The smartphone price wars are continuing after Amazon temporarily dropped the Sprint HTC One to $79.99 yesterday. Now Wirefly has taken the device down to only $49.99 with a new two-year contract.

one 3

Keep in mind this price is only available on new lines of service. That can mean a completely new account, or a new line on an existing account in this case. Upgrades on existing lines are $129.99. That's still a deal when you consider the $639.99 price tag on an unsubsidized Sprint HTC One.

You can get the silver or black device through Wirefly with free shipping. Don't forget to redeem the $25 Google Play gift card HTC is offering, as well. It makes this killer deal that much better.

[HTC One (silver), HTC One (black)]

Ryan Whitwam
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    ugh but its sprint >_<, been there hated that

  • S. Ali

    If it ain't free on-contract, you're getting ripped off. Ditch the contract scam.

  • user311

    with prices like that this soon after release it makes me wonder if it was really ever flying off the shelves like they said. Though I suppose its still doing much better than the HTC First...

  • BKPhil

    Just asking, hypothetically:
    What would be the disincentive for getting one of these on contract with Sprint, then turning around and terminating shortly thereafter and paying Sprint's $350 ETF - for a total cost of $400?

  • Idon’t Know

    I really don't understand why anyone is still on Sprint.