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There's bad news for those of you who were hoping to play Bioware's classic PC dungeon crawler Baldur's Gate on your tablets. The Enhanced Edition has been removed from Apple's iOS App Store, making new purchases impossible. That doesn't mean a lot for Android gamers, but the reasons behind this move have implications for the Android launch. According to the official game website, the publisher insisted that the game be pulled based on a "contractual issue." Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for Android is now on hold.


Mobile developer Beamdog doesn't have much in the way of details, and there is no timeframe for when the issue might be resolved.

Why is all of this happening? What caused this issue?

We are unable to discuss details of the complex legal matters surrounding this issue at this time. Please be aware that we are extremely unhappy with the situation and are doing our best to work past it. We have put a lot of hard work into this series, and are eager for fans to see it.

Baldur's Gate had no concrete Android release date, despite being launched on iOS nine months ago. (Android gamers, stop me if you've heard this one before.) Right now it's not clear if the problem is with Wizards of the Coast, Atari, or Hasbro - all three own at least some portion of the intellectual property. There's at least some hope: the Enhanced edition is still available for Windows and OS X, so maybe they can work things out. The issue has also put the kibosh a mobile re-release of Baldur's Gate II, currently slated for iOS only.

If any of our readers purchased the iPad game, don't worry, you can still play and download the title via your Apple ID.

Source: BaldursGate.com via Kotaku

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Duncan Booth

    "Baldur's Gate had no concrete Android release date, despite being launched on iOS nine months ago. (Android gamers, stop me if you've heard this one before.)"
    Don't worry about it. Ingress has no concrete iOS release date despite being launched on Android 8 months ago, so it's not all one-sided.

    • MasterMuffin

      That's probably the only one and not all can even play ingress so... :/

    • Jeremiah Rice

      It's still overwhelmingly one-sided. Off the top of my head, I can think of four current or upcoming iOS games from four different publishers that I really, really want to play, with no Android release in site: Star Command, Crazy Taxi, XCOM, and Deus Ex.

      • brunodmjr

        I really want Star Command. It seems cool and like that game you can buy from Steam that i forgot the name (lol). It would be nice to play it at my mobile! XCOM i don't mind a lot, since you can play it in PC, and the greatness of the graphics really push me inside the game.

        • Abe Lincoln

          You mean FTL? Great game and half off if you buy direct right now... http://www.ftlgame.com/

          • brunodmjr

            Yeap, FTL :) I already have it!

      • http://about.me/tysonayoung Tyson Young

        I also want Bastion and that came out 8 months ago.... There are tons of applications like that.

      • Steffen Laursen
      • CupCakesDragon

        All 4 of those games have android versions! D:

  • smk

    Legal issues. Great.somebody, put "no fun" sign here.

    • Matthew Fry

      Came to say this. Legal maneuvering is the enemy of innovation and fun. There's a place for it but all this does is make people angry. I think there should be a statute of limitations. 8 months on the Apple Store is too long to all of the sudden decide that there's a legal issue.

      • lljktechnogeek

        There are doctrines (in US law, at least) such as laches and estoppel by acquiescence that serve a similar purpose to a criminal statute of limitations. (Of course, they only serve as defenses in an actual trial, which makes them of limited use if costs cannot reliably be recovered.)


    Oh yeah. Time to buy a PC.

  • dude

    I prefer the original version+mods over this enhanced version anyway. But it would be nice if Sega release their Sega's and sonic racing for Android.

  • http://jamesgecko.com/ James

    Meh; it's a small team and they ran into several technical issues doing the Android port. They were also simultaneously trying to make the game work well on Intel cards. I know they've at least rewritten the asset loading system and a bunch of rendering code, among other things. It's disappointing, but I don't really blame them for pushing the launch date back like they did.

  • Tim

    Atari sucks. I can't tell you how many times I've had great old games wrecked by their BS. Anybody remember Neverwinter Nights and the Downloadable content? Yeah. I hope Beamdog gets put back in the driver's seat again.