The CyanogenMod team has announced the release candidate phase of CM 10.1 is over – the final version is going to drop later today. If your device has been getting the RC builds, you can expect a final version of this popular ROM to be waiting for you in the morning.


Devices that haven't been updated to release candidate builds up to now won't be part of this first push. That includes Tegra 2 phones and tablets, as well as some Samsung Exynos devices. The CM team will provide a status report on these devices later in the week.

With CyanogenMod 10.1 reaching general availability, the developers will turn their attention to continuing the M-release cycle and adding new features. The Privacy Guard feature was just merged into Nightlies, and there's that new Quick Settings camera waiting for approval. This isn't the end for CM 10.1 – there's still plenty to do. We'll let you know when builds start hitting the servers.

Update: Builds are starting to appear now. Check for your device!

[CyanogenMod Blog]

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  • nalvarez2007

    Have they fixed that awful camera? Last time I used CM 10.1 on my AT&T Galaxy S III the camera was enough to make me revert back to stock.

    • guest

      If you mean the AOSP camera.... no. Thats not going to change

      Its still worth getting off that samsung bloatware

      • nalvarez2007

        I agree about bloat ware but in today's world, a smartphone is only as good as its camera for most people and if I have to sacrifice a solid camera for no bloat ware that I can remove myself I'll just choose to remove the bloat ware.

  • Cherokee4Life

    And no Jewel or Supersonic :(

    • epsiblivion

      those have reached EOL for CM support a while ago. probably CM7 really.

      • guestt

        Jewel is the EVO 4G LTE, its not EOL...

        Its on hold because of some bs

        • epsiblivion

          well Supersonic is. I didn't realize Jewel was more recent. I'm in the same boat anyways with the ville. they stopped building nightlies 3 months ago. probably no stable release either

      • Cherokee4Life

        well thats not true... I just flashed CM10.1 on my Supersonic. Yes its years old but there is still CM for it just not official on the get.cm.

        Also the Jewel is definitely EOL they stopped making nighties a while back in March I believe because of some legal crap if I am not mistaken but XDA and taken it and ran with it. Just pisses me off I can't get all my CM love from one website.

    • Simon Belmont

      Supersonic? That was put out to pasture way back at CM7.2.

      The Jewel is a little more concerning, though. I mean, that phone is only a year old.

    • Caseyjp11

      Evervolv nightlies work just fine on the evo 4g (supersonic). jb 4.2 and everything save FFC/4g work as advertised. If you're jonzin' . :-)

    • Scott

      I still have my Supersonic from when I had bought it new in 2010. Nobody wants to buy it from me though :(

  • Simon Belmont

    Nothing for my B&N Nook Color, yet. But, I assume it will be there shortly.

    I've been running RC4 for a while (didn't bother with RC5) and it's been great. Fast, good battery life, and only one or two sleep of deaths in weeks of usage.

  • Murtaza Khaliq

    If only they would improve the quality of the camera! That is the only thing stopping me at the moment from putting this on my S4. But sadly, i dont think that is ever going to change :(

    • nalvarez2007

      Exactly my sentiment. I don't understand why devs can't port the 4.2 features of the Galaxy S 4 and make the next version of CM epic.

  • Chris

    Thousands of nerds are getting booners right now.....

    • sadfsdfasdfjjjjjjjjjjjjj

      What is this booner and how does i has one?

  • wolfkabal

    I can't seem to get any of the AOSP roms on my Sprint GS3 to work with 4G. TW Roms work fine, but nothing AOSP based. Wish I could move to this, running it on everything else. Oh well..

  • Tucker Mulcahy

    Hope it fixes the XT912 video camera crashing

  • Stiff Tacos

    Can I dirty flash? I have a 10.1 monthly release.

    • Patrik Carlsson

      Yes, no problems.

  • Caseyjp11

    Loaded and working just fine on my nexus7. antutu reporting about 1k higher on the score/bench from jb. I'm impressed. Not as thrilled with the pie controls...a bit laggy, and if you're using the nexus with a case, more than a little PITA to engage.

  • Andrew Townsend

    like x1000. i hope i can get stock google gallery working on this one tho! (getting picasa albums)

  • Joe

    Wow, first time that a final CM release has been out before the next Android release since....ever???

  • nalvarez2007

    Anyone noticing random reboots on the final version of CM 10.1? When I flashed it I kept having this issue. I thought final builds were meant to be bug free and stable? It felt like a nightly build to be honest.