Do you find that your devices constantly need more juice while you're out and about? There's a good solution for that quandary: a portable charger. As a day-one Verizon Galaxy Nexus owner, I quickly learned how important always having one with me is, and now I never leave home without one (even though the N4 is extremely battery efficient by comparison). If you're in the market for just such a charger, Amazon has a couple of good deals going right now for EasyAcc's 10k and 12k mAh chargers, at $28 and $37 respectively.



The 10k mAh charger houses two USB ports – one for 2A output, and the other for 1A (both at 5V). If you have several devices, however, the 12k (which is the same one we told you about here) is the way to go; with a whopping four USB ports that range from 0.5A to 2.1A, it can provide the juice that hungry devices crave.

At these prices, this massive duo could fly off the virtual shelves pretty quickly, so you may want to hit the checkout before they're all gone.

Buy: 10,000mAh; 12,000mAh

Cameron Summerson
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  • Sqube

    I bought this last time around. It's fantastic. That's all I have to say about that.

  • Evan Jenkins

    just bought this was looking at a 10,000mah one for 40, got the 12,000 for 37 score

  • BetterClearBatteryStats

    If it only could be shipped to the EU...

    • benejoe

      uk amazon has it as well.

  • JP-Lizotte

    127$ Canadian, what a rip-off, no thank you.

    • Matthew Fry

      Man, Canada really does get the shaft on US pricing. That's ridiculous!

  • smeddy

    I've owned one for years, but just commenting to say Samsung will always get my money while they have removable batteries

  • Matthew Fry

    This thing has impressive reviews! I was waiting for the RavPower 10A to come back on sale because I love mine and know they have quality Samsung cells but it's hard to deny 4.5 stars with 400 reviewers. Getting the 12A.

  • raindog469

    We bought one of these (the 12k one) for use during air travel in February. It showed up with a full charge on it. While it wouldn't charge our Samsung tablet while it was running (turning off the tablet let it charge), both of our phones charged off of it easily 2-3 times (plus the tablet once, after it was shut down) before it needed a recharge. We liked it so much we bought another one last month to prepare for summer storms, since we lose power a lot. It's only about 5 bucks off, but it's a great deal even at full price, especially compared to what we found at brick & mortar stores.

    You should get a high-output wall bug to go with it, because otherwise it'll take longer than overnight to recharge the battery pack. We bought theirs for 7 or 8 bucks.

    • Matthew Fry

      It's 1.5mA input. Should be ok with any tablet charger or new phone charger. Minimum of 8 hours charge time.

      edit: The listing knows better than I. It says minimum of 9 hours with a 2A charger. I am a little confused that they recommend a 2A charger for a device that clearly specifies 1.5A. If they recommend 2A, why not specify 2A? Most tablet chargers are 2A if you're looking to save a little cash.

  • Bill Davis

    I've had a PB 12000A for a couple of months now and am pleased with it. It does the job though I have not yet been able to verify the Ah rating. I'm pleased though.

  • Jarl

    thanks for the tip!
    bought one from amazon germany, because amazon us doesnt ship to europe

  • Nexus7 & EasyAcc10k

    I recently got myself a EasyAcc 10.000 mAh. :)
    It is capable of topping up my to 20% depleted Nexus 7 (2012) twice with a charging time of just a little over 3 hours!
    Recharging the EasyAcc 10k takes about 11 hours with the 2A wall socket charger of the mentioned Nexus 7 , apparently it is not using the chargers rated 2A but just the required 1.5A as claimed on the AesyAcc's sticker.

  • Nikie Lima

    This one seems pretty think to me. I would prefer a thinner one like my RavPower 8400mAh.