As the planned retirement of Google Reader grows ever closer, Feedly has updated us on what it's doing to ease the transition to its replacement service. Today, the Feedly Cloud is live for all users. This will serve as the new framework to pick up the slack when Google's venerable service goes away.


In addition to the Feedly Cloud, there is a totally new web-based interface for reading your RSS. No plugins or browser extensions are needed. This was a missing piece for a great many users. The Feedly app partnerships are also being strengthened, and will soon be moving over to the Feedly back end. Expect updates to supported apps like gReader, IFTTT, and Press.


To get your RSS into Feedly's loving embrace, you simply have to make sure you're running the newest version of the client. Your Google feeds will be imported and kept in the Feedly Cloud. However, there is no viable way for Feedly to migrate Reader history or unread counts, so you'll be starting fresh in that respect. It's kind of a bummer, but not the end of the world. Feedly is looking like the most plausible successor to Google Reader – it's gone from 4 million users before the Reader announcement to over 12 million by May 31st.

[Feedly Blog, Lifehacker AU]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Tony Sarju


  • SPtheALIEN

    Looks like Reeder decided to leave the Feedly backend. I recall their logo being there before.

    • feedly

      No. @reeder is a design partner of the API and working on a new version of the app which will support feedly. In this announcement we are listing apps which are shipping today. A lot more coming soon.

      • SPtheALIEN

        That is excellent news. Now I can sync among my Mac Reeder app and my Android phone!

        • HS

          I'll consider it excellent news the minute that Reeder actually supports Feedly... ;-) This is badly needed...

  • Thomas’

    Soo... when will Google buy them? ;-)

    • dhruva

      that would be insane!

    • icyrock1

      You sir, just made my day!

  • Yale lawyer

    How does Feedly make money?

    • Robert Alex Kibler

      I would assume via the Amazon items on the side and the features posts. People would pay a lot for an audience of 12 million people.

      • Mike Newman

        Hm, but they don't push ads to the third-party clients, right? Press devs make money when you buy Press but then you're using Feedly's infrastructure for free.

        • icyrock1

          Maybe they pay a one time fee or something to use it?

          Either way, if they need funds I'd pitch in donating.

  • M1lkm4n

    the gReader app was already updated ;)

  • dhruva

    i heard feedly is using gce for backend, is that true?

  • Matthew Fry


  • http://www.facebook.com/maria.phileasfogg Maria Phileas Fogg

    I'm not happy with Feedly. I use Noowit.com