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If you're one of those people who likes to know the full lyrics for every song in your library, prepare for a shock. The TuneWiki service will be shutting down on Friday, June 28th, after nearly five years of dutiful service providing scrolling lyrics for pretty much every song under the sun. The shutdown was announced on TuneWiki's website, with no concrete reason given, aside from members of the company moving on to "new journeys."

TuneWiki has come a long way from its early days, when we pioneered the inclusion of scrolling lyrics with music playback. Over time we blossomed into a vibrant social music service that has been enjoyed by millions of music lovers. We saw countless examples of passionate and inspiring personal expression using lyrics and music as the foundation. We are excited by the many friendships built within our community that I believe will last for years, if not a lifetime. This is what we set out to build and we are very proud of what we created. Unfortunately, everything comes to an end sooner or later and now is the time for those of us who have worked so hard for so long to move on to other journeys.

@LarryG, CEO

The TuneWiki lyric app has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Android alone, to say nothing of its somewhat controversial inclusion in carrier-specific Android builds for subsidized phones. As of version 4.6.2 of the local music app, it's added full album art, an Instagram-style photo/lyric combination function, and various social options. The TuneWiki publisher has also created an ad-free pro version of the app, a lockscreen add-on, and various editions for partnered Motorola phones. The shutdown announcement did not say if the apps will disappear from the Play Store on the 28th, but without access to the service's database, the lyric function will almost certainly cease to work.

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TuneWiki gave no explicit reason for the shutdown, but it's a good bet that the company was having trouble monetizing its service. Streaming music providers like Pandora have since added lyrics to their apps, and the $3 TuneWiki Pro Android app has been downloaded fewer than 10,000 times. In honor of TuneWiki and its users, I'll leave you with the following video - hopefully you probably won't have to look up the lyrics.

Source: TuneWiki

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Xeratun

    People actually use Tunewiki? Huh. It was included as bloatware on my phone so I always just assumed it was just as much crap as the rest of the junk that my phone came with.

    • Yorick Reuvekamp

      I use it in Spotify (desktop). Shame to see them shutting down.

      • Xeratun

        I opened it up back when I got my phone two years ago to see what it did, but never found it useful and haven't touched it since. I didn't realize it's actually good at what it does. Too bad I'm just finding that out now haha.

  • PandaFire
    • Pablo Romo

      Yeah! MusixMatch is way better. TuneWiki drained battery all day long.

    • enomele

      Seems to be good app. Hooks in via power amp very well. But what I don't get is the Facebook login... What does Facebook have anything to do with lyrics. :(

  • Danny365

    Big deal... Lyrics Grabber is free, lightweight and has a huuuge, up-to-date database.

  • Jeff B

    TuneWiki was one of the original day one apps available on the android market for the G1. So Long!

  • Rami

    Could be something related to copyright, because I use the Spotify app of TuneWiki, and frequently I can't find lyrics for new songs because they were removed due to request from publishers, or something like that,

    • Matthew Fry

      That always blows my mind. Even if they have the copyright for the performance and for the lyrics, in what world is the copyright owner harmed by providing lyrics to consumers? Just another reason to hate the music industry and support artists going outside of the system and using bandcamp and cdbaby. Here's hoping some big and famous artists make waves by leaving the gigantic publishers. I was completely flabbergasted when I saw the latest Daft Punk CD. Daft Punk once in small letters and COLUMBIA in gigantic yellow letters 6 times. (end of rant)

  • Kashmieer

    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  • http://p.mobile9.com/abilashanmwg/ Justice Seeker

    Try A google search and find "minilyrics.apk", thats too a super cool music player with lyrics support.

    • Bjajjull

      Now Playing is awesome. It costs 1$ and has a 5 days trial. You should check it out. I used it until I started using All Access.

  • Indranil Nandi

    thats not the right step guys,if you can't maintain your app sell it to others who can.

  • TritiusJ

    I hope this means I can finally have this useless piece of bloatware uninstalled.

  • LTI

    At least we won't miss something... There's plenty more apps like TuneWiki. Goodbye.

  • Droider

    MixZing has lyrics, radio, song ID, an EQ and a lot of other advanced features, and it's been around for years.