What's that? You've never heard of the Pantech Flex? Don't sweat it – it's just a little AT&T freebie sporting various mid-range specs. But today, it becomes something more. Something better. Something Jelly Bean-ier. The handset is currently receiving its version bump to Android 4.1.2, which of course brings all sorts of goodies to the table.

According to AT&T's blog post, Flex owners should get a text message when the update is available on their handset. To pull the update, simply follow the on-screen instructions to pull it down and install. Have fun!

AT&T Consumer Blog

Cameron Summerson
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  • briankariu

    This was a really nice device. Battery life was really good, feel in hand was also very nice. The one thing that made me sell it was lack of JB. Moved on to the nexus 4

  • Davy Jones

    Oh god "easy experience mode", my eyes.

  • Matt

    More budget phones on Jelly Bean (even if it isn't 4.2+) can only be good for developers and consumers.

  • ants1993

    This is ridiculous. What about the gs3?

    • pkrfreak

      Yes! I agree! Can't believe galaxy s3 has not recieved this update! BS!

      • ants1993

        I hope it is because they skipped 4.1.2 and are working to get 4.2 out fast. Doubt it though.

  • Jabot Brim

    I updated it and a lot of things have changed... But I like it! The only thing is now I can't make screenshots no more. It used to be power button + volume buttons... How do I do it now?