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If you're just dying to try out Verizon's much-hyped augmented reality game fashioned after the company's DROID advertisements... well, then you've probably got some very strange tastes. The @DroidLanding Twitter account was re-activated yesterday after its usual inter-device slumber as a precursor to this game. We don't know when they'll make a formal announcement (though a dormant Play Store page has already landed) but you can download the APK and try it now if you like.

Update: The game is now listed as available, at least in the U.S., so grab it directly from the Play Store.

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The leak comes courtesy of the well-known WinDroidGuy, who posted the APK on a public file hosting service. The game itself is pretty simple as mech titles go: pilot your 50-foot walking, flying tank while firing and blocking missiles with swipes and taps. That's it. The campaign consists of a series of increasingly-difficult stages against computer opponents, but Quick Play will try to match you up against a player in your local area. The two of you can duke it out to become king of the hill, and show other players who's the local boss.

The augmented reality portion of the game comes from a local scanner mode, which lets you see a "reading" of the local environment through your camera and pick up virtual items. These can help equip your much for combat. If you're the exhibitionist type, you can take a photo of your mech overlaid on your neighborhood.

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The game is free (though not available for any devices on the Play Store just yet, at least for my account) with in-app purchases. The geography-based multiplayer and "turf wars" could lead to a competitive play-to-win situation. We'll see.

Download: D:Com APK Download

Source: WinDroidGuy

Jeremiah Rice
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  • clay

    i will just stick to ingress, not this corny crap.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Oh give me a break, Ingress is one of the most 2-dimensional and inaccessible MMO games I've ever played. It's a neat idea and I commend Google's efforts, but please, Ingress is far from the masterpiece some people make it out to be. It's not even a decent way to kill time - there is absolutely nothing fun for casual players to do and hasn't been since a few months after it launched.

      I've played this game, it's actually fun. It's actually a *game,* as opposed to a clever way for Google to more accurately map and identify POIs.

      • sssgadget

        When did clay say Ingress was a masterpiece? Ingress is the first game you play on a mass scale *outside* and it's not innovative?

      • RitishOemraw

        not so sure you should saddle this up on Clay..since he jsut states his opinion.
        But I do agree that Ingress is anywhere near as awesome as most people make it out to be.
        I got an invite quite early....yet besides opening the app occasionally and finding no portals near me (wherever I open the app) I didn;t do anything with it.

        • sssgadget

          Well that sucks for you. I have seen many new places and met new people because of Ingress. Game is fun if you take it that way and not take it as a job.

          • Kashmieer

            You can't use ''because of'' there, i guess.

          • RitishOemraw

            it takes to much time for me....
            I used it while on vacation (ofc all the portals are in places where I don't have wifi)
            But saw plenty of cool places without the app.
            And back home the portal locations aren't any cool places that I would want to go to. I can spend my time in more useful ways....but if you enjoy it than go for it!
            Maybe other countries have portals in cool locations, but here in the Netherlands there is hardly any cool place I want to visit.

      • clay

        ingress has made quite a big jump in updates on game mechanics and the app functions better too.

        you would be surprised how hands off google is with the game, its run by niantic who was bought by google. i have met a few people from the niantic team and they have stated in person to me that google doesnt get any location data from them.

        • NoBullet

          What does Ingress have to do with this game though? Theyre 2 different games.

      • ajm531

        Not gonna lie i was a little surprised by that comment from one of the ap staff. But please people don't i repeat don't compare this to ingress ok. This game is not an ingress competitor in any way shape or form. It a short lived promotion that they are trying to make interesting and fun. They did this about a year and a half ago and gave away a tv and an ar drone and a couple of other things. It has nothing to do with ingress

        • TylerChappell

          It was pretty unprofessional and ranty considering the simpleness of a comment it was a reply to. Someone must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

          • Craig M

            David can't even report on an app without making snarky, back-handed comments about it. It gets kind of offensive when you see him trash talk things that look interesting to you.

          • Holographic

            Quit your whining, I'm glad the AP staff actually get to have a personality instead of being scripted by a PR staff. If you don't like it, you can find your 2-dimensional bloggers that pander to your "professionalism" on JUST ABOUT EVERY OTHER SITE.

            Seriously. AP has shown themselves to be the only Android news blog that takes itself seriously. They consistently produce new, useful, substantiated content. I don't see many other android journalists (or even other journalists in other fields) do as fantastic of a job as you guys do.

          • TylerChappell

            They do indeed do a great job, that's why I read this site on a daily basis, but that doesn't mean every article they write is going to be a good one, the problem lied in him making a statement in the article that had no real basis on anything. I come here to read good articles, not naive ranting or complaining about a product that the author hasn't even used. That's what Apple sites are for.

  • Himmat Singh

    I'm confused here. The link you provided leads to a Google Play page with 50,000+ downloads. Is this the same game? Or is the one you're talking about something new?

    • Tina the Fat Lard

      It's not compatible with anything. No idea how it has downloads.

      • Himmat Singh

        Compatible with everything I have.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          It must be region restricted, though I've no idea how pretty much nobody has heard of it until now.

  • AlcatrazKing

    Here in the Netherlands I can download it for my Transformer TF101 and Xperia Ray.

  • Steve Freeman

    You say it's a Verizon app, but the developer listed is MunkyFun?

    • ajm531

      It's promoted by Verizon. It i should say it's a app developed by these individuals who Verizon is using to make this app for their promotion of whatever its going to be

      • Steve Freeman


  • TylerChappell

    I think I'll pass on this, kthxbai.