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NVIDIA doesn't want to take any chances with its first portable gaming product. After receiving feedback from prospective customers when the initial $349 price for SHIELD was revealed, the MSRP has been lowered to $299 - a big deal for cash-scrapped gamers and hardware junkies alike. Those who have already pre-ordered the hardware will be charged the new price (with whatever funding source they specified) when it ships. NVIDIA has also officially set next Thursday, June 27th as the launch date for SHIELD.

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SHIELD was already surprisingly cheap, considering that it's the first device with NVIDIA's Tegra 4 processor and other top-of-the-line specifications. Cameron Summerson made an in-depth analysis of its value proposition at $349. At three c-notes, SHIELD is inching its way towards the midrange for high-end tablet buyers, and perhaps more importantly, it's just $50 above Sony's stand-alone PlayStation Vita portable gaming console. The cheapest Tegra 4 tablet we've seen yet is ASUS' updated Transformer Pad Infinity, at $399 with a launch expected in the third quarter.

With full-sized controls, the capability to run cheaper and/or more advanced games (even if they won't necessarily be available at launch), and access to a relatively stock build of Android, SHIELD should be tempting for traditional console gamers and die-hard Android fans alike. There's also the unique WiFi game streaming from GeForce-powered gaming PCs, but this feature will be launching in beta, and will only be available to those with a relatively recent NVIDIA graphics card.

Those who have already pre-ordered SHIELD don't need to do anything to take advantage of the lower price - your debit or credit card won't be charged until your hardware is shipped next week. Though NVIDIA hasn't explicitly said so, it's probable that SHIELD will be available at Gamestop stores on Thursday or soon after. You can also order SHIELD from Gamestop's web store, NewEgg, or Canada Computers.

Source: NVIDIA Blog

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Kashmieer

    I have Nexus 7 with Tegra 3, do you think i should buy the Shield? I believe that i can play the Shield games on my Nexus. Thumbs up if yes, thumbs down if no please.

    • Kokusho

      If you like action games on Android and you have a gaming PC too I think it's a really good purchase.

      • Kashmieer

        Also Nexus 7 doesn't have HDMI output and you can't connect it to tv by no means. I think it is a ''Must buy'' for me.

    • wardexter85

      yes you can play the games on Nexus 7, but they are easy to play on shield due to the controller. Advantage with shield is you can stream games from your PC provided you have a kepler GPU. Another addition that we all were waiting for was shown in E3 :D where they were streaming games onto shield via GRID (games running from the cloud)....so i guess its a good buy at $299

    • renz

      Of course you can but you might miss some of the graphical enhancement that available with tegra 4. While both based on tegra, tegra 4 has more raw power. Apart from that you can play the game as usual

  • ProductFRED

    I don't know. I can't see myself buying one of these. On one hand, yes, I have a gaming PC (and I do use Steam) that is on the other side of the house compared to where the TV is. On the other hand, I have a Galaxy Note 2 already that I play my Android games on. I can't see myself carrying this thing around outside the house. So really, I'm paying $300 + tax for a Steam remote control.

    • Primalxconvoy

      Me too. My Galaxy Note 2 could only be improved upon if there was a hardware controller built into a case for it. The shield will die the same way psv did. However, it will hopefully spearhead more sensible Android convergence gaming solutions.

      • ProductFRED

        I think they were solving a problem that didn't really exist. Most people who want a dedicated handheld device stick to the Nintendo DS/3DS or (longshot) a Vita. So yeah, while there are a lot of Android games out on the Play Store, I think Nvidia is targeting a very, very niche market with this product.

  • Yalla Tschikowski

    I'll wait for the reviews on the Geforce to Shield Streamplay. If this is working good, i could see myself buying one.

    • didibus

      Shield is to the PC what the Vita is to the PS4. Let's see which one does it's job the best.

  • realitysconcierge

    Is there a list of games somewhere that would actually be worth playing on this thing? I have the hardest time finding any games with a lot of depth that would warrant having a device like this.

    • Paul

      Does it have the Play store? You know what bothered me the most when I got the Ouya, I was playing the "Trial" version of Final Fantasy on it even though I'd purchased the game for my Android phone. The idea of buying the game again just to play it on the Ouya bothered me. If this SHIELD has its own store also, I'd end up having to buy games from yet another store and only be able to use it on that particular device. Doesn't make sense, my phone, the ouya, shield, are all Android yet the games I purchased on play store will only be available for my phone (less shield supports the play store)

      • realitysconcierge

        I seen on the website it's got the playstore on the homescreen. With that being said, it also has a (short) list of featured games there too.

      • Jeff

        SHIELD does have the play store. Can you side load google play onto OUYA?

        • Paul

          Every try googling for side loading Google Play onto Ouya? There seems to be a big buzz/debate/debacle about it, so many people complaining about the very idea of it; arguing that it should have its own store and Play should never be put on it. But I am searching for a way to do it, I'm sure it's been done and I fully intend to. But the Final Fantasy from my Play store won't be optimized for the Ouya, naturally, I just hope the controllers work in some form or another.

        • Paul

          And that's awesome it has the Play store. I very well may end up getting it in a few months, I do have several decent games on the play store. I'm just not a huge gamer.

    • Himmat Singh


      Or you could pretty much try unearthing all the Humble Bundle for Android games. Those were initially from PC and are on Steam, so they should have some amount of depth.

      • didibus

        That actually ain't all that bad for a new device. I wonder if Nvidia are going to put money into bringing quality games to Shield or are just letting the market run free.

  • Chronus719

    Let's face it: with the PS4 coming in at 399, the Shield looked pretty pricey for a handheld console.

    • Paul

      But it's $100 cheaper, has a touchscreen built in, has HDMI and Miracast support to connect to the T.V, can tap into your Nvidia graphics card on your computer for better performance, etc. And the Tegra 4 is no slouch. This or a PS4? I'd go with this. But I'm not a hardcore gamer, I don't own an Xbox 360 or PS3, just a Wii, an Ouya and my Note 2. So project shield doesn't interest me mainly because the gaming aspect doesn't interest me. But if it did, Shield is awesome. I still may end up getting it if a few really good games pop up that interest me for the few minutes a day I have to play games.

      • fsrdh

        I think the PS4 isn't it's direct competitor, but PS VITA definitely is and as en ex-PSP owner and an Android fanboy I would want to wish Nvidia the best of luck but would put my money down on a Vita 10 times over, before buying this. Maybe it's the VIta Killzone demo from E3...

        • Matthew Fry

          The bottom line is that Android is not a gaming OS. iOS is more of a gaming OS than Android. There are too many hardware configurations and it's just not designed to run a single process for extended periods of time.

          The Vita may have a smartphone processor but it's a dedicated gaming device in a whole different industry. Long development cycles with large teams creating games at a much higher price point. I seriously doubt the Shield will be competition for it.

          • fsrdh

            Exactly and the fact that a Wi-Fi Vita is $249 at Amazon doesn't help the Shield either.

          • didibus

            I'm a console gamer, so a Vita is a way better companion to me, than a Shield. But, I would have liked the Vita to have better controls, like the shield does. I will find it especially hard to play PS4 games without the R2 and L2 triggers. It would be pretty cool if the next Vita ran Android, that would be awesome, and smart of Sony I think. It would even allow a lot of the games to work on Xperia phones. They could have the Vita android, with their in house devs and third party making games for it, that would work on Xperia phones also, if the specs allow it. And they could have it stream PS4 games. It would be pretty awesome.

            Now the only thing that will make the Shield a success, is if Nvidia throws money at Devs to make good games for it. If they do that, they can actually challenge the Vita.

            I also wonder, is the Shield more Powerful then the Vita for gaming?

          • renz

            I dont think sony will be interested to make their homebrew console (home and handheld) to run android. Remember when sony terminate the ability of PS3 to run linux?

            About nvidia they did work with developer to optimized their Tegra chip. Which means the game should also work with any tegra based device and will not be limited to Shield. Performamce wise the processor inside the Sheild will be much better. But the way android games being optimised are not the same with games being build for vita

          • didibus

            I know, but sony had no ground in Linux ever. Where as, Sony has an entire array of phones running on Android. It might be a nice way to combine their devices and bring more people into Sony's smartphones and vice versa.

            I would consider getting a PS4 + Vita(running android) + Xperia flagship if I could have Vita games run on my Xperia, or use both my Xperia and Vita as a Second Screen or Streaming Screen to my PS4. Though thinking of it this way, maybe the Xperia should just be the Vita, they should just sell it with a clip on control case of some sort. That would definitely make the Xperia phones competitive, since they'd have all of the Sony PlayStation division AAA game titles released for it.

          • renz

            If Vita using android then people might turn into android phones or tablet instead of buying Vita. Also if you can run your vita games on android device then vita will lose the very reason why people want to get the device in the first place: exclusive titles. Maybe sony can put restriction to their games to run only on Xperia and vita but since the game will be build based on android OS it will be cracked just like other android apk. There are other issues as well but in short making vita an android device will not go in line with sony's interest.

  • Alan Shearer

    Google play access?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      This question could pretty quickly be answered with 15 seconds of Googling.

      • Alan Shearer

        And even quicker than it took you to write a response. Since when does AP staff condescend and troll their public? You all are usually more professional and helpful when the comment is a simple nice question rather than an insult or other rude comment. Not appreciated.

    • renz

      Yes. The device wil also run stock android.

  • John Fah-q Smith

    OUYA seems like it is a better idea overall.

  • Phillip Wiggins

    If only I could get a Tegra 4 phone for that much.

  • Matthew Fry

    Don't forget to add the $120+ graphics card, if you don't have one, into your price.

  • didibus

    You know who should be making the Shield? Valve. It would be so cool for Valve to release a Shield like mobile handheld that can be used as a Second Screen for Steam games, or to remote play Steam games, while also have Steam sell handheld specific games to it, which would be Android games. It would also be a nice way for them to make Steam for Android and promote it.

    Than they would just need to release the SteamBox as a pseudo pc home console. They would target all fronts. Genius!