Last Updated: June 24th, 2013

Yahoo has been on quite a tear lately with new CEO Marissa Mayer at the helm. Today the one-time search king has updated the app formerly known as Sportacular. Now it's Yahoo Sports, and it comes with a complete 4.0 redesign.

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The app plugs into your Yahoo ID and syncs the sportsball information most relevant to your interests. The new UI is dark with some Holo design elements. Although, the action bar is apparently on the injured list. Here is the full list of changes in 4.0:

  • Refreshed design - Enjoy a clean new redesign with improved scores and simplified navigation.
  • Login to your Yahoo! Sports account to sync your favorite teams across all screens; iPhone, iPad, Android and the web.
  • Team stats - You can now view the team total game stats from the game details page.

The app seems very well-designed for phones, and moderately solid on tablets. It is the same UI, but it scales better than some apps. Yahoo Sports is free, so fans ought to give it a go.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • KChristainsen

    ditching espn for this

    • SEJ326

      The ESPN app is horrible. I dumped it months ago for the CBS Sports app. This one looks OK, I may give it a shot.

    • DougNY

      I tried ESP for 5 minutes months ago, and couldn't stand it. I've been using Yahoo ever since, and I look forward to getting this update!

      • DougNY

        OOPS, that's ESPN, not ESP. If I'd had ESP, I'd definitely keep it. lol

  • BRIM

    Still prefer CBS SPORTS app. Far better UI and the in-game details are awesome

  • beboo

    hopefully they do the same to Yahoo messenger and redesign and fix the bugs

  • bunnybash

    Lol yahoo, what a fail, region locked, unavailable in my region. AUSTRALIA!

  • KingRando

    Sportacular used to be great until Yahoo bought it. That was years ago so I might give this another try. The ESPN app is terrible

    • John F

      Could not agree more all around...

  • Jay W.

    This had been my goto sports app for some time now, I was a fan of how simple and small it was. The never version seems to be 3 time bigger than it was in the past.

    I have been using it less and less recently in favor of MLB at Bat and CBS Sports... I am not so sure how much more play it is going to get from me now at this point.

  • Panther2017

    What about the ad?. Strange that none of your screenshots show them.

  • John F

    Yahoo torches everything they touch...Sportacular was great the past couple of years...Now it should be renamed Force Close...I still miss MusicMatch Jukebox...It had it's problems, but it blew away iTunes for functionality and personalization...I still use it on my second PC sans the nagware Yahoo tried to get me to move over with...I wish they'd go play with everything that has nothing to do with Rock Music and or Baseball....Thumbs way down on this app until they get the bugs out...