You remember the ASUS Transformer Prime, don't you? World's first Tegra 3 device? One of the first tablets to use Ice Cream Sandwich? A name somewhat reminiscent of a Hasbro toy? Back when ASUS was still calling every machine "Eee"? For some reason, it took the indefatigable CyanogenMod team several months to get CM 10.1 (Android 4.2) ready for the metal-clad TF201, but nightly builds have finally started appearing on the download page. So far there's just one, uploaded this morning - nightly builds after today should all be Jelly Bean 4.2.


The TF201 is looking a little long in the tooth these days, what with a rather pedestrian 1280x800 screen resolution and the Tegra 3 making way for newer processors from Qualcomm and NVIDIA. But there are still quite a few hanging around (including one in my desk drawer), in no small thanks to that sturdy all-metal build. CyanogenMod has officially added the Transformer Prime to the list of supported devices for 10.1, so more nightlies, betas, and release candidates should be coming before too long.

A word of warning: your TF201 needs to be using the ASUS Jelly Bean bootloader before flashing CyanogenMod 10.1. Obviously it also needs to be unlocked, with some sort of custom recovery, but the CM team added that warning after posting the news on Google+. It's best to heed it. If you're all set to go, don't forget your Gapps.

Source: CyanogenMod TF201 Nightly Download Page via CyanogenMod Google+

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Russell Walker

    Oh hey cool, I've been using an unofficial build for a while. Hopefully this will last me until the new transformer comes out later this year, assuming it doesn't suck.

  • Jim Dowell

    this might be a dumb question, but here we go! what is the difference between the release candidates and the stable versions? i have a GS3 on verizon and i have 10.0 on it and i was hoping to get 10.1 on it soon but i dont see a ''stable'' version. any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Michael Pahl

      RCs are nearly there but not perfected enough to be called stable releases. For example, I remember using an RC of CM where the stock keyboard would crash on occasion when English US was selected. The workaround was to select English UK. This shouldn't be branded as "stable" but a fix was in the works.

      No such thing as a dumb question. Unless its posted in a forum with multiple topics on the same questions already addressed.

      • Jim Dowell

        Many thanks Sir!

  • Chris Talty

    I need to look into rooting mine. Any reports if CM fixes or alleviates any of the I/O problems?

    • Vaughn Goy

      The problems can't be fixed via Operating System/Software, the I/O problems of the prime are well documented, its a hardware bandwidth limitation, unfortunate as it was a really nice looking device, with some otherwise great specs a year ago...I still have mine, primarily its used for watching movies/xbmc remote. You can work around the I/O problems if you use a custom kernel that turns external micro sds into lookin like an internal, from there the rom is installed on the SD and the I/O problems are much less.

      • Chris Talty

        Well that's not entirely true. Software can be used to move things from using the SD card to RAM instead, like browser2ram. There's all sorts of optimization that can be done to lessen how much you use it.

        And as you said, a high class MicroSD substitute.

  • Michael Pahl

    I used to love CM... I still do. But after discovering how much functionality I could gain on a stock device by just gaining root and buying Nova prime, i'm less pissed when a device of mine isnt supported by CM.
    I run CM 10.1 on my original Tab 10.1 (clocked at 1.4ghz) and that device would be long sold by now without CM support

  • Nick Klenchik

    I wonder if this, or Hairybean is faster...hmm

  • zaw

    i am not understand how to do ? please explain me easy way !! my request please