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  • Nariman
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  • Michael Oberhausen
  • Jasper van der Eerden

NARR8 is one of the more polished alternative comic and digital novel readers available on Android, and we've covered it in the past. The app has a host of popular indie comics and stories, but NARR8 goes a step further by allowing authors and artists to add in music, sound effects, GIF-like animation, and custom scene transitions.


NARR8's content library encompasses a large swathe of genres, ranging from western-style manga to children's books, non-fiction titles, and even educational material. Check out the vide of NARR8 in action below.

In partnership with NARR8's launch on the Amazon Appstore (link), we're giving away 5 Kindle Fire HD 7 (32GB) tablets. Not bad, right?


How to enter

This contest has no country restrictions - residents from any country may enter.

For specific entry instructions, see the Rafflecopter widget below, which contains a link to our full contest rules. Good luck!

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  • Malcolm D’souza

    Super giveaway! Wishing to win :D

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    My mom uses NARR8 all the time on her iPad... She raves about it. I had no idea it was on Android. I will most definitely try it out tonight when I get home.

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    Thanks AP & NARR8

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    May the best person win!

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      indeed good to see a country restriction free competition.

      • Damon Rose

        Agreed, I really wanted to go after that Samsung Galaxy S4 on the last contest to get for my fiancee for an early wedding present, but sadly I couldn't as I live in Canada

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    AP is the best and I would love a Kindle Fire HD!

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    It's great that it's finally non-restricted to countries. I have actually never seen a kindle fire in my country yet. Would be great if I could have a glance of how it works.

  • Damon Rose

    I'd love to win one! It's my birthday today!! Come on, show the love!

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        Haha, thanks! Apparently I'm born on the same day as that Peter Dinklage guy from Game of Thrones

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    A more than amazing giveaway! Appreciations as always :)

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    love the phrase "NO COUNTRY RESTRICTIONS"

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    Well, I won one contest and I felt amazing. Could feel the same way this time :)
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    Anyways, props for Android Police. They do these contests without country restrictions, just as mentioned on other comments, and that's awesome. Just like their website!

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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Winners posted. Congratulations!