A few days ago, Dell dropped the price of both Sprint's and Verizon's variants of the Galaxy S 4 to $119 and $129 respectively. Not to be outdone, Amazon Wireless has now undercut Big D by $10, and is offering Verizon's GS4 for $119 for new contracts ($170 for upgrades). That's a pretty solid deal if you don't want to buy from Dell, though I'd be remiss not to mention the $50 eGift card that Dell is throwing in if you do decide to buy through them. If you have no intention of buying anything else from Dell, however, Amazon's deal is the way to go.


This one's good for both the white and black versions of the phone; follow the links to grab yours.

Amazon Wireless: White, Black

Cameron Summerson
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  • disqus_is_good

    I think Samsung is reaching its peak this year. Its a good thing. We see more competition from the likes of Sony, lg, HTC, Nokia and other Chinese companies.
    Apple reached that last year.

    Hopefully other OEMs like Sony, HTC will get even more sales which will be good for consumers.

  • dude

    I think the price is worth it for the amount of spying you will subject yourself to.

  • Jaroslav Beran

    Here, in Czech republic, you'll pay monthly $35 for unlimited calls, and full price for the Galaxy S4, which is $850. Czech operators really sucks...

    • Woodrow Douglass

      That does not suck. I crave an unsubsidized phone plan here in the US. I am willing to pay full price for the hardware.

      Unfortunately, the only viable carriers in my area are verizon and AT&T. so no luck here.

  • Zachary Kellicutt

    Crap. I just bought this for 180 two days ago.