We knew Samsung's latest entry to the Galaxy Note series was getting an AT&T LTE version, and today the carrier has released more detailed information about its launch. Those of you that want to take your notation on the go can pick up a Galaxy Note 8.0 On June 21st (this Friday) for $399.99, with a two-year contract. That's pretty pricey, especially after other carriers have moved towards no-contract pricing for tablets - it's just as expensive as the commitment-free WiFi version. AT&T hasn't said how much an off-contract Note 8.0 will cost.


But that's not your only option. As they've done with a few manufacturer-specific phone and tablet combos before, you can also pick up the Galaxy Note 8.0 at a significant discount if you're also buying a Samsung smartphone. Purchase a Galaxy S4, a shiny new Galaxy S4 Active, or Galaxy Note 2 on a new or extended plan, and you can get the Note 8.0 for $199.99. For the very few wireless customers who want some combination of these devices, it's a pretty good deal. If you don't, well, the WiFi version of the tablet seems to be getting some pretty significant discounts already.

AT&T's combined deal isn't live yet, but it should pop up on the Tablet Packages page on Friday.

Source: AT&T Consumer Blog

Jeremiah Rice
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  • MasterMuffin

    I just want that Active to start selling to Europe/FINLAND :/

  • WHO?

    I know i dont use that much data on sprints network. But i would hate to have to think "am i about to go over on data" I use to have to think like that on voice calls and it was miserable!

  • Tiffany Sears

    For once this is pretty perfect for my family. We'll be getting the Active early next year for him and I want a tablet and simpler phone for myself. This way I actually get a Note :)