If you have a device running Android 4.2, there is literally no reason to avoid checking out DashClock Widget. This app comes from Googler Roman Nurik and it completely transforms your lock screen. Despite already being excellent, DashClock just got an update with more features.


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For those not aware, DashClock is a lock screen widget for Android 4.2 devices. It uses extensions to pull data from various sources and drops everything you select into the widget. Third-party developers can also add support for DashClock to their apps via APIs. Version 1.5 of DashClock brings a few new user-facing features to the table, including Daydream support and more detailed weather information. Developers will be pleased to learn there are new API features to make better extensions too. Here is the full changelog:

  • NEW! Use DashClock with Android 4.2's Daydream feature; great for use with desktop docks!
  • NEW! Option to specify a manual location for weather
  • Weather extension now shows high/low information
  • Calendar extension now shows the current appointment if it started in the past 5 minutes
  • Fixed a number of bugs with the Gmail and SMS extensions
  • For developers: New API features

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DashClock is worlds better than the stock widgets Google includes with Android. You can jump right from DashClock to any app you have plugged in, or simply use it as a hub of glanceable information. DashClock is inexplicably free.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

    can you make the default look the expanded view yet??

    • Khary Anderson

      thats something you do from the phone's setting. idk what device you're running, but if you have CM10.1, it's under the "lock screen" settings

      • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

        ah i see, ive been waiting for the option in the actual app didnt even think to check the aokp settings :P

        its there in AOKP under rom control >lockscreen>called minimise lockscreen challenge.

        which is a pity, i didnt want to introduce another tap before unlock just wanted the expanded widgets :S

        • Squiddles

          With CM10.1 and the lock screen expanded I get a little padlock, as I'm sure you do too. I found that a long press on the padlock will unlock the phone. I'm not sure about AOKP though.

          • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

            you sir just, further, made my day, aokp is the same, long pressing the minimised padlock unlocks the phone, thats great!

            you do lose the unlock wheel functionality unless you tap the padlock to minimise the widgets and bring back the full wheel but all i used that for was camera any so who cares

          • Squiddles

            Radical man, glad I could help! But, couldn't you slide one tile to the right and get the camera without the unlock wheel?

          • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

            that does make sense now, ive had them disabled for a while now but now that im using this setup they make sense again

    • http://katzmatt.com/ Matt Katzenberger

      I think certain custom roms allow you to do this, but there is no way to do it on a stock ROM afaik.

      • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

        thanks i looked into the aokp setting and found it!

        • http://katzmatt.com/ Matt Katzenberger

          Sweet! I'm glad it defaults to expanded view on tablets. I'd hate to have to install a custom rom just for that LOL

          • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

            ah...just tried using aokp to switch to tablet and phablet UI modes, no dice doesnt automate to expanded view, in fact it removes the option from last comment to manually do it

          • http://katzmatt.com/ Matt Katzenberger

            I thought there was an AOKP feature that explicitly maximized all the widgets (or whatever, idk, I don't use a custom rom atm)

          • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

            not that i can find :( might be the galaxy nexus version perhaps im not sure

          • http://katzmatt.com/ Matt Katzenberger

            Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

          • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

            your first comment helped more then enough

          • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

            What build are you running? The option is there on the N7 both in normal and tablet modes

          • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

            first galaxy nexus milestone, where abouts does it show on the n7

          • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

            should be under lockscreen settings

          • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

            not for me sadly....

          • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

            isn't "minimize lockscreen challenge" what you're looking for?

          • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

            oh, ye it is to a degree, it has indeed made the widgets maximised by default as i mentioned in the comments above but with the side effect that the lock wheel is minimised, i thought you were talking about an explicit widget maximisation setting (that might not shrink the lock wheel) as the last few comments above your were headed that way

          • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

            oh, my apoligies, i misunderstood you. yeah, i don't think there is enough space on phones to do that unfortunately

  • http://katzmatt.com/ Matt Katzenberger

    [shameless app plug] Since DashClock doesn't display severe weather alert info, you can use this: http://katzmatt.com/android/weatheralerts/

    If you're in the US it will show any current weather alerts on DashClock.

  • PhineasJW

    Shame apps like these require literally every permission on your phone.

    • http://katzmatt.com/ Matt Katzenberger

      Well, not literally, and in the case of dashclock it's all legit.


      --This is so dashclock can show you the current weather in your area automatically.


      This is what lets dashclock display your Gmail and SMS message counts.


      This is the standard permission to access the internet.


      This is so dashclock can show you your upcoming appointments.


      This is so dashclock can show you your missed calls (I think. I only have dashclock on my phone, so I don't have this feature if it exists).


      This is the only one I'm not sure what DashClock uses it for. But since dashclock is open source ( https://code.google.com/p/dashclock/ ) you can always check.

    • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

      Not to mention that the app is also open source, so you can be sure that nothing malicious will be running, as if it coming from a Google Employee isn't enough information.

  • sam

    I wish samsung would allow us to use such widgets when we have password/pin lock.

  • Redwan Huq

    Doesn't the notification shade make DashClock redundant?

    • Shitiz Garg

      Not if you have a screen lock.

    • http://katzmatt.com/ Matt Katzenberger

      I like to think of it like this: notifications are for immediate information, stuff that comes in and either you act on it, or if you leave it in the shade it's because it's important.

      DashClock is for ongoing information, like a heads up. Stuff you don't want in your way, clogging up space where you'd normally see stuff like messages, but where it's still readily and easily visible.

    • Merri Mogridge

      Some people like to have the status bar hidden for aesthetic reasons! Dashclock, in my case at least, is a far better option for how I like my homescreen to appear.

  • mauric

    it would be so great if they made just the widget available for android 4.1.

  • jj14x

    "If you have a device running Android 4.2, there is literally no reason to avoid checking out DashClock Widget." <-- unless you are using Samsung Galaxy S4... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Curse you Sammy!

  • Andrea Moro

    It would be fantastic an option to launch an app without asking the password. For instance an app like ICE- IN CASE OF EMERGENCY to show owner's vital information.