America's three best channels for wasting an evening have all just received Android streaming apps, with limited access to full episodes without any TV subscription necessary on all three.

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That's right - you can get full streaming episodes of some shows without providing credentials of any kind, though subscribers of Comcast and DirecTV will receive a larger pool of content to choose from than those who choose not to log in.

I tried out the History Channel app, and everything seems to be in working order. Unfortunately, the selection of shows isn't complete. Even after logging in, the most Top Gear USA content I could get came in the form of episode clips, as opposed to full-length features. This is a bit of a drag, though many TV shows - like Swamp People (one of my guilty pleasures) - have the entire catalog of episodes available to stream. Hit up the Play Store to grab these must-have TV apps now.

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Aaron Berlin

    No Nexus 7 support out of the gate? Weird. You would think these people would all be testing on Nexus 7s.

    • Jason Crabtree

      Install on another device, use Helium to move it to your Nexus 7.

      • Aaron Berlin

        I'm not saying it won't work. I'm just saying it's always a little discouraging when something is supposed to run on tablets, but for some reason they haven't checked whatever box needs to be checked in the Play Store backend to allow you to install it.

        • brian

          The play store is a bit of a pain sometimes - its not always obvious when an android manifest has a setting that prevents an app from displaying as supported for a specific device. I think that must have been the case with this one. In any event, its seems fine now...

      • Aaron Berlin

        And just to confirm, it sideloads just fine and started playing an episode of Duck Dynasty without any trouble..

    • rap

      Was bummed with the no nexus 7 support. I don't have another device to side load it off of. Hopefully they'll update that. I would really enjoy this as I don't get any of those channels.

    • brian

      Try again - the apps can be download to the Nexus 7 now from the Play Store - must have been a glitch somewhere...

  • jack

    y nexus?

  • brkshr

    Hopefully the History channel has videos that actually talk about history & not just the reality tv bullshit that they always play now.

    • Kie

      This is exactly what I came here to say

  • Billy

    A&E: y u no Canada?

    • http://xn--wbg.com/ Michael Anthony

      Laws from the CRTC.

      • Billy

        I know, man. CRTC sucks!

        • http://xn--wbg.com/ Michael Anthony

          Don't feel bad. I would actually like to get the CBC, and CTV but the FCC says no.

  • Achilles

    History channel, Lifetime and A&E are showing up as having a trojan virus in Avast!

    • Damon Jordan

      Ya, same happened when I installed them.

    • Jordan Pt

      And Anitvirus on Android is crap, so pay it no heed. I've gotten nothing but false positives from Antivirus apps, even on apps I highly trust and know they do no harm.

  • Jordan Pt

    Does anybody have the APK for the History Channel app? For some reason my Nexus 7(and all my other Android devices) is being blocked in the Play Store from getting it.

    • http://xn--wbg.com/ Michael Anthony
      • Jordan Pt


      • http://www.ttgowings.com/ TT

        Worked like a charm, much appreciated. Side-loaded on my stock non-rooted Nexus 7.

    • brian

      Try again - the apps can be download to the Nexus 7 now from the Play Store - must have been a glitch somewhere...

      • Jordan Pt

        They just updated them after I sent them an email.

  • Matthew Fry

    Almost installed the Lifetime app and then caught myself. There's nothing on Lifetime I want to watch. Ever.

  • OnpointG3

    I need Duck Dynasty...SI....."Hey"

  • Kev Martin

    *Rolls eyes at another app clearly geo-blocked to only work in the USA* Lame.

    • http://xn--wbg.com/ Michael Anthony

      U.S. Cable Network apps only working in the U.S. Yeah real lame that your country has laws that dictate broadcast rights.

    • FrillArtist

      You meant to tell me that a U.S. station only works in the U.S.? HOW SHOCKING.

      • Kev Martin

        It may come as a shock to you but most American TV stations have a presence here in Australia. We have this new-fangled thing called "Pay TV" here now, and it is mostly full of US content. And we pay for it.

  • Falconator

    Nice...A&E sounds good to me!

  • jake

    getting a virus alert from avast on this one....

    • Jordan Pt

      False Positive, those Anti-Virus apps are really paranoid. I personally don't bother with them. Just be smart about what you click and download and you're fine. Never had a problem.

    • FrillArtist

      What a load of rubbish. Avast itself is probably the virus. Spying on everything you do from your browser to all your messaging to your emails.

  • Jeb

    FYI: There's quite a few other smaller carriers that you can log in with to get additional access. Most of these are ones that offer online streaming access through WatchTVEverywhere.com. They're located under "other providers" when you signed in.

  • Martin

    I am from Bulgaria and right now History loads only.. So strange :)

  • i7x

    Is it possible to use this app outside of the us with apps like Hola Unblocker? I tried and it would load the shows (doesn't load at all when not using the unblocker) but when I try playing an episode it just keeps on loading?

  • David Spivey

    ARGH push junk in my notification bar. Fortunately, I have 4.2, so I can kill it, but I HATE when an app does that!

  • Scorch

    Not available in Canada...

  • Mike P

    History app fails to start, error noted simply says:
    Unfortunately History has stopped.

    A&E app appears to work fine on the same phone.

    • mark zero

      you made time stand still!

  • Sinistar83

    Not compatible with LG Google TV G3... That's surprising, you'd think a TV streaming app would work on Google TV...

  • Erin

    Too bad History is in bed with cable and sat providers. Can't see all the full episodes without a pay tv subscription.

    • SonoranSnoozer

      I have a cable sub and still can't "sign in" as my provider is not listed.

  • Dale Raby

    So far, I have yet to be able to watch a single episode of Longmire without the application freezing up or the video cutting out to audio only. There is no "reload" feature, so any errors are repeated the next time you start the video. The A&E version, at least, is pretty much a beta product that should never have been released.