We wondered what Samsung would have up its sleeve for that shadowy Premiere event, set for June 20th in London. Or more precisely, we wondered what it had left - the company has unveiled no less than three variants of the Galaxy S4 (at least by name) and two new tablets since the event was announced. According to the Korea Times, at least one new product will be the Galaxy Camera 2, successor to last year's eponymous category-bending smart camera.


Samsung CEO JK Shin told the paper as much, in an interview on the company's progress since the Galaxy S4 release. Naturally, there are no technical details, beyond the fact that it will use a mirrorless design and run Android. The Galaxy Camera 2 (or possibly Galaxy Camera2, as written in TKT) should not be confused with the Galaxy S4 Zoom, a full 3G/LTE smartphone that incorporates most of the photo functionality of the original Galaxy Camera. The new model will probably not be able to make phone calls (though a mobile broadband version is nigh inevitable) and will likely feature a higher-megapixel sensor and more advanced shooting options.

Samsung may be pushing the Galaxy Camera brand towards its NX line, a series of relatively small cameras that use premium, interchangeable lenses that compete with the broader Micro 4/3 segment. "Mirrorless" is the key term here, as opposed to Single-Lens Reflex. That's just a bit of speculation on our part - we'll see for sure in one week's time.

Source: Korea Times

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Jeremiah Rice
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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

    If it really is based on the NX series, this thing is going to be A.) stupid expensive (think $750+), and B.) still not as good as competing mirrorless from Sony, Pentax, and Fujitsu. Samsung's mirrorless consistently get panned as mediocre in photo quality.

    • societyofra

      The price is $550. The device is a merge of DSLR and Smartphone in a compact but weighty aluminum frame. Odds are they reduced the weight and improved specs across the board.

  • GigiAUT

    Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Doc!....Are you telling me there's the S4 AND a Galaxy Camera??