Canada is clearly the best country that borders the US to the north, and it got a little bit better for GS3 owners today. It seems Canadian Galaxy S3s have started receiving updates that bring the fabled Multi-Window mode, among other things.


The update to Android 4.1.2 has version MVLDMF1 and is coming to users via OTA and Samsung Kies. The carriers haven't offered official information, but the update is reported to make the following tweaks:

  • Improved download speeds when HSPA+ network coverage.
  • Proactively addresses instances where third party VoIP apps could interfere when dialing E911
  • Multi-Window Support
  • Gallery has been updated
  • Improvement in the Camera app

Firmware downloads are starting to pop up online for Telus, Bell, Rogers, MTS, Koodo, Fido, and SaskTel. Folks on the Rogers community forums are also confirming the update. Unbranded GS3s in the great white north look to be getting the update as well. Additionally, a reader reached out to let us know his Bell GS3 has received the update, so consider that confirmed. Hold on to that GS3 a little longer, my Canadian friends. Things are happening.

[SamMobile Firmware List, Rogers Forums, Mobile Syrup; Thanks Matt Leclerc!]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • domo

    Such a lame update. They didn't add toggle options I'm the notification bar, they didn't even add the option to remove the brightness slider. They also took away to awesome feature where you slide your finger on the side of the screen to zoom in and out. Sure multi screen is cool and all, but this was a disappointing update. Now we have to wait a year for 4.2.

  • Dean Politis

    Isn't Canada the only country that borders the US to the north?

    • RyanWhitwam


    • davinci314

      Russia does...

  • nalvarez2007

    Any clue as to when U.S. Carriers are due for an upgrade? I'm on AT&T and haven't seen an update since 4.1.1. Its frustrating and forces me to flash less is table ROMs just to get up to date features.

    • Knight613

      Every US carrier except for AT&T have updated to 4.1.2 already.

      • nalvarez2007

        This is some bull***t. This is one of the main reasons Android has problems - fragmentation.

        • David

          That's just AT&T's fault not Android's.

      • Arnel Zapata Jr

        Don't worry, AT&T could care less about updating the S3 since they abandoned it for their new S4 lineup. Carrier branded phones look all nice at first, but good luck getting updates after a new flagship comes out.

  • Alex Prawecki

    Got my GS3 update early this morning. I'm on Telus. I'm a little greedy and already waiting for 4.2.2.

  • Andrew

    I just updated my Bell S3 using Kies, looks great so far.

  • Sean Good

    any idea how to remove that multi-veiw tab? its pissing me off lol my screen is so pretty except that light blue tab sticking out.....

    • Chad

      hold the back button and it should go away. then just hold the back button again to bring it back when you need to use it again

      • winslow

        Thank you. I was wondering how to get rid of it and found your reply
        I was looking for a tutorial of some sort on what was new? Naturally, to get the little tab back I just hold the back button again. Is it supposed to take the place of Icons on the page?
        Thanks again.

  • Lewi

    I hate this update it made the default video player unusable like when I tap on a video then the screen turns black for 15 seconds and then crashed. F*** u Samsung! I hope this gets fixed in the Android 4.2.2 update!

  • James Dot

    I regret the day I accepted this useless update !! it put my camera in a different state , and when text messaging I no longer have the abbreviations , commas and periods up on top and battery life has dropped to less then 12 hrs before charging ... seriously SAMSUNG what was the point to this Update ??? one more thing it keeps asking me to choose Key board style , how many times do I have to accept the samsung ????? What was so important for adding Alshare and Multi windows on the Drop Menu ?? why not give us the Data on and off instead of having to get into settings for that ???

  • Sienna G

    Hate this update!!! My battery drains within 8 hours, I get hundreds of notifications that reappear, and the two best camera features, night and fireworks are gone. Hate, loathe, no one seems to know what's wrong. My 600$ phone is now a piece of crap.

    • Bob

      I've just noticed that in the past few days my battery life has dropped dramatically.
      In standby, with GPS and LTE disabled, I'm now down to about 12 hours. When I first got the phone (Sep 2012) I managed to get it up to about 50 hours, but its just gotten worse and worse. I think its time to put CyanogenMod on it!

  • bob

    upgraded my s3 to cyanogen mod due to this update.