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Verizon, please sit down. We've all come here to talk to you because we care about you. Actually, most of us don't, but we recognize that you've got a problem. You have too many apps. No, don't try to deny it. You've got 11 apps spread across two publishers, and today you've added another one, with a brand new publisher, that duplicates at least some of the functionality of two previous ones. Don't try to hide it in your Services Corp pocket. We see the innocuously-titled Verizon FiOS Mobile app poking out.

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Verizon FiOS Mobile is a new mobile hub for cable content provided in FiOS package deals. It includes remote streaming of live video and video on demand, DVR management, and a remote control - fairly standard stuff. It doesn't exactly look amazing, but Verizon's monochromatic apps never do. It's got the frustrating restriction of only working on your home network, and even then, only if you also use Verizon FiOS internet service. All fairly basic features. If only they weren't covered by other apps already.

The DVR scheduling management is already handled by Verizon My FiOS, which also functions as a cable box remote. Then there's Verizon FiOS Mobile Remote, which... handles DVR scheduling and functions as a cable box remote. So the new app only adds value as a method of watching video. And only in your home. Awesome.


Piling confusion on confusion, the new FiOS Mobile is filed under Verizon Services Corp, a new app publishing name assigned specifically to this app. Why couldn't it go into the existing Verizon Information Technologies LLC, where the rest of the FiOS apps live? For that matter, why not publish it with Verizon Wireless - at least then they'd have an app that some people use. Hell, why not just add streaming to one of the apps you already have?

Come on, Red. Admitting you have a problem is the first step towards finding a solution.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • DavidB

    Seriously Verizon. Cut the crap. One app called FIOS Mobile and be done with it.
    And oh by the way, why are my DVR recordings still locked on my DVR? I could watch what my TiVo recorded from elsewhere YEARS ago.

  • duse

    Don't be fooled by what you may hear on the internet...people love to think FiOS is the holy grail that will save them from Comcast, TWC, etc. In reality, the only thing it has going for it are internet speeds, and even that advantage is slipping with Comcast's own 50 Mbps tiers now. The price, customer support, TV and DVR, router, mobile apps, everything else is simply awful. I intend to drop them very soon and go back to Comcast and do internet only - at least Comcast will offer some deals so you can get internet only for a good price, whereas with Verizon it'd be $85+/month. It's disgusting.

    • Cody Curry

      I'm paying $70 a month for FiOS and it's the fastest and most reliable internet service I've had. Is it ideal? No. Is it overpriced? Compared to international competition and Google Fiber, yes, but it's a better deal than any other ISP, especially in my area.

      If Google Fiber arrives here, I'll drop it in a heartbeat. Same price for better service.

      • Freak4Dell

        See, I'm not even convinced it's overpriced compared to Google Fiber. Sure, Google Fiber would give me 1Gbps speeds, but when you include TV, I'd be paying more than I was for Verizon. I've never had any complaints with my speeds on Verizon, so I'm not convinced the extra money would be worth it to have that 1Gbps. After all, the bottleneck at that point would be the servers on the other end, which I'm already starting to see the effects of on FiOS. Plus, Google's channel lineup isn't quite as good as Verizon's is.

    • challenge_accepted

      I pay $75 on comcast for 50 mbps Internet

      • duse

        Yes, but you can also get 20 Mbps with Comcast and save a bit, and they will usually give you a big price break your first year. With Verizon the absolute cheapest you can get is $75/month for 15/5, designed to ensure you will bump up to the $85/month tier. They should've brought real price competition to the market and instead they just play the game with Comcast. And in everything other than internet speeds, they are just as uninnovative as the rest of the cable market.

    • Sqube

      I really can't cosign enough how shit the router they offer is. That ActionTec thing is just irredeemable dogshit.

      What's the Comcast router like? Does it at least have 802.11 a/b/g/n? I might consider switching for that alone.

      • duse

        Yep, the Actiontec is complete junk. With Comcast you can just use your own router, so you can use anything you like. I believe they offer routers directly too, but I've never used them. Just go to Newegg or Amazon and pick up the best modem and router you can find.

      • Mike Harris

        That's funny because the ActionTec router usually worked like a champ for me, even though it needed an occasional reboot. I got upgraded when I moved a couple years ago to a newer router (I don't think it's an ActionTec, but I'm not sure what it is), and I don't think I've ever had to reboot it once.

        • Freak4Dell

          The new one is probably a Westell. Those are the two brands that Verizon likes to use.

        • Sqube

          Well... maybe I got a bad one? Mine can barely support a 480p stream from YouTube and any sort of torrenting can reliably bring it to its knees, repeatedly.

      • jj14x

        It really isn't that hard to plug in a good router to the ActionTec/Westell (whatever) router they offer. Just disable DHCP server on your router, and assign it a static IP. I've been doing that, and absolutely love the FiOS service.

        Yes, it is expensive (especially after the first 2 year promotional pricing), but I dread having to go to Time Warner etc. Sure, they have their "turbo" or whatever, but their upload speeds suck. With Verizon's 35/35 (reliable), working from home is a breeze! My neighbor complains about his upload speeds dropping to 1M (or lower) when he works from home (on Time Warner).

        Their ActionTec routers do have issues though. Two in a row refuse to hand out DHCP addresses. I have a relatively large number of devices that connect (thru' a switch) - and I had to change them all to static IPs (well, all except the Roku that apparently requires DHCP - can't request a static IP).

    • Mike Harris

      I can't argue with the price, but I do feel like I'm paying for better quality. and I can't argue with the customer support because I usually hate everyone's customer service. However, the upgraded 500GB DVR is awesome. And the menu UI is pretty good now too.

    • Cuvis

      I don't think anybody thinks FIOS is a magic bullet (that'd be Google Fiber), but it does bring another player into the high-speed Internet market. That's a good thing; more competition benefits the consumer.

    • Freak4Dell

      I have no complaints about the price, customer support, TV, or router.

      The speeds are better than anything else in my area. (sure, Comcast can offer 50Mbps, but Verizon can offer 300Mbps). The pricing is actually cheaper than a triple play on Comcast. The customer support is slightly better than what I used to get with Comcast. The billing department sucks, but they get problems taken care of as long as you spend time with them on the phone. The TV clarity can't be matched (I've had cable and satellite). The only complaint I have about the DVR is the price, but it's the same price everywhere. The original router had NAT problems, but the new ones work great. I don't use the mobile apps, so I wouldn't know, but I wouldn't use Comcast's mobile apps, either, so whatever.

    • Terrel Thompson

      You arent that smart are you. comcast and twc say they offer those speeds but its always up to they can NEVER promise you 50mbps because they use copper for their lines and everyone who has it is on a shared loop basically sharing internet. fios is a dedicated fiber optic line giving you more speed than you signed up for. if you have fios and you got 50/25 do a speed test and i promise itll be faster than that. i have 75/35 and im getting 88/43... do your homework b4 you talk.
      oh and stop being cheap

  • flosserelli

    "So the new app only adds value as a method of watching video. And only in your home."

    If VZW could charge you (double) to stream to mobile devices in your own home, they would do it in a heartbeat.