Did you know Imgur has an Android app? Well, you weren't supposed to. The internet's most favorite image hosting service has just officially announced its mobile app, which leaves beta today.

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The Imgur app has gone through rapid iterations since it launched as a Australian exclusive back in April. The UI has been partially redesigned, performance has been improved, and new features have been added. The app was updated yesterday to 0.1.13 without the beta label. The update brought a few changes, not all of them good news. Here's the changelog:

  • new widget
  • saves scroll position on galleries
  • image info in drop down
  • share is on the header
  • ads have been added
  • swipe is improved
  • moved sign in and edit image/album menu to be their own pages

So, there are ads in the app now, but there are also some good features in the update. And no more beta, which is neat, right? Full PR below.

Ermahgerd: Imgur Officially Goes Mobile

Endless Entertainment on the Go With New Imgur App

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 24, 2013) - Imgur, the fastest growing image sharing platform on the web, today introduces its first official mobile app. Until now, Imgurians have used their mobile site or unofficial third-party apps built using the Imgur API. The new app delivers the complete Imgur experience, maintaining a clean user interface with access to the entire feature set. Available first for Android devices, the new Imgur app makes it easy to view, upload, share, comment, and engage with all of Imgur's entertaining images on the go.

People continue to migrate from traditional entertainment media like TV, and shift attention from social networks like Facebook to outlets that let them consume and share content in new ways, without tying everything they do back to a profile that features and promotes it forever. This trend lines up nicely for the natural evolution of the Imgur experience, which has been moving toward image sharing as a form of entertainment, more like a YouTube for images. 

To that end, discovering and consuming cool content is a core focus for both the site and for the new app. The user experience is all about finding the newest, most interesting "viral" images, engaging with them, and sharing them with friends. The dynamic nature of the content inspires users to engage frequently, in many cases on a daily basis. Imgur also promises new features in the coming months to aid content creation, and enhance personalization and discovery.

"We're really excited to bring Imgurians a mobile tool that makes their Imgur experience better," said Alan Schaaf, founder and CEO, Imgur. "We've seen mobile usage double annually, up from about 7% in January 2011 to 30% at the beginning of this year. The decision to build and release our own app was due to a substantial increase in mobile browser usage over time. We're trying to develop a closer, more intimate relationship with our users and we think people's phones are the best way to reach out and do that."

As expected from the Simple Image Sharer, users will see an intense focus on simplicity and usability in the new mobile experience.

To download the Imgur app, visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imgur.mobile.

TL; DR Imgur finally released an Android app!

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  • Danny Holyoake

    Is it still useless and broken? Does the sidebar panel still just 'appear' instead of actually having an animation to it? Does the app still look ugly?

    • Phil Oakley


  • Zak Taccardi

    I would expect imgur to know better and make native apps than use that phonegap business.

    It was a mistake for facebook, and a mistake for imgur as well.

  • skitchbeatz

    Performance is pretty bad. It has to reload for 5-10 seconds after backing out to home EVERY SINGLE TIME. Bad UX

  • Zach B.

    Wow. This app is awful. I'm honestly surprised

  • mauric

    I wonder what phone they used to make the screenshots, i find them looking quite tall. And yes it's sad to see developers still aren't able to make proper android apps. All the ingredients are online :S

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    So their promise to make it Holo seems to have gone **** knows where

  • Yalla Tschikowski

    Look at image. Hit back. Now youre suddenly back at the top of the list or way down where you havent even been.
    Looks and Performance aside, this App isnt even really useable.

  • Rashmi

    Guys you know ..Samsung has announced the Galaxy S4 LTE-A, the first smartphone ever to use LTE-Advanced technology..how it will do in market ?