Months after its flighty sibling, the Galaxy S II Skyrocket, received an update to Android 4.1.2, it seems that the vanilla GS2 on AT&T is finally ready for its Jelly Bean bump. Threads on XDA and the official AT&T forums confirm that the update - build number UCMD8 - is now available, just check for an update through Kies.


image via XDA

We don't yet have a changelog for the update, but you can assume that for Galaxy S II users, the number of changes coming from the Ice Cream Sandwich TouchWiz builds won't be huge. You will, though, get some of Jelly Bean's useful additions - rich, expandable notifications and Google Now probably being the most noticeable enhancements.

If you still have an AT&T Galaxy S II (hey, it's getting pretty old), fire up Kies and get downloading. When (and if) AT&T officially announces the OTA, which it likely will at some point this week, we'll update this post with any new information.

via AT&T, XDA

David Ruddock
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  • Joshua P Nixon


  • Alex Arthur

    what is difference between the new update and Shostock 3.0.2?

    • Peacen1k


  • Jeffrey Smith

    My dad got this phone twelve months ago. Because of the AT&T upgrade changes, he gets to hang on to it for another twelve months. Better late than never is right: for my Atrix 2 it's "never".

  • Larry

    Can this be updated without a PC?

    • Michael Ta

      I think you can. Well, HTC and Nexus can, i don't know about samsung. For htc you'll need 80% battery life minimum and around 1gb free space.

    • Jeffrey Smith

      Apparently at the moment, it requires using Kies (a PC program). I believe when they say that OTA (Over The Air) should be coming soon, that is when it can be done without connecting to a PC.

      • Larry

        OK... Was hoping keis mobile was an option

  • Squiddles

    I think I'll stay on CM....

    Is there any word on the super brick getting fixed in their kernel? Or am I behind the times on that?

  • andrew__des_moines

    If this solves the lockung issue so many of us had on the last update it is good they finally updated.

  • Mac

    Will the upgrade work on a rooted sgh i777?

    • SKC

      i was able to upgrade my ATT Samsng Galaxy S2. unfortunately it seems like it unrooted now. I have rooted mine only recently with some struggle, have to root it all over again

      • Stoney

        I updated to jellybean via ODIN. I lost root when it was all done and updated. Now I am in the same boat as you. I need to reroot, but haven't found anything on how to do it under the new jellybean.

        • Mac

          I rooted with Framaroot. It a simple one click apk you can download. Just search for it. If I remember correctly, you can get it from xda.

  • Scott

    while us SG3 users are still waiting on 4.1.2 from ATT. WTF

  • Brian Farmer

    The way AT&T has conveniently eliminated the ability to change the notification area is just awful. The dropdown is WAY too crowded now with needless additions.

  • Jezer Garcia

    I so loved this update, it turns my sick gingerbread to a very smooth jellybean But there are some concerns like, there are some times that it randomly freezes and juices out the battery faster. But all in all, this is great! One more thing, how can I root it? Thanks!

  • Marcelo Almeida

    I just upgrade my S2 I777 to Jelly Bean 4.1.2... but i have a really big problem.... when i connected my S2 to any source of energy ( charger or usb ) my cell phone always shuts down... and its like rebooting ( green battery icon , and battery empty icon, and again green battery icon, and again the battery empty icon ) im so pissed !!! somebody can help me please !!!!