Fans of Gru and his yellow henchmen have had to wait three years for a sequel to the 2010 animated blockbuster, and while Despicable Me 2 is expected to hit theaters early next month, we all know the last month of anticipation is the hardest. Lucky for fans, Gameloft has dropped Despicable Me: Minion Rush into the Play Store to help that last month go by just a tad easier. While this licensed title may not feature the most original gameplay out there, it does give players a chance to see those adorable minions in all their charming glory.

Despicable5 Despicable3 Despicable4

Minion Rush places gamers in control one of the trademark minions as they compete in various challenges and obstacle courses to impress their boss, the super-villain Gru. Minions jump, fly, dodge, collect bananas, and take part in general mischievous behavior in order to earn the title of Minion of the Year. The game's personality and cutscenes might even be charming enough to distract gamers from the fact that they've played this game before. Despite its more than passing resemblance to Temple Run, there are enough missions and unlockables packed within to perhaps make this title worth a look even to mobile gamers who have never seen the original film.

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There are in-app purchases to be had here, and the game urges you to share your results on Facebook right from the beginning, so keep that in mind as you rush to the widget below to grab a game that is otherwise free to play.

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  • spacekobra

    Whatever happened to the sidescrolling endless runners?

    I've been looking for an Android title comparable to the iOS game run since I switched over. It seems like nothing exists :(

    • mesmorino

      Have you checked out Jetpack Joyride?

      • spacekobra

        Yeah, it was pretty fun. I forgot I had it actually :p

        • mesmorino

          Grim joggers is another good one, it's got a free and paid version, with something of a twist on the usual endless runner

          • spacekobra

            Will check it out. Thanks

    • Glotzeulor

      Punch Quest?

      • spacekobra

        No credit card or play store gift cards in my area. Its on my wishlist though.

        More of a question that anything. I'd like to see which ones exist.

    • Sinistar83

      Run, Time Chicken! Is pretty good too. It's got a weird theme, but done really well.. The chicken goes back in time and runs from dinosaurs lol

      • spacekobra


  • Pritam
    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Pritam, please stop posting APK links. This is a free title on the Play Store - there is no reason for an APK sideload, and we don't really appreciate random APKs being linked in our comments.

  • mesmorino

    Come on now. His yellow henchmen? They're MINIONS! The game is called Minion Rush! Gru himself calls them minions! Come on AP, jeez. This is hardly rocket surgery.

    Supervillians all over the world are shaking their fists at you right now. I'm just saying.

    • motororo


  • Tanveer Huq

    If anyone was interested in the codes for unlockable stuff.

    Fireman, golf, regular

    hula, mustache, fireman

    golf, knight, mustache

    maid, hula, knight

    knight, fireman, hula

  • Pritam
    • Santiago Emanuel

      You never learn Pritam..

      • mesmorino

        Lol Pritam's a rebel

  • patapongirl

    this will be the first game that I'm installing on my N4. darn you cute minions...

  • Roberto Giunta

    So, is this game pretty late seeing how long ago the first movie was released or is this a promotion for the second movie?

    • Darshan Karia

      I would think so for second movie...

  • frustrated

    is it compatible with acro s? i installed but only getting black screen every time i open it...

  • wanler

    Hey Guys

  • kirkstie

    I have a motoral RAZR I and for some reason it won't play. Doesn't even give me the option of clicking play. Had it on my old Motorola phone and worked fine. Can anyone help me out?

  • Joanna Vajery…

    i love thiz games...

  • nana

    Is this game compatible with nook HD?