Google Music has probably lured a few Spotify users away with its tight Android integration and low introductory price. But what about all those meticulously constructed Spotify playlists? There is no official way to bring them along for the ride, but a developer has worked out a quick and dirty way to make it happen.

portify_1 portify_2 portify_3

portify_4 portify_5 portify_6

Portify is a neat little tool that logs into both Spotify and Google Music, and manages to move your playlists over. The program asks for your Google and Spotify passwords, which will probably make some people a bit nervous. However, the dev has made the source code available for examination to alleviate those fears. One more caveat – you must still have a Spotify Premium subscription for Portify to work.

The methods used by the app are unofficial, so it likely violates the Google/Spotify terms of service, but no one needs to know. It might also lead to some unexpected results – proceed at your own risk. There are packaged versions of Portify available for Windows, OSX, and Linux.

[Portify, via Reddit]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • KraYzeE

    Final piece of the puzzle! Thank you!

    • sssgadget

      We better hurry up before Google/Spotify send a takedown notice to the developer.

  • mike dunham

    I have a ton of playlists and this app seems to only transfer about two of the before crashing. This could take awhile.

    • ranova

      yeah seems random on the crashes for me. Keep trying, itll work sooner or later

      • SebastianMauer

        I've just released 0.2 which should fix some of the issues user's had with the initial release. Does that help you?

        • Mark

          Mine is still crashing with the 0.2 download. Only on certain playlists. Not sure how to help you debug. Looks very promising so far thanks!

          • SebastianMauer

            Hi Mark. Released another update (0.3) this allowed me to transfer your playlist. Please let me know if it works for you now.

          • Angel

            It crashes on linux when logging in with an account using 2-step verification. Any fixes for this issue?

          • SebastianMauer
        • Mark

          Here is an example of a playlist that won't work. The playlist gets created in google music, but no songs are transferred over.



    • http://thedangerbrain.com/ Alfonso Surroca

      I transferred all but two of my playlists. My crashes weren't random at all... for some reason, it would crash when transferring either of those two playlists. Either way, I'm happy with it.

  • Nick Schiwy

    I was so excited until I got to the line that said "you still need to have spotify premium." Hopefully Google will realize the need and come out with an official solution to this problem so more people can more easily transition...

    • ranova

      i dont have spotify premum, it transfered my playlists.

      Good to show how google compares with spotify. Out of my 200 track playlist, it couldnt find 15 songs, but some were super obscure or named differently in google

      • Nick Schiwy

        Awesome, Thanks for the heads up!

      • btod

        did it transfer your "starred" playlist?

        • ranova

          yeah, worked fine

    • endfinity

      Or, you know, use the premium trial from spotify.

      • Nick Schiwy

        That's a good idea, but for anyone who once had premium and now doesn't, that won't work :)

  • Fulano

    Is this secure? I'm worry about typing my accounts usernames/passwords.

    • Michael Pahl

      did you read? source code has been published

  • Could be Anyone

    And yet still no tracks and artists from anywhere else that isn't America.

  • Kevin McGuire

    This is posted a day after I spent hours hand importing a 200 song playlist...arghh

  • Trevor Wilson

    This is great! My playlists have been one of the main things keeping me on Spotify, so if this works well I'll be very pleased!

  • 12345

    You can also generate a Spotify playlist though playlisthq.com specifically for concerts that you are interested in at songkick.com. Then you can transer them to google... although that sounds like a great deal of work. But if you are an intense concert goer then its worth it...

  • Gianluca Mazza

    tango down. lol

  • Herman

    "However, the dev has made the source code available for examination to alleviate those fears."

    Good guy developer!

  • http://www.ScienceProUSA.com SciencePro

    If it's possible to make a tool to import my Rdio Collection to Play Music...I would be blown away.

  • Geeks Help

    Here is a way that works, and no need for spotify premium :) http://goo.gl/IGlLTP