A new device has just popped up on Samsung's open source site with the enticing model number GT-i9505G. For those not keeping track, the Snapdragon-packing Galaxy S4 is the GT-i9505. Samsung may have just dropped the kernel source for the Google Edition GS4 before the device is even out.


The same model number is also appearing in the Bluetooth registry, and there is a new WiFi Alliance certification for it. The hardware listing does look identical to the standard Galaxy S4, but that doesn't necessarily prove anything. The model number has that enticing "G" at the end, but it might not signify the Google Edition device. Samsung has released devices with a G model number before, like the 9100G, and it certainly wasn't a Google Edition phone.


The code can be downloaded from the link below. It could contain all manner of secrets or disappointments.

Update: Some pics have surfaced on Picasa taken with the i9505G. They appear to come from a Google Employees. More confirmation, or smokescreen?

pic one

[GT-i9505G Kernel Source, WiFi Alliance, Bluetooth Certification, Thanks Krzysztof Bryk for the pic]

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  • Tommy Thompson

    Isn't the 9505 the Exynos LTE variant?

    • http://reddit.com/ yo2boy

      No that's the i9500.

      • Rezantis

        No, the i9500 has no LTE support.

    • silver_arrow

      Nope it's the Snapdragon LTE version for Europe

    • ProductFRED

      No. i9505 is the international Snapdragon 600 LTE variant that all of the US and Canadian models are based off of. The i9500 is the international, non-LTE, Exynos Octa-Core model.

      • Tommy Thompson

        Ah, okay, I was thinking of the Korean version then.

  • http://reddit.com/ yo2boy

    I thought the GE S4 would be a SGH-i337 or SGH-M919 variant.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Those SGH (GSM) model numbers are usually carrier specific - for unlocked stuff Samsung uses the GT series.

    • ProductFRED

      Those are carrier-specific, but the Google Edition S4 seems to be based off of the SGH-M919 (T-Mobile model) since it supports AWS for HSPA+ out of the box.

      • tbonefsg


  • Nicholas Gerard

    So happy. Now what? Can I try and flash this on my i9505 or am I just too excited to think that will actually work

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      You shouldn't touch it until we even know for sure this is the GE GS4, and even then, flashing a kernel won't do anything as I suspect you want the software.

      • Nicholas Gerard

        Lol, I have calmed down, and realized it was only a kernel. I hope it is the GE though. Can't wait to see what the Android Developer community does with that GE firmware.