lots on Ebay made specifically for it. There's a couple of options available for more ports/connectivity. It's a bit more complicated to have set up compared to the Ouya, because it's a development board, but I think it's totally worth it for the performance and options available. http://www.hardkernel.com/renewal_2011/main.php

          • Sergii Pylypenko

            I have two Odroids as a Quake3 game servers, they are fan-less and totally silent, unlike Ouya.
            But as a gaming device, Odroid will disappoint you - the Android on it is still buggy, and lacks Google Play, so there's no way to install games other than pirating them from your phone.

          • http://www.twitter.com/iwinrar iWinRar

            Yea sound isnt an issue for me I'm quit far away so I'll prob not hear it and a I have a big fan running all the time. So if I can hear it over that then we have major problems lol

          • Funem

            Try loading the Amazon store. I did that on my daughters Nabi2 which does not have Play Store support.

        • Cherokee4Life

          It does come with 1 controller

      • Matthew Fry

        That is really going to depend on the game library only. So what if it's not a Tegra 4? If there is one thing that is redeeming about the gaming crowd it's that their loyalty is to the games not to the medium. If they make high quality games, then they will come.

  • Jarl

    nice to know people putside kickstarter are akready able to get any ouya, while BACKERS are still waiting for theirs! for the same price!! way to go ouya!

    • Eric James Salcido

      I'd say this was a really good experiment, with really bad execution..

    • Andrew Townsend

      really? my god. thats just fucked up

    • Derik Taylor

      I know that feeling...I have been waiting for mine since the end of April. Just now got a notice that mine is on its way a few days ago. I am excited to be able to game on it and all, but seriously? This leaves me with a very bad first impression.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      This is pretty much why I never back anything on Kickstarter.
      I'd rather calmly wait for the company to actually come out with the product, see if reviewers like it, then buy it when I know what my money is paying for.

      I know you get the whole you're part of the early supporters group and you can get limited edition stuff, but honestly compared to being satisfied with what I spend my money on, it's not important at all.

      • Matthew Fry

        I've never been drawn to the limited edition/hipster element of Kickstarter and I know the really killer ideas will bubble to the surface and end up available in some form of retail store... but for some reason it's like crack to me. I'm a creativity junkie and seeing ideas come to life are my drug of choice.

      • Cherokee4Life

        true, but sometimes you can "buy"/"back" products for cheaper then what they will cost in a store once they come out. It's a big give and take

    • Matthew Fry

      A friend got theirs last week. Apparently, they used the slowest, most ridiculous shipping method and his ouya circled Utah a couple times before zeroing in on his location.

    • buttersalts

      Some people who preordered in Feb are having their order pushed back to July now. Looks like everyone is getting mislead in some way.

  • Funem

    Was initially interested in this until I found that they wasn't going to sell apps and games via the Play store. Cheap as they are I am not going to pay twice for all the apps and games I have.

    • ergu

      i don't think you have to pay twice, i heard side-loading is easy.

      • TheCraiggers

        In order to help prevent piracy, many apps communicate with the play store directly as an additional "did this account actually buy this?" check. Without the play store installed, I'm assuming this API won't work, and thus many games will refuse to start.

        So, just because you can side load them doesn't mean they'll work.

        • http://www.twitter.com/iwinrar iWinRar

          Hacked playstore ftw lol

        • Funem

          Apps should be purchased on the Play store with OUYA support inbuilt. Unfortunately It uses the same business model as the main console suppliers, make a loss or break even on the console, reap the profit from the sale of apps and games. As good as the initial OUYA idea is, I think its doomed to failure because they need to control the apps available for it through a separate marketplace.

          • http://www.twitter.com/iwinrar iWinRar

            I'm sure if you side load the playstore you should have no problem just wait till all the hackers get their mitts on it.

          • mgamerz

            I've heard there isn't a recovery like just about all phones have, so if you modify the console there is no way to fix it. I can't exactly confirm it, since theres not a lot of posts about it. But god damn thats just stupid.

        • http://XDInd.com/ Adam

          So then you install the play store.

          Isn't this thing supposed to be easily hackable as one of its selling points

  • http://www.BobOrchard.com Bob Orchard

    Yeah - but some of us kickstarter backers still HAVE NOT received ours, and we backed it last year.

  • Primalxconvoy

    More bullshit from ouya:

    - " Backers,

    I am pissed. Some of you have not yet received your OUYA -- and, to you, I apologize. I did not promise to ship to *most* of you before we hit store shelves. I promised to ship to *all* of you. I’ve been reading your comments, and we are working to solve this.

    Here is what I know:

    We delivered your OUYAs to our partner in May, and since then they have been in their custody. We paid for shipping, yet the deliveries remain incomplete. We know everyone is getting their OUYA, but it is taking longer than we expected.

    We are working hard to get you answers, and more importantly, to fix this. On our end, we have tripled our customer service team so we can respond as quickly as possible to your questions (though the answer may still be that it’s in transit). We are working with our partners to resolve any administrative issues related to undelivered boxes (errors in shipping addresses, customs holds, etc.). I’m told that despite our best efforts, it may take another two weeks or more for some of these units to arrive.

    We will resolve this as quickly as possible. I’ve had my team working all evening to provide me with the current state of affairs and what we are doing to make it right. Ken, our Special Ops lead, can give you more detail.

    - Julie"

    • http://www.twitter.com/iwinrar iWinRar

      I've seen other companies having problems with middle men so I wouldn't put it out of possibility although ouya should have done all of it in house instead of using other companies but in the end it is easier for the company at hand. I remember when a new egg supplier sent them a bunch of dumby i7s good times. They of course cut ties with them

      • Primalxconvoy

        Except their excuse was that the Chinese Hong Kong middlemen couldn't understand my Japanese address, written in both Chinese and English characters.

        I live practically next door and I'm still waiting.

        I'm done with ouya.

        • http://www.twitter.com/iwinrar iWinRar

          OK that's kind of funny

    • ergu

      primal: are there other hardware companies that you know of who have managed to ship a similar number of kickstarter-backed items with less trouble? i'm not sure if this is ouya uniquely sucking, or just something you kind of have to expect from a brand-new company that has no good partnerships yet.

      • Primalxconvoy

        I expect their promises to be met, especially when their excuse is that Chinese and English reading staff can't understand my address, which was supplied multiple times (5 at the last count) in both English and Chinese chargers to an address a mere 6 hours from Hong Kong.

        I'm also surprised no extra freebies were supplied as an apology. Sony did when they goofed up the psn

        Ouya lied, like they did by suddenly admitting just prior to release, that for free content, a credit card was still required (which almost all of the other app and game stores online don't require).

        Ouya are doa.

        • http://www.twitter.com/iwinrar iWinRar

          From all the reports ive seen you can skip the needing to enter the credit card

          • Primalxconvoy

            Good to hear. .. except I still can't check that myself.

          • http://www.twitter.com/iwinrar iWinRar

            This is why preordering can be more of a hassle then it is worth unless its from a big company like amazon. Well either way hopefully you get it soon and maybe they will give you freebies I bet everyone at ouya is running around with their heads cut off. Announcement to shelf in a year I'm sure is stressful to a startup if their is future ouyas I'm sure the process will be less of an issue,

          • Primalxconvoy


  • kcassell419

    I for one am happy to pay the extra price for this thing in the uk. Its still cheap as chips for what it can potentially do. Very excited to get one and see what its like. Hats off to OUYA, they deserve all the praise. Looking forward to the next version already and hope it offers a lot more! Now I just have to wait......tick tock tick tock....

    After having just read a load of comments on the backer consoles not being available for a while I retract the positives in my previous statement! Ouch.

    • http://www.twitter.com/iwinrar iWinRar

      I've been saying this since the kickstarter that its amazing all in one product just for emulation, everything else is icing I just can't wait to see how far people can push the tegra3 with a heatsync on it.

    • Funem

      The main problem is that its not got a touch interface. As the majority of the apps and games on Android require you to touch the screen, uness the games are written with OUYA in mind then they will be a problem to play or use. This causes the age old problem of needing games and apps to drive console sales, and conversely you need console sales to drive the sale or availability of apps. Watch this space...

  • http://billhay.es/ Bill Hayes

    I'd be tempted to buy one in the UK but I'm not paying $154.54 for one. $99.99 seems like a much better price.

    • http://www.twitter.com/iwinrar iWinRar

      This is such common practice though you should be used to it.

      • http://billhay.es/ Bill Hayes

        I manage to buy plenty of tech without a $=£ exchange rate. Even so, doesn't make it right when companies do it.

        • http://www.twitter.com/iwinrar iWinRar

          I know steam is often a huge offender. Not always but it has been known to happen

  • lusky3

    So the stores have them already. For what reason couldn't the backers have had them already? Ouya's priorities are clear.

  • A

    Once you've added tax to the US and Canada prices (the UK price is inclusive), it's not quite so bad, but it's still irritating. There's no reason for the hike, other than the fact that they know they can get away with it.

  • Max

    We got ours 3 or 4 weeks ago, had fun with it in the office for a day, but it first needed a huge update.
    The controller is cool, but a bit weird when you try to press the front buttons.

  • Primalxconvoy

    My friend works in Japan. He runs an expory company and does work for some of the big mobile phone companies, too. He encouraged me to back ouya after he did. Here's (with his permission) his opinion:

    "... I bet I know what the Chinese shipping company is doing. 

    According to Julie, Ouya prepaid shipping in USD quite some time ago, but since that time, the USD has dropped in value. 

    I bet you that the Chinese company still has ouya's money in USD, and is trying to time when to sell dollars for Won so they don't get raped on the FOREX.

    I have the same dilemma in my company- we are sitting on about 100,000 USD, but don't want to convert to Yen now, because out profit margins are so tight that we would end up going backwards on the deal if we cash out now. 

    If Ouya had some Chinese legal savvy, they could have structured the contract so that the shipping company would be forced to ship on demand, instead of having discretion about shipping schedule. 

    Regardless, at the end of the day, the burden is on Ouya to MAKE THINGS RIGHT with everyone still waiting. 

    I would say you are entitled to receive an Ouya AND get a refund. That would be fair. After that, Ouya can pursue getting the money they lost in giving you a refund from the Chinese shipping company. 

    That is how they can make it right.  That is the ONLY way they can make it right..."

  • Alex

    So if I want to buy it in central Europe (euro), the only option its from uk, because from america I pay import duties and tax.
    So the 100£ its 118€... Thats more 42€ from the 76€ (100$).

  • thewriteguy

    I foresee that there will be a lot of imitators to come, where the price will drive down to $50 for an Android games console (minus a controller) but which also comes with Google Play. So OUYA could become technologically outdated real quick. The big consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, have nothing to worry about, but if a "casual Android game console" market does take off and thrive, this could become problematic for Nintendo.

  • fredric

    Wake me up when there's a version with latest-gen of processors available.

    • http://benignthoughts.com/ Louis C.

      By the time they'd get around to shipping one with the latest-gen of processors, the next gen will already be out.

      • fredric

        Yeah, that's why I said "latest".
        No really, Tegra3 is a good-for-nothing compared to all the processors around right now.

        • suzu

          but Tegra4 is coming soon

  • mgamerz

    I preordered mine last september and I don't even have any shipping information. It's really pissing me off how I can preorder something and it doesn't get here till over a week past general availability.

  • Kie

    I am looking for something to stream mkv files to my TV that does not have a computer attached. I've tried with my xbox 360 but it lags for higher quality files and the interface is poor. Was thinking of picking this up with that and emulation in mind, or possibly a raspberry pi, maybe installing xbmc. Anyone have experience doing this? Pros, cons, or other suggestions?

  • Kersten

    Does this have somekind of regional limitations? Can i use it in other EU countries when i order it from UK?