Samsung is developing a Galaxy S4 with support for LTE-Advanced, which is able to reach nearly twice the speed of normal 4G. The phone may be sold in South Korea as early as this month, but given the lack of necessary infrastructure, it may never see release in America. Or anywhere else, for that matter. Nevertheless, Samsung's phone will still be the first LTE-advanced smartphone to ship anywhere in the world.


This new Galaxy S4 will be powered by Qualcomm chips and cost only slightly more than the current model. Samsung's flagship is still outselling the competition, but given the saturation within the high-end smartphone market, the company hopes to expand by introducing new technology such as faster speeds and flexible displays. The latter could appear in everything from smartphones to computer monitors and HDTVs.

Samsung says that a movie that would normally download in 3 minutes on 4G will be able to finish in slightly more than 1 on LTE-Advanced. Personally, I would be happy if my home broadband connection downloaded movies in 3 minutes, but that's a rant for another day.

Source: Reuters

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • BENG

    I was under the impression that T-Mobile is in the process of installing LTE-Advanced-ready equipment. Granted they probably won't flip the switch for at least another year.....by that time the S5 will be out.

    • TonyArcher

      LTE-Advanced is a buzz word at this point. Notice how they don't actually refer to which LTE-A technologies they are implementing? I assume they mean carrier aggregation or support for extra wide spectrum channels.

      Also TD-LTE + FDD LTE support would matter to Sprint/Clearwire customers.

      • RobotChupacabra

        LTE-Advanced meaning 3GPP Release 10 LTE, and their hardware supports Rel 10. So yes, all those things. Their LTE sites only need a *software* updated pushed out to them. T-Mobile is already updating to 4x2 MIMO, as well. Any areas where they have 4x2 MIMO rolled out are immediately good candidates for LTE-Advanced. Basically they're the only carrier the S4 LTE-Advanced has any use for in the US.

  • cabbiebot

    LTE-A is an order of magnitude faster than LTE, not just double. Some details on what exactly is deployed in South Korea would be informative.

  • chokkan

    Which countries is this technology available in?

  • TY

    S4 3G, S4 LTE, S4 Mini, S4 Active, S4 Zoom, S4 LTE Advanced...What's next?

    • master94

      Once again Samsung is ahead of everyone else. Go Sammmy. But true Sammy, please stop making a dozen versions of the same phone. Just merge into one.

      • Mandeep Singh

        That is why I would never buy a galaxy s phone and rather have note series phone
        Because there will be only one model

        Ps: sammy can do anything so fingers crossed

        • ins0mn1a

          i don't understand, why are people complaining about having a choice? i am not a samsung fan (even if i use a few of their devices), but i totally support them on this one: why would there be only one model, when it is clear that different people have different needs?
          if the reasoning was "just make one model for the majority" we would never have galaxy note.
          now as to why they are putting the s4 name on all those devices that have little in common (besides the year of manufacturing), that might not make much sense, but does anyone really care about names?

          • Mandeep Singh

            I kinda agree choice is fantastic
            But I love the note devices
            And I am not complaining just presenting my view
            I thing you had some confusion
            Its all right btw

          • ins0mn1a

            well... you did say, literally, that you would rather have a note because there will only be one model (i.e. no choice). maybe i misunderstood what you meant by that.

            of course it's all right. everyone is just presenting their view ;).

      • Matthew Fry

        Personally, I'd rather they not merge the camera and the phone...

    • Matthew Fry

      The S4 Active Zoom LTE Advanced of course! The camera that can stay underwater for 30 minutes and downloads movies in just over a minute.

  • Chris

    Calm down samsung. Stop releasing 50 million phones.

    I have comcast and


    • Nevi_me

      That's ten times my speeds

    • Guest

      You know you live in a third world country when your WiFi is three times worse than American's 4G

      • ins0mn1a

        that picture is of cable internet speeds, and of the expensive variety.

      • Matthew Fry

        Note the "(FASTER THAN 94% OF THE US)" near the bottom.

        edit: Also... if you are really 1/3 of that you have a faster connection that I do.

    • Steve Freeman

      Am I missing something...around here at least (Cleveland) Comcast is cable internet, not a cell phone carrier. So why is your cable internet speed relevant?

      • Chris

        "Personally, I would be happy if my home broadband connection downloaded movies in 3 minutes, but that's a rant for another day."

        last sentence of the artice...

        • Matthew Fry

          Comcast and CenturyLink are battling it out here in Utah to be the shittiest ISP available. So far, Comcast is winning.

          • ins0mn1a

            wait, you have a choice of two cable internet providers? lucky bastard.

          • Matthew Fry

            Hahaha I wish. No. Comcast is the only cable provider. CenturyLink is the only DSL provider. In the spirit of healthy competition, Comcast paid our local government to stop the expansion of the cheaper and much faster UTOPIA fiber(http://www.utopianet.org/about-utopia/). I friggin despise Comcast.

            edit: Their reason was that they were not equipped to be competitive against UTOPIA and it would put them out of business in Utah. Stupid capitalism always gets in businesses' way.

    • Mikkel Georgsen

      How much is that with Comcast?

      Just moved to Taipei and got the $35 (100/40) internet - but will upgrade to the $40 (100/100) soon. Also I need faster Wifi (ac router but dual N only wifi card) as it's slowing down my internet - I get stable 98-99Mbit down when I connect gigabit Ethernet

  • usaff22

    Samsung: We've now changed the build.prop maximum speeds from 27 to 42! This definitely requires a new phone.