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The Team Win Recovery Project (stylized "TWRP") is an alternative recovery software for various Android phones and tablets. TWRP tends to focus on newer, more interesting features, as opposed to the more established ClockworkMod recovery. A few TWRP fans have created a support app for users of the custom recovery and posted Alpha information to the XDA Developers forum, allowing users to install new ROMs, backup, restore, and wipe their device from within Android. In layman's terms: it's ROM Manager for TWRP.

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TWRP Manager comes from XDA members JMZ and DeesTroy (current maintainer of the TWRP). The app requires root access, Android 2.3 or later, and (naturally) some version of the TWRP custom recovery installed. Right now most of the basic functions of the recovery itself can be performed in the app, including advanced wipes and backups. The interface follows TWRP itself, which means a few odd quirks - some actions are engaged via a sliding button not unlike a basic lockscreen. Planned additions include better tablet support and Dropbox syncing.

At the moment, the Manager app is being released in a public alpha only to members of the project's Google+ community. Once you've joined the community, you'll have access to the Play Store app, so long as you use the same Google ID.

Source: XDA Developers via Pocketables.com

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Otto Prime

    Not the creators.. but are the current maintainers. You make it seem like it was created by someone not tied directly to the project.

  • Levi Barrocas

    I think that right now twrp is more popular than clockworkmod...

    Almost all custom roms say to use twrp...

    And there already was a manager app for TWRP which was goo.im manager...

    • Pyrotek85

      I actually switched to it myself because I wanted to use CyanDelta to update to nightly builds more quickly, but it could not install them with ClockworkMod.

      It seems to be just as good for what I'm doing.

    • Jeremiah Rice

      Most of the ROMs I keep up on (N7, RAZR M, Note 8.0, and all things AOKP) seem to reccomend CWM. Removed the text in any case.

  • Rockwell mellow

    Pretty sure TWRP is more popular than clockworkmod...

    • yahyoh

      and its looks better works better + its faster and easier to use :)

  • Rob

    DeesTroy is a beast. This sounds like a phenomenal app!

    I haven't used any other recovery since TWRP came out.

  • jibust

    Get your facts straigt Dees_Troy is a current member of TWRP, and at least for my device (Maguro) the most involved.

    Source: ww.teamw.in/about

    • Jeremiah Rice

      Sorry, the XDA post didn't mention it. Updated.

  • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

    DeesTroy is a member of the TWRP team, but Jmz is not

  • Confused

    Am I missing something? How is this different from GOO Manager? The screenshots look like the regular Teamwin recovery.

    • Matthew Fry

      That's the point. It's the same interface inside Android. Whether or not it provides functionality that Goo.im Manager doesn't... I don't know.

  • Bret Zamzow

    Guys please review the XDA thread and see who is credited and how they are credited. You left out key members and should explain involvement.