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Guys, I have some important news: the internet is a thing, and on this internet, there are other things. It's blowing my mind. And in this mindblowing, I happened upon Rockmelt (a name which subsequently blew my mind yet again). Rockmelt helps you navigate this "internet" by organizing it into categories of things you may care about, based upon your preferences. If only there were a name for such a sort of app. Oh well.

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Really, Rockmelt is yet another take on the growing demand for mobile reader apps, and the platform has long been popular on the desktop. Rockmelt seems to take the aesthetics and layout of Pinterest's app very close to heart, though that's far from a bad thing. Rockmelt promises powerful searching, discovery, personalization options, no ads, and easy social sharing of the content you discover.

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If you're looking for an alternative to apps like Google Currents or Flipboard, Rockmelt may be worth a quick look. Head to the Play Store to check it out, via the link below.

David Ruddock
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  • MasterMuffin

    So it isn't a web browser? Meh....

  • Mastermind26

    yay ANOTHER pinterest/flipboard/current app!


    • sivkai

      Haha love this comment. I imagine this is the sentiment most people share.

  • wolfkabal

    So as a happy Currents user - any reason I should try this or switch? Does it bring anything worthwhile to the table? (Serious question for those who've used both)

    • Yalla Tschikowski

      I've tried it for 5minutes. I found the content to be lacking (things i have seen yesterday on reddit, pictures older then teh interwebz, copied stuff that makes no real sense without context).

      The only cool thing would be integration of your google+/twitter/facebook feeds.

      Stay with Currents. This is more of a "I have time to kill, just show me some random pictures / news" app instead of a real News Aggregator.

  • VoiceofSky

    This is Lame

  • Matthew Fry

    I prefer my "things" to be uncategorized thank you.

  • Sven L.

    Used the Browser back when the logo was still blue. Got eventually turned off when the Facebook integration got more and more absurd. Had a lot of potential, especially with the rss taskbar on the side.

  • Matti

    My 65yr old mum might like this. She really thinks the internet is a thing, and she thinks all computers come with an internet of their own (the desktop browser icon).