Floating Notifications earned a place in our roundup of top apps from May even though it wasn't even in the Play Store yet. Well, now it is and it comes with a ton of improvements over the beta version from XDA.

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The basic premise of Floating Notifications is that it displays a subset of your notifications in a floating icon on the screen. It's a little bit like Facebook's Chat Heads feature. Floating Notifications has a plethora of settings for deep configuration, which is a definite improvement over the old version. There are a few known issues, some of which are simply Android restrictions. For example, you can't dismiss notifications from the status bar from within the Floating Notification UI. Accessibility services can also interfere with the app. Other issues are detailed in the listing.

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The first app below is a free 30 day trial. All the features are available, but you'll have to buy the $2 upgrade through an in-app purchase if you want to use Floating Notifications beyond those 30 days. Considering this is a new way to deal with notifications, it's nice of the dev to provide such a long window to try before you buy. The full version unlock can also be purchased as a separate app for $2.