Sprint may have gambled wrong with 4G WiMAX several years ago, but the company is coming around. It announced today the addition of 22 new cities to its 4G LTE network. Sprint customers in these areas have been waiting for a while, but they can now enjoy their new speeds just in time for summer.


New cities include:

  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Centralia, WA
  • Clarksville, TN
  • Corsicana, TX
  • Dalton, GA
  • Dunn, NC
  • Fond du Lac, WS
  • Gainesville, FL
  • Henderson, NC
  • Kingsport, TN
  • Lansing/East Lansing, MI
  • Longview, WA
  • Miami, FL 
  • Napa, CA
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Palatka, FL
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Sebring, FL
  • St. Cloud, MN
  • St. Joseph/Benton Harbor, MI
  • Tampa, FL
  • Warsaw, IN

A handful of other cities didn't quite make the list, but they will still receive coverage in the upcoming months.

Upcoming cities include:

  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Aberdeen, WA
  • Allegan, MI
  • Ann Arbor, MI
  • Battle Creek, MI
  • Corpus Christi, TX
  • Eagle Pass, TX
  • Flint, MI
  • Laredo, TX
  • Marshfield/Wisconsin Rapids, WS
  • Mount Pleasant, MI
  • Oak Harbor, WA
  • Watertown/Fort Atkinson, WI

Sprint now offers 4G LTE in 110 markets across the country and aims to provide 200 million people with these increased speeds by 2013. I'll continue to wait with bated breath. Sprint's coverage is growing, but it still has yet to reach my neck of the woods.

Source: Sprint

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • GreatNews

    Nothing in NYC???

    • AJH

      There are a few towers in NYC, though it's not officially covered. Queens gets it by Citifield. I've also gotten LTE by the Brooklyn Bridge and Union Square.

    • JensAstrup

      I've never heard of half the cities they're bringing LTE to and yet we in NYC are left ignored.

      • sgtguthrie

        I've got no problem with a city dumb enough to elect Bloomberg being ignored... Lol!

        • JensAstrup


          • sgtguthrie

            :-) Sorry, can never resist a jab at New Yorkers over Nanny Bloomberg or Comrade Cuomo...

          • JensAstrup

            Don't forget our paranoid police commissioner Ray Kelly - there can never be enough cameras.

    • rougegoat

      NYC has a higher population than 40 states. It takes a while to set up a network for that many people that isn't completely uselessly congested.

      • ProductFRED

        That's BS. T-Mobile LTE exists in every neighborhood I go to here in NYC. Stop giving Sprint a free pass. Speed Tests from my T-Mobile Note 2:

        • Rob

          While I think Sprint is still very much behind the 8-ball is this real LTE from T-Mobile or just their HSPA+? I ask this because aren't those really 2 different animals? Meaning isn't Sprint deploying real LTE (well, as real as 3.9G can be) while T-Mobile is relying on their HSPA+ and marketing it as 4G?

          • Scott

            You can't get those types of upload speeds on HSPA+.

          • Rob

            OK. Well I've never got over 3M DOWN and 1.5M UP on T-Mobile (GNexus) and speeds on Sprint (CDMA GNexus) are considerable less than that. (Easily a 5-to-1 ratio if not more).

          • ProductFRED

            I've gotten 15+ Mbps on HSPA+ on T-Mobile. LTE is less congested in most areas and has lower latency though, so I use that unless the signal is very low.

          • ProductFRED
          • Rob

            Lucky. I get nowhere near that. My Mom had a burst once to about 8MB down on her Nexus 4 running on T-Mobile. Don't even get me started on Sprint. Without my AIRAVE I'd be sipping off a 1G/2G pipe at best all day long. :(

          • ProductFRED

            I had them for two years, and I also worked for them (Sprint). I'm on T-Mobile's $30 100-minute, unlimited text, 5GB before throttle (but unlimited EDGE) plan. MUCH better and includes LTE.

          • Rob

            I have that plan right now on my GSM GNexus. I'm under contract with Sprint on a CDMA GNexus, but I may be ending that contract soon. Just giving the GSM unit a few more days to see if I like the performance on the $30 plan. Before the T-MO plan I had a NET10 card in that phone. Speeds are about the same but the NET10 price is $20 higher and capped at 1.5G because of AT&T.

          • ProductFRED

            I had Straight Talk AT&T after Sprint and before T-Mobile. Same thing. Had them for a year, everything was fine. Then they started lying to people about using too much data and permanently throttling them to literally 256 kbps (presumably because of AT&T).

        • Rob

          That said, it's interesting to see them put LTE in St. Joseph/Benton Harbor, MI. I understand this to be a small suburban area (well, the St. Joe part anyway). This gives hope that my small New England town (which is surrounded by 4G LTE) may some day get it as well.

    • S. Ali

      LTE has been in NY for a while, they just aren't making half-truth announcements like Verizon when they have 40% coverage.

      • GreatNews

        First of all its not officially released in fact not only it's not officially announced its very and by very I mean really very spotty and almost most places there is only 3G or WiMax! So it's not at all or even close as what you said about Verizon!

  • dmeegan14

    I still cant believe Las Vegas is left out in the cold again....they do know they have customers west of the Mississippi right??????

  • Robert Scheib

    Can someone please explain to me how Phoenix, the 6th largest city in the country, is somehow not in the top 110 cities for Sprint? This is getting old...QUICK!

  • Danny Mullins

    They must hate Denver.. jeeez

  • Ashish Raj

    You can also try using the sensorly app or the following link to get the unofficial map of Sprint LTE... These maps are powered by users so more accurate, however unofficial: http://sensorly.com/map/4G/US/USA/Sprint/lte_310sprint

    • John O’Connor

      What I love about the sensorly app (as well as the site) is that the constant aggregration of data will adjust to actual coverage seen in an area, so if a site has gone down or is being repaired/upgraded the coverage "strength" will diminish. You will see this in a lot of unofficial markets where coverage ebbs and flows as sites are brought online (and being turned on and off) during testing phases before an official launch.

  • Phil Fernandez

    Denver still not on the list... LOL!! So glad I went to Verizon last month!!!

    • Trenton Seagoe

      I'm about to do the same.

    • Scott

      I did that December of 2011. Haven't looked back since.

    • Rick Gershman

      Seriously. Wish I'd dumped Sprint now. I kept Sprint for the unlimited data, but the 3G is so bad at my place in downtown Denver (Cap Hill) that occasionally I can't even send out a text message. Sprint should be rebating EVERYONE with a 4G LTE device a chunk of change for charging us every month despite devices that are severely handicapped without 4G LTE.

      • GiantJay

        Check out s4gru.com for all info on Sprint's LTE deployment nationwide.

      • McPlot

        Read your contact. If you didn't, that is your fault.

  • madmichael

    Dear Sprint, Bite my shiny metal ass. Love from Milwaukee, WI 4 years ago you started charging me $10 extra per month for 4G with my Evo 4G and 4G never arrived. Since your latest round of 4G announcement STILL doesn't include Milwaukee can I get a refund for the service I paid for an never received?

    • ddeus

      So, while I agree with you, I had a LONG conversation with a Sprint Tech about the $10 charge. It is *NOT* for 4G service, it's a surcharge for the extra data that smart phones use over dumb phones.

      Either way, I am still frustrated as well, especially since they chose Fort Atkinson/Watertown. That'll cover, what, a combined 150k people?

      • madmichael

        I'm going off what the store said when I bought the phone and I asked why my bill was going up $10. They have wisely chosen to make 4G LTE available in Fond Du Lac, WI which has a population of around 100K vs. Milwaukee which has around 600k. I'd switch, but have to coordinate with all the family members on my account, so for now I'm just going to keep pissing and moaning about it.

        • ddeus

          Oh, don't get me wrong, I hate the $10 charge as well, and it was explained to me that it was for 4G as well, but after confronting a cust service rep and tech about it, I was explained otherwise.

      • Brian

        Not sure what extra data I'm using since their 3G network is garbage and LTE isn't available in San Francisco yet.

        • ddeus

          They told me it was for "network priority" not so much data usage

      • ProductFRED

        It is for 4G. I'm at work right now but I have a screenshot to prove it. They changed it afterwards to include everyone who has a smartphone instead of just a 4G device (Evo and Epic 4G at the time).

        • ddeus

          Not saying I don't believe you, but I'd like to see that screenshot if you don't mind. I certainly wouldn't put it past them to change the wording later to avoid any "issues."

          Either way, it seems like all the other carriers are limiting data and/or allowing the NSA to get call logs and such, so I'll stick with Sprint until I discover otherwise.

        • squiddy20

          It *was* for 4G. For the past 2 years at least, it's been tacked onto 3G only phones as well.

          • McPlot

            No, it was NEVER for 4g.Read your contact. Never did it say it was an up change for 4g service.

  • Kevin Kohrman

    We have had LTE in Atlanta for MONTHS now. Sucks they cant spread it farther west

  • Yanky

    I live in a small little city called Brooklyn, New York which still probably only get proper 4g when 5g comes out. I understand that Sprint needs to focus on their big cities first, but please show some love for the few (million) people that live in this little part of America. I have only been posting for 4g for the last two years now, so anytime you want to deliver will be appreciated.

    • Christopher Lee

      Wow. Sounds like hard work you're doing there. Posting for two whole years!

    • Wilson Ng

      Brooklyn NYC, is nowhere near small. You must live in a hole to think NYC as a small city

      Also, there is 4G in a lot of places in NYC- park slope & other parts of Brooklyn constantly have 4G. Places in Manhattan like LES also have full coverage- Queens as well. I know this for a fact because I work in Brooklyn, live in Queens and go to school in Manhattan

  • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey (Xcom923)

    SWEET!! I've been getting spotty 4G connections for a while now (raleigh, nc) it is about time they made it official.

  • wjrandon

    Sprint's LTE signal in Atlanta is so weak you have to walk around outside with your arm extended in the sky to pick up signal and this is Downtown Atlanta. I'm so thankful for T-Mobile's new unlimited plan. Our household kicked Sprint to the curve, purchased a set of Nexus 4's and have been enjoying speedy HSPA+ speeds across town!

    I wouldn't consider switching back to Sprint for another 5-years minimum. Perhaps once they're bought out by SoftBank or Dish Network they'll get their acts together under new management. Dan Hesse should have been kicked to the curve after the Clear Channel / Lightsquared debacle.

  • Waffel

    I get LTE pretty consistently on my Note 2 in San Diego. It's in specific areas but it's consistent, reliable and fast. I've been really surprised, especially after the pain that was wimax.

  • http://cashd00d.co.cc/ WHAT?

    I was told my city would get LTE in June. The city 20 minutes to our south just “officially” got it. It has also started popping up on Sensorly in the town 5 minutes to our west. I think someone actually got it right this time. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks I’ll be enjoying my EVO LTE when I’m away from WiFi.

  • Stephen Fronda

    Still no Denver, CO. We're a major technological mecha. I'm surprised that Sprint is the only one without 4G. Hell Cricket, Virgin Mobile, etc have 4G, and Sprint doesn't?! I can't wait to drop my contract.

  • enomele

    The abbreviation for Wisconsin is WI for what its worth. You got it right once though, third time is the charm.

  • FirefighterMatt56

    Well Melbourne FL is on the map as covered yet no 4G... Sigh...

  • Tyler

    I've had LTE in Baton Rouge for about 2 months now

  • biggerguysf

    Ridiculous that San Francisco still lacks consistent 4G LTE coverage when most Silicon Valley types live here.

  • GiantJay

    Roseville, CA fired up a LTE tower yesterday, which is part of the Upper Central Valley Market. And part of the Sacramento Valley.

  • GiantJay

    This is going to be buried in the comments but I will still explain. Sprint is rolling out LTE by Markets, NOT by city. They are deploying whole Markets all at once, these are simply lists of cities with LTE after the Market has been upgraded in that area of the Market. The Upper Central Valley is being worked on now which encompasses from Dixon, CA to Stockton, through Sacramento to Redding to Oregon over to Reno ETC.

  • johnforamerica

    Hmmmm... I wonder if Raleigh includes Durham, NC. Thoughts?

  • Mike

    It's about time they start covering Michigan. Except there still missing Detroit...

    • John O’Connor

      Wait, Detroit is still there?

  • John O’Connor

    "Sprint now offers 4G LTE in 110 markets across the country and aims to provide 200 million people with these increased speeds by 2013."

    ?? By the end of 2013? it is already June. I thought they were shooting for 2014

  • Justin

    I don't even see Colorado on any of the list why does sprint advertise 4g lte in the commercial for a new phone which( I bought for 200+ dollars that i am starting to regret) and not have 4g lte? Sprints 3g is extremely slow when I download anything it times out and I have to re-download. All I want is for sprint to be honest with me, will I have 4g lte in Aurora/Denver before the end of this year of 2013? Will you ever increase the speed of your 3g?