The HTC One is a great phone, and there are plenty of reasons to buy it. If you need just one more reason to push you over the edge, this may be it. HTC is offering $25 in Google Play cash to buyers, and it's easy to redeem. Some restrictions apply, as usual.


If you've got your HTC One in hand, head over to HTC's registration site. Enter your name, email address, and serial number. The serial number is on the original box and also in the Phone Identity settings. Assuming the information is correct, a Google Play code will arrive in your email inbox within 72 hours.

Strangely, this promo is not available to users who bought the One before yesterday. Devices must be purchased between 6/14 and 7/15 to get the free Google Play money. This is also a US-only deal, but it doesn't appear to matter where you buy the phone as long as it is in the US.

[HTC $25 Google Play Promotion, Thanks, @WinDroidGuy!]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • jonathan3579

    Well this is a great way to shaft early adopters. Thanks HTC!

    • Justin W

      Did you buy your unlocked version before it jumped from $574.99 to $599.99? Then you didn't get shafted.. If you were after that, then you got shafted.

    • smk4

      Except HTC gave $100 as a buyback on old phones to those who bought earlier

      • jonathan3579

        They didn't give me that because I didn't have a phone to trade in. Also, they're still running a similar program.

    • Tíghearnán Carroll

      A bit like Google when they released a 32Gb Nexus 7/dropped the price of the 16Gb version/released a HSPA+ version. A bit like Nintendo when they cut the price of 3DS by like $100. A bit like Microsoft when they released an Xbox 360 with HDMI output, for the same price.

      Early adopters are commonly screwed over, this is nothing new.

      • jonathan3579

        All valid points although it doesn't necessarily make it any easier.

    • krazyfrog

      If you see the image above properly (bottom left), you can see that the offer is also available for those who already purchased it.

      • jonathan3579

        Well, I did see the specific dates as mentioned in this article but I went ahead and entered my information anyway. I haven't received anything back yet.

  • Liam Spurr

    Oh awesome! Can't get it because they haven't launched it on Verizon yet. Launch pretty much guaranteed on the 16th now.

  • Baseball11626

    Awesome. I'm getting my One tomorrow since my old Tmo contract ran out today. Best buy has the phone at $99 starting tomorrow with a $50 Best Buy gift card and now this $25 play card! I'm practically getting it for free!!

    • Bloodflame87

      and yet it will be subsidized through a new contract. not so free, afterall

    • JP

      I'd say most AP readers are on ~$50 monthly bills or lower. You'll be in ~$100/mo for 24 months.

  • Athishay

    I got the phone four days ago. -.-
    Well played HTC, well played.

    • Justin

      I got it two weeks ago, but the promo didn't ask me when I bought it...

      I tried submitting on it anyway, so I figure the worst they can do is reject me.

      • jonathan3579

        I'd like to know if you get anything back because I haven't yet.

        • Justin

          Nothing yet, will keep you posted though.

          • Zealor

            I got Redeem code just now. I got the phone 3 weeks ago. Give it a try people ! Give it a try!

        • Justin

          Got my code, :). They honored it despite buying my phone a week before the promo :).

          • jonathan3579

            I literally just got an email too. I'm happy, lol

    • Justin

      Just a FYI. I got my code today, even though I bought it on the 8th.

  • http://theemperorhasnotoque.blogspot.com/ amoosefloats

    In Canada, Future Shop and Best Buy are also giving a $25 Playstore Card with the HTC One.

  • dli7319

    takes up to 2 weeks :(

  • Kevin Kohrman

    I bought my HTC One 2 weeks ago from Amazon. I put my serial number in to see if I could get anything and it worked. I just received an email from HTC with my redeem code

  • MontaEllyHavItAll

    I've had mine since launch and i still got the play credit code...