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Twitter is an awesome social discovery tool, but its implementation is fairly static. Even whiz-bang Twitter clients like the unfortunate Falcon Pro still present tweets in ye olde vertical column layout. Twheel (stylized "twheel") aims to bring a more innovative approach to Twitter. Tweets are presented in a wheel (natch) with 30 visible at any given time. Color-coordinated tags and bars let you see which ones are getting the most attention on Twitter, and sliding your finger around lets you highlight individual tweets to read them at the top of the screen.

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Navigating through your stream's history is a bit odd. The tweets are visualized in a circle, but you need to imagine them as a spiral - spin your finger clockwise to go forward in time, counter-clockwise to go back. Individual tweets can be retweeted, replied to, or favorited when highlighted, and writing a new tweet is accomplished via tapping the Twitter icon that serves as the wheel's hub. Swipe the tweet display area to the right to see statistics about that particular tweet and user.

It's a novel way to approach things, certainly, though I'm not sure it's actually better than the old column layout. A lack of customization options and no widget means that the app isn't a viable option to replace Plume (at least for me), and the interface alone isn't enough to keep me coming back. Twheel is also a bit pricey for a one-trick pony at $2.99, but at least it seems to be compatible with everything.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Anderson

    Too expensive for me

  • Sabin Bajracharya

    I knew same kind of app which came on (I think) Symbian and was also told an android and ios will come in future. But suddenly the app vanish! Its name was "Differentacks". OR is it the same app just rebranded?

    • cubenate

      Dude this is the SAME Company lol

      • Sabin Bajracharya

        haha... I knew there was something similar about them. An according to what I read this is a ported app! It would have been better if the app UI was HOLO.

      • Elton Lottering

        you again :)

  • Darren Henderson

    $2.99 with no ad-supported trial version, from an unknown developer, with their first app in the play store, and a completely new UI approach to twitter.... I think I'll go buy lunch instead.

    • Judith Johnson

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  • Jani Lainesalo

    Developer is listening. Price is reduced to $0.99!

  • RTWright

    I like change, really I do, but.... There are some things out there that should not be subject to this much change and just by the looks alone I wouldn't want it. I use Plume, it has a decent UI and a wonderful Widget. If you're going to get in on the Twitter App competition, then get on the right track with it and make it something usable. For a lot of us, we like seeing at least something of a preview of WHO tweeted and what it's about, not just colored bars showing activity and such.

    To me, right now, there are far too many Twitter, Facebook ( Social all together ) apps out there, come up with something to fill a gap where there is nothing. To top it off, if you ARE going to make something this drastically different? Put an AD Supported FREE version up there so people don't get burned by that crappy 15 minute try it out method that Google shoved onto everyone. Because I won't buy into anything without being certain it's what I want. I'm not here to just give money away to people who make a new app every day.

  • Tksjewelry

    It's on sale for 99 cents