In exactly two weeks, the bell will toll for Google Reader, taking down the infrastructure for quite a few popular RSS reader clients with it. But a few are sticking it out, including the developer of popular Android Google Reader client gReader. Noin Nion has decided to expand the basics of gReader into a new app, tentatively titled News+. The new app will add support for extensions synced to external multiple external sources, including Feedly; gReader is one of the launch partners for Feedly's new alternative backend.

Screenshot_2013-06-13-17-53-49 Screenshot_2013-06-13-17-52-51

Screenshots taken by a gReader Google Groups user.

But that's not all. Extension support will theoretically allow News+ to sync to any reader service with a public API. At the moment the app is in a very early beta stage, with the source published on GitHub, and the only extensions built so far are for the relatively niche services Bazqux and TT-Rss. (The extension API is coming soon, along with a Feedly extension.) Extensions for these services and Google Reader itself can be downloaded and installed by the few, the proud and the beta testers. Early users are reporting a lot of bugs, so if you rely on RSS feeds on your device, you might want to wait for a more stable release.

Since the gReader functionality is being adapted into a new app, one has to wonder what will happen to the users who've already paid for the premium version. So far the developer has not commented. According to the Google Groups page, the older gReader app will also feature syncing to Feedly.

Source: gReader Google Group

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Jeremiah Rice
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  • Cherokee4Life

    umm.. I just want a Google Reader app that looks like Google Reader and works after July 1st. Is that too much to ask for?

    • Robert G. Ingersoll

      ^THIS^ Feedly, gReader, Press, they try to be so much more that end up being annoying for one reason or another. Take feedly for example, and their infuriating scrolling transitions.

      • Cherokee4Life

        nice to see I am not the only one. I already tried Flip-board/Press/Feedly.. the reason I use Google Reader is because I like Google Reader.

        Google please screw everyone over that's been working very hard on the replacement GReader app and do NOT cancel it on July 1st. Thought I would never say... sorry developers.

        • Splike

          Take a look at Newsblur. It can work pretty much like Google Reader, with many more features.

          • Aleksey_US

            InoReader is also not too bad

    • id242

      You can get TT-RSS to look exactly like Google Reader if you choose. You can even go full-screen with TTRSS, to not have 175px of real estate taken up by the black services-bar, Google logo, and an unusually large search-box that Google Reader has.

      Use "GReaderish" Theme with the following 3 plugins: article-headline-toggle, article_toolbar (small version), auto_embed_original ...and just for kicks, turn on "google_reader_keys" and also use the "googlereaderimport" plugin to import all your feeds and starred items from Google.

      • Cherokee4Life

        why I thank you all for your RSS readers that look like GReader... I think you are missing my point here.I don't want to have to get a new RSS reader and change the settings to make it look like what i already am using.

        I guess what bugs me is that I don't understand why Google is shutting down its RSS reader. Can it really cost that to keep it going?

        • Matthew Fry

          I doubt it's just that. There's been a drive to unify (assimilate or die) and they feel that Google+ is a suitable substitute for a news reader (it's not).

          • Cherokee4Life

            I get what your saying but until Google + has a good way to integrate RSS feeds it falls short. Don't get me wrong I love Google+ but its a social network NOT a RSS viewer/reader by any means.

    • http://mrprayer.net/ Anatoly Nechaev

      I chose Bazqux.
      For me it's more like G.Reader than anything else. Plus some other functionality if you need it (full-text articles, comments). I don't even have to use browser extension to move "mark as unread" checkbox next to up/down buttons. 8)

      Minor bad (or good, depending on your views) thing: it's paid service. Just $9 a year though.
      Other bad thing: it's one-man project. So development is not very fast-paced. It's quite polished product though. So again, not a big problem.

      And News+ works like a charm.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    I emailed the developer of gReader, my favorite RSS reader on Android, to ask a few questions. My questions were:

    Can I ask you what the plan is moving forward?
    Is News+ going to be a new app or will it eventually replace gReader?
    Will it arrive as an update to gReader?
    What happens to those who paid for gReader?
    Why a new app in the first place and not just an updated gReader with additional functionality?

    His reply was:

    Hi Artem,

    yes we are working on News+ with an
    extension system so that every services could be integrated with the
    app. Here are some reasons why we make a new app.

    - After the announcement of Google nobody knows which service he/she
    will use. Feedly seems to be a good move. Feedly will start very soon.
    That's why we use it for gReader. gReader is already used by hundred
    thousand ppl so that we don't want to destroy the experience by
    introducing new things. July is not far away anymore and News+ will have
    a lot of bugs which has to be fixed. Other services could be integrated
    if the gReader's experience could be persisted.

    - Extension system has a different
    backend than gReader's. You can use the extensions in parallel.
    Switching through the extensions will give you the articles without
    login each times. gReader is designed to use one service at a time.

    - Using extension every developers can integrate services by
    themselves. The support for services will distributed on more than 1
    developer so that we could concentrate on improving News+. It also makes
    the integration of services better and faster. Extensions are
    standalone apps that can be distributed through Play store.

    This didn't quite answer the gReader licensing question, so I asked it again. I'll update the post if I receive an answer.

    • Cherokee4Life

      no update yet?

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Sorry, forgot to update. Here it is.

        Yes it will. You will need another license. We don't know yet what kind
        of premium model we will use. There is no way in Play Store to make a
        discount for ppl who already have bought gReader.

  • Matthew Fry

    I think the dev probably should provide licenses for the people that purchased the pro version after the announcement, knowing that the app will become obsolete and with no warnings in the description that the app would no longer function after July. Any purchasers previous to the announcement, I'd say no. It's not the devs fault that Google Reader is going down. He was caught as much by surprise as everyone and he's scrambling to develop a new app from scratch to accommodate the new rss reader ecosystems. I don't think there's any room to feel entitled for long time users.

  • tokuiten

    So now that we got an Android app that supports Normandy, how about a web app?

    And, no, Feedly's web UI doesn't count. I need a web app that looks and acts exactly like Google Reader and doesn't give my IP address to the sites that provide the RSS feeds.

  • Mohan

    That's cool, but since Google announced they were killing Google Reader, I got my own domain and run tt-rss on it, and the Android app is excellent!