Last Updated: June 25th, 2013

A nice treat for Galaxy S III owners on US Cellular is dropping today. An update to version R530UVXAMD4 is going out via OTA soon, but you don't have to wait. US Cellular says you can pull the update manually from the Software Update menu. The full update can also (at some point) be downloaded from Samsung and flashed to the device over USB. US Cellular's link currently points toward to the last update.


This update is based on Android 4.1.2, so there's no surprise 4.2 update. Sorry, it's the same underlying version from the March update. There's still some neat stuff in the package, though. Here's the full changelog from US Cellular:

  • Added Premium Suite feature including:
    • Multi Window : Two apps can be operate at the same time by dividing screen with two windows
    • Contextual Page : device suggests apps and widgets related of the status of device
    • Contextual Tag : 1. Tag Weather, Place and People information automatically when user takes photo or video. 2. Add Place and Time information on Voice Recording file name when it is created
    • Contextual Menu : Arrange apps in order to feaquency of usage in Task Manager and Attachment List
    • Samsung Gallery : Categorize and show photo and Videos
    • My Files : My Files (like GalaxyNote My Files) is included
    • Paper Artist : Varios Picture Taking Effect, Provide Emotional Editing Function after taking pictures
  • Added Smart Switch
    • Tool to transfer content from old phone to Galaxy device
  • Fixed Home Screen security
  • Fixed LCD backlight off

Multi-windows sounds like a great addition, and Smart Switch is also pretty handy. Although, we can't figure out what the "context page" is. You'll have to be on WiFi to download it directly to your device.

[US Cellular]

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  • vuster

    anyone know when the ATT update will roll out?

  • Gary Smith

    Why are all the updates for us and nothing for Canadian users updates should be for all phones users if the updates are for a certain phone I have a galaxy s3 from virgin mobile and see all these up dates for users in the states but us Canadian users get nothing to keep our software up to date with the latests updates

    • Eric

      The phone carrier has to add their bloatware and make it usable on their network. Not all carriers S3 are the same. Iupdates roll out in waves to prevent mess ups or worse bricking your phone. Read Samsung S3 forums and you might be happier instead of sad because you don't understand how huge updates roll out.

  • guest

    LOL @ US cellular getting it out before ATT

  • Scott Busche

    Multiwindow doesn't seem to be included, at least it's not triggered by long press on back like Verizon's S3.

    • atronin

      Turn it on in the pull down from the top first. Then it responds to the long press back button

      • Scott Busche

        There's nothing in the pull down to activate it.

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  • Aaron Hacker

    Apparently Samsung doesn't even KNOW about this firmware upgrade being released. I had to contact customer support because the OTA doesn't work, and this variant STILL isn't supported by Kies. The lady told me that there was no software update past bb version MB1. It's sad that the company that created the update is so out of touch on what's going on.

  • osama

    There is no difference in phon before and after the update

  • Unhappy guest

    This update fried my sd card with over 300 pics on it! Remove card before installing ota update!!